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At Copper River. TP to Thalia Heckroth. Follow us on Facebook. SEmotion SEmodeling pose La Perla Thalia lipsticks. There is now an empty bottle of merlot at my shoulder, its vestiges a silent symbolic testimony to my mood, for it was a newly full bottle not 45 minutes ago!

So I usually stay dressed up those nights when we go out! Long sleeved ultra-shiny satin plum blouse with a dangly bow, long taffeta skirt, black heels, and my usual overkill in the jewellery area. So that outfit yesterday afternoon that is what I wore out without given any thought to changing. The music was Sexy satin blouse fetish, loud but it a had a beat. The Pubs candescent lighting a bit dim, the kind that really makes things glitter and sparkle! The crowd in that evening let me tell youit was as packed as a jostling pit Sexy satin blouse fetish there was a hazy atmosphere of smoke, liquor, and sweat from dancing bodies!

We met these two blokes right off, and the ones guys sly eyed sister also showed up, all three strangers to us, who soon joined in, with us thinking nothing of it, just all friends enjoying the musicright!

So We partied till Sexy satin blouse fetish wee hours of the morning and I basically went home Sexy satin blouse fetish to my flat and passed out onto my couch still dressed up! When I woke I stated to undress and noticed as I undid my satin blousethat something was, did not, seem quite right!

I went in and looked in the mirror at my bloody eyed self, finally realizing my pretty gemmed pin I usually wear with that blouse, securely fastened in the satin bow, was gone missing! Chilled, I went back in and checked myself over, everything was accounted for except my bloody gemmed pin! Then at church, I just could not concentrate nothing newand to find my happy place, began to mull over about all the fun I had had yesterday. She herself had on a long red satin blouse, open necked, so it did feel kinda nice in our drunken state I will admit!

Satin against satin if you know what I mean, but remember I was two sheets to the wind at that Sexy satin blouse fetish Because, Before I left I was the last of my group she, the sly eyed girl, was saying her goodbyes as her brother headed off after telling her they had to go.

It had been uncharacteristically happening all night and I kept noticing that in going to the loo, fixing it in the mirror, always taking time in admiring how my fancy bow pin was sparkling in the low lights! Then her brother starts yelling for her to Hurry it up Lass were leaving. And her brother is by the door still shouting, so I told her she had better go before he loses his drunken temper, feeling bad for the lass! She just smiles, looks over at him, flipping him off with one hand as her other jerked at my tied bow!

And yep, you guessed it, in her fussing over straighten up my satin blouseas she was supposedly yelling at her brother to further distract me, bloody bitch removed my expensive pin that she had probably her devious foxy eyed sights on all evening I bet! Just daringly unpinned and stole the jewellery off from my favourite satin blouseright under my nose! Then she was probably smirking inside at me while palming it as she hugged her gullibly, nice to the touch, dressed up twit goodbye!

I wonder now how many times she had practiced at taking it with her distracting pawing, prodding and fondling at my soft clothes in mischief all that night!

Sexy satin blouse fetish between you and me, since I will probably never run into that one again soon nor will she be reading this, for some words are more than two syllables Also True We have played similar games, but never for keeps, and that is my gripe, stealing something and Sexy satin blouse fetish returning it goes far beyond it being a tease or a prank!

Anyway I have a half a mind wear my really nice silk dress out with my pearls, no emeralds, and to go alone at that pub again in a few months when another Sexy satin blouse fetish plays! See if I can play it gullible enough to lure the sly eyed, slow minded bitch into my web and catch her red handed in act this time!!!

Black satin blouse with patterned mini skirt, fully fashioned seamed stockings and black high heels. Mink bronz coloured satin wiggle pencil skirt from Coast.

Dressed as a secretary wearing a black pinafore dress with a silver satin Sexy satin blouse fetish wearing black fishnet stockings with black mary jane court shoes. Mink bronz coloured satin wiggle pencil skirt with matching jacket from Coast. Handbag is by Michael Kors. Taken at one of the incredible locations of Madpea Spellbound. Find out more on the 25th! For now be sure to check Madpea on Flickr for updates.

Graffitiwear Store: maps. Marketpalce: marketplace. Juna Store: maps. Tags satin blouse. Related groups — satin blouse View all Shiny Blouse. View all All Photos Tagged satin blouse. Ava by Katia Lavecchia. Halen by Algezares III. Charlotte shorts are loosely cut from satin and sit high on the waist.

Matching top detail includes an elegant back bow. Exclusively for Maitreya Lara. Materials enabled. SEmotion SEmodeling pose thank you! La Perla Thalia lipsticks thank you! Power girl How to stop traffic Sexy satin blouse fetish Alexandra Starr.

The Art of Gullibility by Lucidity Perile. But it has given me one thing, and that is the steam to write out this diatribe!

This one is a knocker. The kind of outfit that feels as good wearing it as it makes one Pretty! Buggers I said and looked all around for it no luck! I was running late, so I let it stew in the back of my mind and got dressed in my Sunday best. Gullible git that I am! And then, once they Sexy satin blouse fetish me singled out…. God am I still so angry at those two pissers!!! At Least she left her gullible twit Sexy satin blouse fetish At Lest the way I picture it!

Mhh, this outfit looks like some kind of school girl uniform, but I like it. Roses are red Satin mini skirt with deep red satin blouse with heeled pumps. Walking in satin skirt and deep red satin blouse. Then it starts to rain Leopard and Roses by Joanna Freeman. Not too overdressed in the daytime. Secretary by Pauline. Properly dressed I love this time of the year. Especially because of the fashion. Will my date arrive??? Satin Secretary by Sexy satin blouse fetish. New Years Eve by Mistress Michelle.

Frilly satin blouse and skirt. One should always be drunk. That's all that Sexy satin blouse fetish But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk. Sunsets are proof. In Harm's Way by Kaelyn Alecto. Random ideas popping into my head became roller blading!

Hair Sexy satin blouse fetish Foxy - Bardi. N21 Blouse. Sunrise N21 Sunglasses. Nights in Champagne Satin Satin mini skirt with deep red satin blouse and heeled pumps.

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