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American Psychological Association came out with a report that shows girl as young as 4 and 5 years Sexualization of young girls are wearing new clothing styles such as push-up bras, thongs, mini skirts and other adult type outfits.

This report brings up the decrease in self-esteem and the increase in depressions and eating disorders linked to the increasing sexualization by the media.

It also emphasizes the increasing underage sex rate. In Sexualization of young girls, I find the most powerful media messages are often a lot more subtle. However just as powerful, is the message found in the lifestyles of sitcom characters. People love watching sitcoms. List of some interesting studies covered in the report: Note that these bulletpoints are not at all comprehensive.

The problem is not just the clothing they wear or even what girls are learning about sex — the problem is that girls at a young age are being taught how to approach relationships and how to approach intimacy. Media is teaching girls that being sexy and using their sexuality is important. Even Disney is responsible for using pretty, skinny woman characters using their beauty to get what they want.

The ultimate message is that parents must protect their child. To buy them make-up kits as a child and teach them to adorn themselves with beauty products. This report explores the cognitive and emotional consequences, consequences for mental and physical health, and impact on development of a healthy Sexualization of young girls self-image. Thank you for the exhaustive post. However, there seems to be no boundaries, as girls as young as 7 are being targeted by advertisers.

And one Sexualization of young girls the most important issues to this group is their sense of identity. So girls are abandoning the development of their intellect and Sexualization of young girls, focusing on their Sexualization of young girls appearances instead.

What can be done? Girls need to learn that they should not be valued for their physical beauty alone. A generation raised up only focusing on their appearance is going to be a shallow Sexualization of young girls. Wow, what a disturbing trend. The degradation of adult women is bad enough, but to prey on the insecurity of little girls through marketing and images is just despicable.

I have teenage sisters and I saw the shocking jump from when they were 10 Sexualization of young girls old to It really does break my heart to see my sisters and other teenage girls like them fall into these these kinds of lies.

Personally, though parents have a big role, if we are in a position where we CAN influence these kids lives, we can make a difference by living out our lives in such a way to show them that we Sexualization of young girls more than our bodies.

We can show them that there is much more joy and fulfillment when we relate to one another as people and not objects. Its just to bad that nice, innocent girls, wont Top miss big ass nude the wife that they one day could be. Great post and comments. I work for the YWCA Metro Vancouver and just finished reading the APA report as this is a key area we advocate for and are actually hosting an upcoming panel discussion on this very topic.

You do an excellent job of breaking down some of the impacts cited in the study. Sexy Inc. You can find the link here:. Where are you located? Perhaps you can join us at our panel discussion, regardless I would be happy to discuss this with you further. Robert Traynor recently posted. Banned from Warrior Forum! Annoying and alarming!!! I would not have to be something like it. Parents should guide their children! This not only results in corrupt young women that think sex is a tool for them to use, but the young men of this generation are demoralized and desensitized to sexuality.

Where a lack of positive influence is, the media is abounding. Add your comment below, or trackback from your own site. You can also subscribe to these comments via RSS. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Website optional.

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View Results. Home About. Please don't let your daughters dress like this. Steven said: Wow, what a disturbing trend. Vanessa said: Thank you for the post. Thank you for posting this and raising this awareness. Jon said: Its just to bad that nice, innocent girls, wont be the wife that they one day could be.

Chantelle said: Great post and comments. Keep up the great work! Antoinette said: Annoying and alarming!!! French girls anal sex Clean Cut Media. Clean Cut Media aims to bring you insightful commentary and meaningful discussions on the impact of media on pop culture. No one would argue that all forms of media from movies to music to advertising has a powerful effect on how we think and what we believe.

However Sexualization of young girls is fascinating to really examine the underlying messages and hidden philosophies behind each story or ad. Posts will vary from examinations into advertising campaigns or philosophies conveyed in a movie, to deeper discussions about life philosophies, discussions about truth and meaning.

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