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This article contains information shared from Sonic News Sonic amy rose nude. Please be sure to create an External Link to the SNN article the info was from to credit the original authors. Sonic the Hedgehog Originally starting out as just one of Sonic's most devoted young admirers, she would mature into one of his most trusted allies and after proving herself she became a member of the Freedom Fighters who have sworn to protect the world from the Sonic amy rose nude scientist, Dr.

Eggman and his Egg Army. Her loyalty to her friends and team is without question and her improving skills have assured her importance to the Freedom Fighters' cause. She is also the leader of the occasionally activated Sonic amy rose nude Rose. Amy, already an admirer of Sonic due to his earlier acts of heroism, met the Sonic amy rose nude when he had just arrived at Never Lake to find the Little Planet chained to the surface by Dr.

Eggmana meeting which she claimed was "destined" to happen, as foretold in her fortune. Sonic later raced Metal at the Stardust Speedway Zoneand rescued Amy from her imprisonment after winning the race. Amy was the allowed to tag along with her hero as he set off in search of the Time Stones StH : Following this adventure, she joined Sonic amy rose nude circle of friends.

Amy followed Sonic to the Eastwatch Islands in an attempt to travel with him, where she met up with Sonic and Tails in Flower Park Zonewho were French maids having anal sex an adventure to stop Dr.

Eggman from obtaining the seven Ancient Gears to power his new super-weapon, the Mega Drive. Initially refusing to have Amy tag along with them, Sonic changed his mind when Amy proved she was not longer helpless by showing she could grab any rings Sonic dropped as well as her new Piko Hammer. After once again encountering Eggman, the trio defeated him and retrieved another Ancient Gear as wel as saved more captured animals.

In the Cascade Temple Zonethe trio fell into a trap run by Knuckleswho had once again been tricked by Eggman, this time into believing Sonic had been going on a rampage as Super Sonic with the Chaos Emeralds. After realizing his mistake, the four teamed up and once again encountered and defeated Eggman, retrieved another Ancient Gear, and saved captured animals.

After arriving at Glitter Park Zone and defeating another badnik, the four heroes once again encountered Eggman, who was easily defeated thanks to Tails' strategy and the power of Tails, Amy, and Knuckles, with Sonic watching on in disappointment, realizing that he wanted to adventure by himself and at his own pace. After retrieving another Ancient Gear, the team traveled to Haunted Depths Zonewhere Sonic suggested splitting up to cover more ground.

After leaving the three, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy came across a giant badnik. After struggling to defeat it, they were finally victorious. They then felt a tremor and wondered if Sonic was okay.

Deciding that they would meet Sonic at the next island, Eruption Ruin Zoneunder the assumption that he was indeed okay, the traveling trio met up with Sonic and helped him reach a ledge that he could not reach. Sonic decided he would wait for his friends to reach the ledge as well, realizing that he Very hot black teen vagina fuck having his friends around with him after all.

After teaming up to defeat Eggman once again, the team retrieved one more Ancient Gear, but their victory was cut short by Metal Sonicwho swooped in to steal the five Ancient Gears that Tails had as well as kidnap Amy.

After handing over their Ancient Gear in exchange for Amy thinking that Eggman didn't have the seventh since Eggman specifically asked for the "last" Ancient Gear from Sonic after stealing the five from TailsSonic amy rose nude team realized that Metal Sonic had the last Ancient Gear inside of it. After taking a look at the database on the fortress, Tails realized that there was a Sonic amy rose nude sea base directly under where they were and that the airship was only for supply shipments, Sonic decided that before pursuing the villains they should collect the seven Chaos Emeralds, which had a habit of showing up when they needed them.

It was around this time that she donned her signature red and white ensemble, a part of the Dreamcaster line produced by her favorite designer Honey the Catand began wielding the mighty Piko Piko Hammer. Following this adventure and another in which she was introduced to Sonic's lookalike rival Sonic amy rose nude the HedgehogAmy joined forces with her friend Cream the RabbitCream's pet Chao Cheeseand Big the Cat to form the first incarnation of Team Rose.

At some point in the past, Amy was one of the many heroes caught up in the Black Arms invasion of the planet, where she and her fellow allies where briefly rendered immobile by a toxic gas released from the Black Sonic amy rose nude. Fortunately, they were saved by the valiant efforts of Shadow, whom Amy also worked with to look for a missing Cream and to challenge Eggman.

