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The Local. View Member Profile. Post 1. Police and the tax authorities have launched closer surveillance of Thai massage parlours in the country, suspecting that the sharp increase in their number indicates sex trafficking and tax evasion. Sex trafficking is difficult to prove and the police now hope to be able to target the rogue parlours by studying their finances, according to a report in the Dagens Nyheter DN daily. Raids on several salons in the Stockholm area revealed serious mismanagement of cash.

There are currently almost Thai massage salons in Stockholm. Click to read the full article. Post 2. Well, What's the problem? Send a police there. As a customer. Post 3. So this means there is a lot of demand in Sweden for massage etc?

Demand and Supply work together. No demand. No great demand no great supply. Post 4. Whatever happened to "Swedish Massage" parlours? When I was younger and living in England this was a euphemism for brothel. Here's an idea instead of going round looking for expensive places to hang up while unemployed or looking for exotic cuisine why doesn't The Local's Gwen Ramsey do a consumer guide to Stockholm's massage parlours instead.

Post 5. Thanks to the attention this story will bring to the issue, demand is about to explode. Customers will be lining up to get a 'therapeutic massage' from a young Thai girl. Post 6. Post 7. Just an observation The Swedish press censors itself so that violent crimes are not to be Sex uppsala oil massage se to men of any particular origins. However, the press does NOT censor itself when it implies that women of particular origins are selling sex.

Furthermore, did the police ever really care about these businesses before? Or do they just care now because the businesses seem successful, and the tax authorities are concerned about their cut? And regarding "trafficking of girls", please define "girls".

Are these legal adults or underage kids? These articles on abused workers of foreign origin never say how these individuals are coming into Sweden, legally or not? Sex uppsala oil massage se like that would be a good place to start in order to diminish the "supply" of vulnerable peoples to the monsters in Sweden and elsewhere who feed on them.

Abe L. Post 8. The real problem is that they aren't paying the right taxes. That's like committing massive murder in Sweden. If they want to solve the other problem, just legalize prostitution like in Denmark and Holland.

It will provide jobs and tax income for the state, instead of having it happen in the illegal circuit. It's not Sex uppsala oil massage se to criminals if Sex uppsala oil massage se is a proper legal alternative. Post 9. Opinionfool Haha - love your comment about that dunce Gwen. Maybe she does massage on the side and that's how she can afford these places - Damn I knew I'd seen her somewhere before Post Good idea Opinionfool.

Rather than wait for Gwen, I popped out for a Thai massage this morning. An establishment with old world charm and plenty of Thai atmosphere. My masseur introduced herself as Lucy and after a handshake and some small talk, it was off with the clothes and on with the white towel.

Lucy preferred a light massage oil she picks up in Bodyshop; it smelled of mango. Lucy said she had no formal qualifications in massage, but said she had received plenty of on-the-job training since arriving in Stockholm last June. Lucy began with a traditional Thai foot massage and worked her way upwards to the knotted muscles of my lower back.

I confess I dozed off at this point, Lucy really had a talent for making people relax. Unfotunately, I was awoken by the sound of 23 Stockholm policemen crashing down the door and arresting everybody in sight.

There would have been 24, but one had to stop off at IKEA the collect his gun. Fortunately, my diplomatic immunity meant I was not detained more than a few minutes. When I last saw Lucy, she was in the back of a police paddy Sex uppsala oil massage se with several other masseurs, and what seemed most of the male members of the Stockholm police force. Strangely, they all seemed to know her very well. I guess the stress of police work is best alleviated Sex uppsala oil massage se a relaxing Thai massage.

They were laughing, so I guess this first Local review of a Thai massage Sex uppsala oil massage se will conclude with Sex uppsala oil massage se happy ending for everyone - except me - I paid for a full hour, but only got half.

Over to you Gwen. The year was The city was London. I went in- At the receptiona well perfumed lady told me how much it would cost me to stay for an hour. Suanabirthmassage and light drinks. Down in the changing roomsthere was nobody to recieve nobody. You locked your stuff in one locker and it was up to you what you wanted to do - saunabirthor massage. I was only interested in the bit which would put me in contact with the ones that the Sun had reported about. Towel and nothing elseI went into the darker room where three or four blondies sat smoking.

They all wore white gownsthe Free hardcore sex comics you Sex uppsala oil massage se in movies. She walked to one small room with blood red lights and what I now know was a suana bed. She provided me with a soft drink and asked me if I wanted power or cream.

I had no clue what she was suggesting. I responded by letting her choose. I threw away my towel ready to have my very firsrt massage. As she threw powder and rubbed my confused body.

I was thinking 2 things : 1-The Sun was wrong. I feel nothing Then it happened : she smiled and went down the list of "extras" that were available to me. She lifted her white garment to illustrate the point.

I discovered that she was not a natural blond. I I had just left all the cash I had at the reception and had nothing more for the extra. To hide my embarrasementI joked by asking her how much Sex uppsala oil massage se would cost to marry her. She smiled and left. That must have been one of quickest massages that day.

But there is evidence that men who angage in casual sex with no emotional committment Sex uppsala oil massage se good husbands. CJ from Sunshine Desserts. No way are there Thai massage shops in Stockholm, there would have to be about Thai women in town then, thats just daft! Maybe 19 but not This is only a wee part of the so called sex for sale problem in Sweden. Take a look at how many single men travel to Thailand every week from Arlanda Oh and most women tend to switch off after child nr.

Live in enforced celebacy just for the sake of Sex uppsala oil massage se kids? There will always be pidgeons in society PS: can anybody explain to me the point of "the weekends finest" CJ I dunno.

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