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We started early and there were no clouds in the sky; as the day rolled on though, the weather was coming for us. The photos show the progression of the clouds, I now know what it means to climb in the alpine.

We gained the ridge just as the clouds consumed us and we traversed the ridge in a pure whiteout. Lots of moving in one day; we were back at camp by dark to fill our belly with freeze dried lasagna and raspberry crumble. Not to mention we got a couple casts into the Tan line seed tumblr for trout as the sun set. Who knew vacation could be so much work?! It took us two days to get to the Tan line seed tumblr where we would spend half of a week climbing and fishing. The views along the hike were spectacular and the construction history of the High Sierra Trail made me appreciate such an opportunity to access this part of the country.

There were ripe thimbleberries along the entire way and by the time we reached camp my fingers were stained red. Tired from tromping through the woods and full of berries, I felt like I was as close as I could ever be to living like a bear. It was so simple to be out there and have only a couple goals for the day: eat, hike, sleep, and soak in the sun.

Life gets so busy when we have the comforts of a house, career, and vehicle…in some ways the comforts can turn into burdens that holds us back from appreciating the simple joys in life. Our first backcountry climbing experience was on the San Bernardino National Forest in the mountains near San Jacinto peak.

We backpacked in with our camping gear AND climbing gear miles up the trail until we set up our base camp near a Tan line seed tumblr stream.

Ditched the camping gear and headed for the nearest ridge line where Paul has previously scoped out some massive rocks. These rocks are visible from our drive into Idyllwild every trip and we always discuss getting after climbing them; well here we were. Crazy enough though, a fire swept through the drainage with these massive rocks the year before which moonscaped the land.

The rocks were already tall but the lack of life on the ground made them stand out more than before. We dodged the widow makers and stood before the unclimbed rock. Adventure, true adventure, just picking a line in the weaknesses of the rock, crack to crack all the way to the top.

Midday I stepped around the corner of the rock and came across a sight of clouds try to cross the mountains; it looked as though they were trapped. After an hour or so you could see the clouds slowly releasing precipitation so they could climb out of the mountains grasp.

Nature surprises us with such gorgeous and unexpected sights Tan line seed tumblr. I took Tan line seed tumblr extra moment to enjoy the rare occasion of seeing nature influx and then boogied on to the top. We slept like logs after a long day of hiking and Nude public big tits thoroughly covered in sout and bellies full of pasta.

This weekend we leave on our next big backcountry climbing adventure in Sequoia National Park. More unknown and excitement to Tan line seed tumblr found!

Tan line seed tumblr trip I helped install curtains Tan line seed tumblr the house and manage the ever-so determined weeds throughout the yard. We drove up deep into the Rocky Mountains to find gorgeous views of wide, Tan line seed tumblr rivers with steep rock walls towering over us to vast sagebrush peppered Winx club sexy nude. We visited Colorado National Monument and hiked in at several points along the scenic drive seeking better views.

The red sandstone mesas and towers stood tall, creating deep canyons with large shadows. Mom scrambled around the rocks and only scraped up her arm once; this place was like a massive playground! During a solo Tan line seed tumblr on early Saturday morning I ran into a herd of Big Horned Sheep that were not so keen on letting me pass. As I turned, I saw a HUGE daddy sheep huffing and digging his feet into the dirt as if he was going to start running at me.

At that moment, all thoughts of finishing my hike and reaching a desert tower ended and I backed aware…completely terrified that I was going to Tan line seed tumblr impaled by some sheep horns. I was such a Tan line seed tumblr experience to see wild animals so up close and personal. On the way out of the mountains we stopped at a natural hot spring to dip our achy legs and chat with the locals.

After many good nights eating cake and drinking mead and many days of adventures with a big sun overhead, I felt we had found the best parts of this cranny of Colorado. Sitting at a coffee shop weeks later, pouring over these photos and the only word that comes to mind is: Wonderland.

The massive granite domes springing out of the thick Tan line seed tumblr forests of pines and juniper. Many hours up in the Sierras, we winded up country roads further into the hills; leaving behind other campers at lower lakes and tourist designations, until we reached Courtright Reservoir. Only the most granola-y fisherman seemed to have had the patience for the drive to make it up here and we were surprised to find that there was no hussle or bussle up here.

We had found a relaxing hideaway for the weekend with a lake for fishing and walls for climbing. Our days consisted of lazy mornings coffee and views of early Tan line seed tumblr fisherman on the lake; eventually we would pick our granite dome to climb for Tan line seed tumblr day and then quest off. We climbed through the afternoon and then returned to the lake to walk its banks with a fishing pole Paul followed along in his kayak.

No fish, but it felt good to practice my fly fishing casts and dip the toes in. Evenings were for scrambling up the low angle sides of domes to watch the sunsets and cooking luxurious camp meals in van. It felt so good to stay put in a place for a long weekend and really try to get to know it.

There is such beauty in learning the nooks and crannies. There are many more adventures to be had in this place; Paul and I dreamed up many over the weekend and I am set upon executing them soon.

One includes boating Tan line seed tumblr across the lake to camp and climb the furthest domes; oh how imagination and adventure heals the mind. Courtright, we will be back soon! Snowy summer in the Eastern Sierras, with the heavy snowpack it feels like April here, in late June. We explored new climbing areas near Mt. Whitney Tan line seed tumblr Lake Sabrina which gave us both opportunities for trying new climbs and some solid adventure climbing!

You know where you smile so big that your cheeks scrunch up like a chipmunks and forces your eyes shut making your face a mush ball of happiness, well those were most of the laughs and smiles we had on this hike! So grateful for friends to reconnect with in my travels; crossing paths felt both spontaneous and so needed!

We had several colleges come up for an education day to talk about careers in public land management and did a much needed clean up of the meadows. Getting ready for a long trek in the snow and lots of altitude! Sequoia Trip part 1: Heading into the backcountry!

Stay tuned….

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