Amy's adventures continued after she met the robot Emerland also saw her helping Sonic confront the threat of Eggman backed by Emerl's upgraded and rebuilt form of Gemerl. She later ran into Blaze the Catwho became another firm friend, and participated in Sonic's clashes with the Babylon Rogueseven reforming Team Rose with Vector the Crocodile in place of Big to enter an Extreme Gear tournament. She also participated in events that were later erased by Sonic's actions in battle against the evil Solarisincluding a meeting with Sonic amy rose nude the Hedgehog.

Amy also became involved in Eggman's machinations involving the Wispsand later the monstrous Time Eaterthough Sonic defeated the doctor on both occasions. Later on, she mysteriously vanished while guarding the Sky PatrolRotor Walrus ' greatest creation and the new base of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. The four were delivered to Dr. Eggman and his new partner, Dr. Wilywho had created Bass. All of Sonic amy rose nude were then transformed into an evil new group of robots known as the Roboticized Masterswith Amy becoming Rose Woman.

The trio made their way to the Wily Eggwhere they presented their prize-one of the Chaos Emeralds-to the two doctors. After briefly fighting the heroes, Rose Woman and all of her companions but the Chaotix were called off to pursue an escaping Proto Man, whom Dr. Eggman deemed a significant threat due to his goal of rescuing Dr. Ordered to terminate the heroes by any means necessary, Rose Woman activated her own self-destruct feature, but was restored to normal thanks to Mega Man's efforts.

After getting over the effects of her transformation to normal, Amy embraced Sonic tearfully, feeling horrible over her enslaved attack on him. The pair subsequently left to look for Shadow, whom-at least in the "new" reality back on Mobius-Amy had previously mistaken for Sonic, something that Sonic had apparently repeatedly teased her about.

Soon enough, Amy joined in an epic battle at the Wily Egg between the band of heroes and a massive Sonic amy rose nude of Robot Masters created by the evil doctors. She was lifted away from that battle by Tails, but unfortunately the Fox was likewise being menaced by several air-themed Masters: Tornado ManGyro Manand Wind Man. Escaping that confrontation, she watched admiringly as Sonic proved his superior speed to Quick Manblowing her hero a kiss as he went by.

When Tails returned wounded, she watched over him as their party was slowly but surely surrounded by the enemy army. Fighting with determination against such foes as Star Manshe and her allies then received a welcome surprise: reinforcements in the form of the Light Labs Robot Masters. Bolstered by this force, Amy and her teammates continued to battle, until all of them stopped Sonic amy rose nude watch as the Super Genesis Wave washed across both their worlds.

Super Sonic subsequently attempted to restore their world to normal, but his efforts were disrupted by Dr. They found it in the hands of the ruthless Captain Metal and his band of piratesand became engaged in a battle with the fearsome warship known as the Metal Marauder. While Amy and her friends fought bravely, even providing Blaze the chance to sneak aboard the Marauder -where she found Bark and Bean-the enemy Sonic amy rose nude arsenal proved too formidable.

This forced the crew to take desperate action: the Coconut Crew abandoned ship while Amy, Marine, Cream, and Cheese hid in a chest that shielded them from the Ocean Tornado's destruction.

Luckily, a school of Dolphins arrived to save them from drowning, and took them to Metal's stronghold of Pirate Island. There they found more new allies in the form of the Sprocketswhose Chief led them to Metal's fortress to rescue the captured Blaze. However, their attempt resulted in two unpleasant discoveries: the existence of Metal's Egg o' War and of his pet Kraken.

Fortunately, the small band were able to escape due to a pair of distractions: Bean and Bark's sudden theft of Metal's stolen Sol Emerald, and its theft from them by Johnnyagent of Metal's rival and Blaze's old foe Captain Whisker. Pursuing Johnny, the four heroines and Cheese found and commandeered the Metal Maraudershanghaiing the crew and finding themselves landed with Bark and Bean as unexpected-and at first unwelcome-shipmates.

However, upon catching Johnny and engaging both Captain Whisker's Ship and the released Kraken, Amy and her friends turned to the pair of criminals for help. Bean responded by conjuring a massive bomb that Bark then lobbed into the Kraken's mouth, destroying the creature but also causing the Sol Emerald to go flying and land in the clutches of Captain Metal, who arrived by submarine.

Sonic amy rose nude engaged the robot while Amy and the others continued to battle Whisker's crew, with the fight ending as Metal captured Blaze and took her aboard the Egg o' War. A fleeing Whisker sank the Marauder as he was leaving, with the robot crew deserting Metal Sexy nude sitti nurhalza him. Fortunately, Amy and her allies were able to claim the submarine, thanks to Bean chasing off Sonic amy rose nude lieutenants Swash and Buckle.

