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Author's Note: Okay, when I was like 9 I went on a cruise with my Naked fantasy girl nude. I remember it well and I always fantasize about going again Naked fantasy girl nude. I just read a couple stories that reminded me about my day dream so I wanted to borrow a few thoughts and write about it. I rated this "M" even though it might be a little more graphic than an "M" but I figure that if I am 13 and can think about it Actress stana katic nude if you're at least 13 you can read about it.

If Naked fantasy girl nude think I should write more about Aly's adventures, let me know. Hordes of busy people walked by the young dark haired petite girl sitting Naked fantasy girl nude a chair near a window. Most were on their way to diner and were dressed in their finest attire. Alyson Carter was just dressed in sweats and a wife-beater shirt, her small puffy nipples just barely noticeable under the white shirt.

As she looked out the window at the sunset she opened a little black book with "Diary" written in red at the Naked fantasy girl nude of it. Another crazy boring day! The Carnival Fantasy is no fantasy. I've like been here 3 days on this boat and I have met nobody my age to hang out with. What was my dad thinking bringing me on a trip to Alaska! I'm 13 not I need fun. I think they even serve prune juice in the bars so people can stay regular. This is not a trip for a Naked fantasy girl nude person.

The few younger people are just weird. I met a couple guys today in the pool but later when I saw Free mobile porn movies they were pointing Naked fantasy girl nude me and talking about my tits.

Boys are so immature! They kept trying to get a peak at my chest. So I stayed Naked fantasy girl nude the deeper end where the water Naked fantasy girl nude me. It is not like my tits are huge, but they are bigger than most girls my age.

I guess that's good. Anyway, dad kicked me out of the room so he could have time alone with the bimbo he brought along. I should have stayed at home this summer Naked fantasy girl nude mom. At least back home in Chicago I had my friends. I love my dad and all but I wish he and mom were still together. We would be taking a kick-ass vacation to Florida Naked fantasy girl nude mom were in charge!

Alyson closed her diary and got up from the chair and started walking toward the atrium of the ship. It was really beautiful there. From there she would catch an elevator to the top of the ship and walk around and look at the people for awhile. As she walked she wondered what other people thought of her. On a ship full of people does anyone even pay attention to a little half Hispanic half black girl? She thought to herself about what she could be doing back home.

At least here it was not that hot. The temperature was a comfortable 75 degrees tonight. Back home it was likely still in the 90s. As she walked into the atrium she thought, I guess I will go check the usual bars and see if her dream man was there tonight. She had seen him when they first got on the ship. He was way too old for her, looked like 22 or something but it is just a fantasy guy. He looked to be just under 6' and had the Naked fantasy girl nude amazing blue eyes.

His short blond hair curled at the top and his smile was angelic. Too bad he had some bimbo along with him.

Walking by one of the usual hangout joints that was, of course, off limits Naked fantasy girl nude her, Naked fantasy girl nude saw him. She stopped and stared for the longest through the window, just day dreaming.

Eventually she moved on and ended up on the top of the ship for an hour walking around and looking at the people. Eventually, she decided to head to her room to see if her dad and the bimbo were "done" and back out partying the night away. Walking past the ship stores she saw the most awesome necklace sitting in the store window.

She turned to see who said that. It was HIM! Her dream guy! He spoke to her, even flirted maybe a little with her. Is that all I could think of? I Naked fantasy girl nude such an idiot," she thought.

He smiled as his bimbo pulled him along, shooting me the most evil stink Naked fantasy girl nude I had seen in awhile. They started arguing quietly as they left the shop area. Alyson smirked as she thought about how he talked to her right in front of his little trophy bimbo girl.

Finally Alyson made it back to her room. Gingerly she knocked and waited. No answer came, and better yet, no odd noises. Entering the room it was empty. A note was on the desk by the phone.

Luckily dad was a doctor and had lots of money. He got Ebony older women pussy of the nicer rooms on the boat. Regrettably dad had all the money. Mom was just a secretary back home. Alyson missed her mom and George, her step-dad. He was cool in a simple sort of way. Alyson turned on the TV and scanned the channels twice before deciding on a long hot shower.

Thirty minutes later she was letting the almost Naked fantasy girl nude hot water drench her face and head as she rinsed the last bit of conditioner out of her hair. She thought of her dream guy and wondered if he was still getting chewed out by the bimbo. It amused her. She had seen him at the pool yesterday with his shirt off; his hard ripped abs burned a picture forever in her mind. She Naked fantasy girl nude how all her friends back home would unanimously say, "ewww" if they thought for a second she was having such thoughts about some guy likely ten years older than her.

It didn't matter. It was her fantasy and that was all there was to it. Stepping out of the shower naked, she dried off in front of the Big tit girl cooking naked and then wrapped the towel around her long dark strands of hair.

Nothing interesting was on the TV so she got a disposable razor out of her dad's shower bag and decided to do a little trimming downstairs. A few months ago she had little to trim but over the last couple months it started to bush out a little.

At first she thought she would start shaving down there just because that was what women did. Eventually, she had to admit to herself that it made her Naked fantasy girl nude feel very sexy. After a little trim here and there she stood and looked in the mirror at her body. Alyson questioned for an instant if she really did look older than her age.

She had been mistaken before for 16 at the movies back home. She thought it was likely her boobs. They really stood out against her flat stomach. When she got her period a year ago the ole rack exploded and so did attention from boys. For a girl of 5'3 and Yulia nova cosplay nude lbs she had to admit her 34B tits did stand out.

Maybe it made up for having no butt and just a little curve to her hips. Her boobs had one drawback. Girls her age without boobs hated her for having them and girls a few years older than her considered her too young to hang with. She thought of reading but just was not in Naked fantasy girl nude mood.

Ever since the ole period kicked off, about once a month she felt this way. It was hard to describe, sort of feisty and frisky at the same time. Looking at the balcony door she got an idea. Still wearing Naked fantasy girl nude a smile, she walked over to the sliding door to the balcony.

The dark night and bright stars added to the sound of the crashing waves. Fiddling with the lock for an instant she cracked the door open and looked out.

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