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If you don't stand for something, how can anyone respect what you do? I guess if you don't jump, you'll never know if you can fly. It takes strength to show vulnerability.

The road is hard, and you have to get accustomed to it. My mom was always Miranda lambert n u d e 'Be whatever Miranda lambert n u d e want to be, but stick with it. Don't waver. Don't change who you are for anybody. Heartbreak is good fuel for country songs. And cheating. There's been a shift: Country music is popular music now. Every other genre wants to come over to our land. I live on hairspray. The bigger the hair, the closer to God.

When your roots grow out and things go south, Miranda lambert n u d e back to the salon. People naturally change a lot during their 20s, so my songs reflect that progression.

You leave home, you move on and you do the best Miranda lambert n u d e can. I got lost in this whole world and forgot who I am. Really skinny actresses make me hungry. I see them and think, 'Honey, you need to eat! Is it guilty in here or is it just me? I used to play for people and now I'm selling out places that hold 16, people.

It's a big change, and it's so cool to see people out there screaming the words to songs that I wrote. It just really reassures me that what I'm doing is working, and it really boosts my confidence, as far as on stage as a performer and a writer. You have a career, and you start as a business person. And you work your way, you reach this peak, and you know the time's going to come when you go back down.

Be confident and comfortable with yourself. If you know us, we are definitely not shy, and never try to be anything we are not. No matter what anyone tells you, you are perfect, just the way you are. I think the unconditional love you get from an animal, especially a dog, is better than anything else. I definitely still have I'm happy in my life, and it's Miranda lambert n u d e bit easier to write happy songs when you are actually happy.

It sticks in your head. I heard it one time and I was, like, singing it all day long! Of course she's gonna go and do a pop record if she wants to. She's an amazing writer so if she comes back tomorrow and says 'I'm gonna make a country record now', we'll listen to that and buy it too!

I mean, it doesn't matter. I'm just proud of her for doing whatever art she wants to do; it's gonna be successful it's Taylor Swift!

I have a lot of her material on my iPod and I bought the new single. I'm a supporter of hers. My music is about being strong, even in your vulnerability. I really think that being yourself, being original, being Miranda lambert n u d e the box is starting to be appealing to people. I want to find a happy medium between feeling good about my body and still having a beer and some barbecue.

My mom was never afraid to say, 'I'm sorry. I screwed up. I just feel like it's easier to co-write sometimes, especially if you have chemistry with somebody. It kind of takes all the pressure off of you. But, you know, I started writing songs by myself.

I didn't really have a co-writer, besides my dad. When I see a record and it has a song on it that someone wrote [alone], I just really believe in them as a writer. I feel like it's a window into them, more than it is if you write a song with someone else. I feel like I've started to grow up and be more of a woman instead of this crazy girl. Be a high school kid, be a cheerleader, do your thing. And also, just know who you are; know what you want to say and stick with it throughout.

Every day we present the best quotes! Improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends. Login Sign Up. Miranda Lambert Quotes Quotes about: facebook twitter googleplus. Country Mom Songs Songwriting Writing. Miranda Lambert. Stand For SomethingIfs. FlyingKnowsIfs. Song: New Strings, Album: Kerosene, ShowsVulnerability. AccustomedHard. MomWantSticks. CountryCheatingSong. Interview with Meghan McCain, www.

February 12, CountryLandWant. HairHairsprayBigger. When your roots grow out and things go south, go back to the salon Miranda Lambert.

RootsSalonsVirginia homemade amateur porn. SongPeopleProgression. MovingHomeWho I Am. Interview with Renee Montagne, www. October 27, ThinkingNeedsHoney. SongPlayPeople. Source: www. CareersWayPersons. PerfectTryingShy. DogLove YouUnconditional Love. FaceBook post by Miranda Lambert from Nov 08, SongWritingEasier.

CountryArtMean. My music is about being strong, even in your vulnerability Miranda Lambert. StrongMusic IsVulnerability. Being YourselfThinkingPeople. Giving UpBeerMiranda lambert n u d e. MomSorryImportant. SongDadBelieve. GirlGrowing UpCrazy. Send Report. Mistake: Choose Email for contact not necessary :. Latest quotes from interviews "If you are a young girl who wants to be a country singer, just don't try to do it too early. Related Authors Blake Shelton Singer. Carrie Underwood Singer-songwriter.

Gwen Stefani Singer-songwriter.

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