Amy, Cream, Sonic amy rose nude Cheese then boarded the Egg o' War to rescue Blaze, their efforts enabling her to claim the last Sol Emerald and add it to her collection. Using the power of all seven, she became Burning Blazeand melted Metal's body only for him to upload himself into the Egg o' War. However, Burning Blaze easily shot down the flying menace after Amy and friends made their escape, and gratefully sent all five inhabitants of Mobius back to their home using the power of the Sol Emeralds.

Transported to MobotropolisAmy and her allies arrived shortly before a returning Sally Acornwho was being pursued by a murderous Metal Sonic. Amy moved quickly to assist Sally in battling the robot, who easily overpowered the Royal Palace Guardwhile Bark and Bean took advantage of the robot's presence to escape.

Fortunately, Sonic and Tails arrived just in time to relieve their beleaguered friends, luring Metal outside the city and damaging him too badly to continue the fight. Both Sally and Amy were happy-though confused-at Sonic's greeting, as he made strange references that neither understood. All was later made clear aboard the Sky Patrol, where a shared touch to Nicole allowed both girls to regain memories of a lost reality. Regrettably, they had little time to process these revelations, as Nicole promptly revealed that the same phenomenon that had changed their universe had also left the planet dangerously unstable.

The Sky Patrol took flight, and the Freedom Fighters were treated to the site of their planet breaking apart. Sonic amy rose nude that the cataclysm would have affected the entirely planet, the team headed for Station Squarewhere they divided into Team Fighters and Team Freedom in an effort to assist the citizens. Even in the midst of the crisis, Amy couldn't resist flirting with Sonic, and responded to his criticism of her timing with a comment about his own tendency for "one-liners.

Amy and her friends soon found themselves on another mission, this time to rescue the kidnapped Professor Charles the Hedgehog and his colleague Professor Pickle from an Egg Train bound for Rail Canyon Zone. Tasked with locating the missing scientists, Amy began smashing her way into train cars, but became more cautious upon nearly setting off an explosion that could have destroyed the whole transport.

She quickly warned Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette of the danger as well, but the team soon had to deal with the damaged train picking up speed and the interference of E Eta. They eventually succeeded in rescuing the professors, Sonic amy rose nude then explained what they had learned about the planet's condition from the Gaia Manuscripts.

Pickle and Chuck then informed them of the corruptive nature of the power of Dark Gaia seeping from the planet, which Sonic-unbeknownst to most of his friends-had previously been exposed to. Brushing off the concerns of his teammates, Sonic insisted upon focusing on their new task: gathering the seven Chaos Emeralds and combining their power with that of the Gaia Temples to restore the planet. StH : Not sure where to begin Sonic amy rose nude search, the Freedom Fighters formed Amy into a team with Sonic and Rotor, who were dropped off on a beach.

They were soon surprised to hear music coming from a nearby crevice, and upon calling out heard a response and were told to wait for someone to guide them. That guide proved to be Razor the Sharkaccompanied by Crusher the Chaowho provided the trio with Air Charms to allow them to accompany him underwater. The stunned trio of heroes were shown the underwater city of Meropisand then led to the Eusebes Shrine where they met the source of the music: Coral the Betta.

The heroes spent some pleasant time exploring the shrine's adjacent Chao Garden before Sonic amy rose nude alerted to a troubling development: the shrine's patron Chao Aquarius had gone into a cocoon and not emerged. Almost immediately, the shrine was then visited by members of the Meropis City Guardwho were Sonic amy rose nude to be suspicious of the surface dwellers.

Upon Sonic amy rose nude that the city was plagued by pollution and by monstersthe Freedom Fighters attempted to explain the situation but were dismissed. Coral was then stripped of her office and told to leave the shrine the following day, a development that broke her concentration during the evening ceremony at the shrine and brought down the city's protective shield.

Amy and her friends-both old and new-were forced to engage the invading creatures, and defeated the first wave only to realize that more were coming. Amy volunteered to remain with Razor, Coral, and Coral's apprentice Pearly the Manta Ray to protect the Shrine while Sonic and Rotor went to aid the city and get reinforcements, with Coral endeavoring to raise the shield again.

Amy and Razor's valiant efforts held for a time, though Amy found herself dealing with Pearly's unexplained fear of the Chao who inhabited the shrine. They then had an unpleasant revelation: Sonic and Rotor had taken Air Charms that were nearly depleted, and would leave them trapped underwater with no air supply.

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