Tove Jensen, classic adult film star or child victim? They say it under oath. They convict. That loop was taken into U. These measures were taken in response to piracy, the most prolific of whom was sued in Digital Graphic Systems, et al. Bile defaulted, and his domain was awarded to CC which continues to use it as a warning to potential infringers. The site is hosted on servers registered to Amazon. The site states all models are over the age of 18, with proof on file, consistent with regulations.

There are also unconfirmed reports that CC was dragged into Euro courts within the last decade and forced to verify the ages of their models. In addition, tovejensen. All this begs the question. Are the feds knowingly allowing child porn to be disseminated Tiny tove new scan Is the Library of Congress registering images of child porn for copyright protection? Is CC conspiring with the feds to entrap unwary consumers into downloading child porn onto their computers?

What Tiny tove new scan the trewthe? September 23, at pm. This is a bad joke! Tiny Tove is one of the few teenage porn stars from CCC, who started after her 18st birthday. This was already examined — if I am informed correctly — before a british court.

But CCC had to prove the age of the models before. It is also important to add, that we never had a 18 age limit for porn in Europe, but most states had a year age limit, or even a year age limit, like Denmark. The EU adapted the Sec. Tiny Toves film career is very well protocolled, but not all careers of other teen stars, who sometimes started with 15 or 16, but ended their careers with 20 or later.

Tiny Tove isnt a problem, but other short movies — these were the 8mm loops — can. Its possible, that one model is 17 in one of the DVDs. But in my opinion the whole and 18 minimum age is idiotic. The minimum age should be 15 or 16, but not With these law, millions of normal customers in Europe are criminalized.

This is a total different situation as you have it in the USA. January 7, at pm. July 11, at pm. July 12, at pm. Could be for marketing purposes in response to the DVD releases of her catalog. And their attorneys continue to send cease and desist letters to website adminstrators that have copyrighted images of Tove on their site. January 31, at pm. The feds should investigate on abusing of girls aged less than 16 and to child traffic all around the world, that is THE real problem!!

In any case girls aftar 16 are perfectly able to decide whether they want to have sex or not and anything and if they are consenting feds should not persecute whoever has sex with them!

And about this case i seen all the videos of tiny tove and she really doesnt look preteen at all! Tiny tove new scan real question is? And if she has passed away the date of birth and of production of the material should answer this nonesense once and for all. Tiny tove new scan 30, at pm. Tiny Tove. If Anyone is listening or reading this blog.

Color Climax has provided me with concrete proof that she was over 18, at the time that these pictures were taken. The next step is to get the Virginia Circuit Court judge to agree to the evidence presented. This will Tiny tove new scan interesting. As he is refusing to issue an out of state subpoena for evidence, to force the info into the court file.

You may be interested in the Kelly Hoose case in which Tiny tove new scan subpoenaed alsscans for their records. Tiny tove new scan this is a copy, it must be authenticated, to be allowed as evidence in a court case.

I am hoping the judge will allow it as business records instead. I will know in a few weeks. Cross state subpoena for business records, are tricky, in cases like this. Strange how CC would not provide us with anything. Flies should volunteer to testify. How many were CC actresses-just Tove and Anna? The records holder is in Florida, and appears to be cooperative, in releasing age verification to an attorney, on proof of the court case.

The actual records are on Denmark, but CC in Florida, has copies as business records for cases Tiny tove new scan mine. December 31, at pm. Tove and Anna are different females. Tove is Danish, Anna is Polish, but they performed in different decades. Their catalog of appearances are well documented.

We dealt with Denmark and Florida for their records, and followed their instructions. This is what we received. October 31, at pm. I apologize, again my confusion. I identified the individual as Tove to my attorney, who contacted CC. CC confirmed Tiny tove new scan individual was actually Anna Marek, and produced the exact magazine that the image was published in.

Anna appears to be a polish citizen. This passport was provided to the court, with a photo on the passport, that matched the charged image. Which should be enough to dismiss I believe, but I am not perfect. January 2, at pm. Anna Marek is a totally different generation, she was born in The several follow-ups of CCCs stopped new video productions with Teens under 18 in Even if it was legal before 1st to produce porn with year olds in Denmark.

Because North America was an interesting market. France and Switzerland also Tiny tove new scan higher age limits, Sweden raised it in too. Denmark is a small country, export — at least into other european countries — was always very important for danish porn labels.

Between no big danish company produced porn with year old girls. Only small labels exluding the big Video Art Holland label, producing material in Denmark had hardcore porn with real Teens.

Also danish magazines — I dont know if they were in some way affiliated with CCC — had material with year old girls. Even big crossword mags. They were published as late as X-Mas From what Ive heard, one of the defenders of CCC or better the Tiny Tove website, which was hosted in London years agochecked this with the birth certificate of Tiny Tove.

Because the Website was online Tiny tove new scan later, without changes, at least Real amateur outdoor big tits nude the open area, this would support the fact, that Tiny was indeed This is very difficult with online stuff, its easy to manipulate it.

It was very easy on 8mm movies, because they had a production number in the Tiny tove new scan, also the date when the movie was developed. As requested, I will keep everyone posted on how this case progresses. I am filing Motions to dismiss on monday, for all the images. The prosecutor has been provided proof of where they came from, and refuses to cooperate.

Since, the court and the prosecutor, they now have proof of where they images came from, this is considered exculpatory evidence. They have no choice but to either verify the images based on info provided, or dismiss the charges. It is Tiny tove new scan that they will continue this case for a long time. It has been on going since May of Official charges were in Novit took the police this long to identify some sort of evidence.

You may have to start a blog like this one to expose them and any third parties that are corrupting the judicial process and violating your rights.

The judge seems OK, the prosecutor is out in left field. Trust me, the two that I cannot identify, neither can anyone else. I have extensive experiance on the net identifying people, photos, and stuff like that. Is it danish material?

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