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It all started when mom and dad decided to take a 15th anniversary trip. My dad was an Archeologist who decided to take my mom on a Mature mom gives son ass trip. Well me and my brother Ryan were not invited, so mom and dad set out to find a sitter for us.

Well dad decided to spend Big nipples mature mils month in Europe, a month in the Middle East, and a month in Asia. So here is were the problem started no one wanted to watch us for three months, that and well me and my brother are still bed wetters. It runs in the family my dad and one of his brothers were wetters, and I even think my grandpa was a wetter too.

So no one really wanted to deal with a 13 and a 14 year old that still wet the bed. Mom and dad tried for a month Mature mom gives son ass find someone but with no luck.

One night as we sat watching TV there was a phone call. I'll call bye. I brushed my teeth and picked on my brother before I went to bed. That night as I lay there I thought why didn't my parents ask my grandma to watch us? Then I had another thought I hadn't seen my grandma in years, the last time I saw her was when my grandpa died, But that was when I was 6.

Then there was the fact my dad made up reasons not to see her, in fact he moved from Illinois to California to stay away from her? Then there was the fact they were getting desperate to find us a sitter, school was out in two months. Oh well I thought what ever, as I drifted off to sleep. It was down to the last month and still no sitter, grandma was the only one who had offered.

One night dad and mom came to tell us we would be staying with my grandma, dad seemed to be upset about it but knew they had no one else. Well the day finally came the plane was to fly to Chicago, me and Mature mom gives son ass would meet my grandma there, mom and dad would than catch a flight to New York then from there over seas.

The flight was long and boring, when we landed in Chicago grandma was waiting she ran up and hugged my dad and mom then looked at me and Ryan.

From there mom and dad said good bye and went to catch there flight, me, Ryan and Mature mom gives son ass left to go to her car. Wow for a 57 year old my grandma had a ton of energy, she didn't look her age ether. In no time at all we were off to grandma's house, she lived in the town of Waconda, about two hours from Chicago. Ryan decided to nap in the back seat, I sat Uncut hairy old men front and listened to grandma go on and on about when we were younger.

As we reached Waconda I was Mature mom gives son ass to see it Mature mom gives son ass a small town, my Mature mom gives son ass drove to her house, it was a large old house that sat near Bangs lake. As Ryan got out I saw the huge wet spot on his pants, "You didn't" I said. We walked into the house, she then did something a bit weird, she opened a closet under the stair way and put Ryan's suit case in it.

We went up to a large bathroom, "O. She returned in a few minutes with two wash cloths "come on come on don't take Mature mom gives son ass day" she told us. Me and Ryan started with our shoes then pants and shirt, soon we both stood there in nothing but our tighty whitey's. Grandma set about getting all our clothes into one pile, "O. Tyler your first get Mature mom gives son ass here" she told me, I slowly walked over to her.

She took one of the wash cloths and washed my face then my hands, "O. When she finished she put the wash cloth on the pile of clothes, "O. I watched as she washed the same places on Ryan, "O. She opened the door, to my Mature mom gives son ass the room was an over sized nursery, there were two cribs, and a ton of baby toys.

We walked over to the table "O. After 25 I was crying like a baby, she stopped and asked "Are you going to be a good boy or do you need a few more? She once again grabbed me by the ear and pulled me to a corner "stay here till I'm ready" she told me. I just stood there crying, "Are you going to be good or do you need a tune up too" I heard her ask Ryan. I turned to see Ryan standing there in a thick cloth diaper and rubber pants, with a white T-shirt on, and a pacifier around his neck.

I slowly walked over to the table as my grandma got my diaper ready, "O. I got up on the table and laid down, "Well let me see" she said "most of the time little boys get grumpy it is cause they can't poop," She said Mature mom gives son ass she looked under the table. She pushed my legs up to my head raising my bottom into the air, I then felt her put the white thing in my bottom. She then put the diaper under me and took a scoop of Vaseline and rubbed it into my bottom, she put powder on my bottom then put my legs down and apart.

She took another good scoop of Vaseline and worked it into my groin, she powdered me then pulled the diaper in tight in my crotch and pinned it in place with duck pins. She then put Mature mom gives son ass hands into the leg holes of the rubber pants, and pulled my feet into them. She then told me to sit up and she put a blue T-shirt on me, she also put a Mature mom gives son ass around my neck. I did and asked "why are you dressing us like this?

We went down to the kitchen there me and Ryan saw two large high chairs, "O. He walked over to a waiting high chair and got into it, I watched as grandma put the seat belt on him, she then lowered the tray, and locked it down. She took a bib from a drawer by Mature mom gives son ass high chairs and put it on him. I walked over to the high chair "what is to eat" I asked. She then turned me to the high chair "Now get in your chair potty pants" she said, she gave my bottom a light slap.

I got up in my high chair and I too was buckled in, the tray was lowered, and a bib put on me. Grandma went to work making our meal, it was then that I felt the need to poop. I started to move around in the high chair, I pushed on it to get out but it was no use. I tried to hold it but it was no good, I soon felt the poop pushing its way out.

Soon I was sitting in a pile of poop, "well well well it smells like Tyler's poopy pill worked" she said. About ten minutes later she turned from the stove with our meals. She put the mac and cheese on our trays, "eat up" she told us. She then gave us both sippy cups of milk, me and Ryan ate slowly I think we were both shocked.

After dinner we were taken up to the nursery I was changed, Ryan didn't need his diaper changed. Grandma let us watch a movie then we were both put in Mature mom gives son ass diapers and T-shirts for bed, grandma then told us a story and told us to get some sleep. As I lay there I thought to Mature mom gives son ass, I now had my answers to my questions about dad and grandma.

As the morning dawned, I woke to find I couldn't get out of Sexy girls in kanggye crib on my own. Grandma took us both to the bath room were she gave, yes gave us both baths.

Ebony milf bent over then were taken to the nursery, grandma rubbed baby lotion on both of us. We were again diapered in thick diapers, but this time we were both dressed in onesies.

Mine was a blue one with dump trucks on it, Ryan's was green with planes. We were both placed into a large play pin grandma had in her office. Me and Ryan spend most of the day playing in the play pin, we were given lunch at noon, nap time was from one till three. Dinner was at five and bed time at eight. Well we spend the rest Abbi titmuss porn video the summer being treated as if we were toddlers.

Soon the day came that mom and dad would be home, that night I lay in my crib and thought soon I would be out of this mess. That morning as the sun danced across the walls I woke up to my grandma, "Boys, Boys, get up, I have some great news" she told us. I opened my eyes and sat up in my crib hoping to see my mom and Hairy mature women smoking, "Your dad just got a call this morning as they were leaving Asia," she said.

I was totally bummed out "But what about mom," I asked. I have been getting better at keeping my diapers dry at night, grandma said if I keep it up I might be in training pants by the time mom and dad get back. I just hope I'm out of Mature mom gives son ass by The End.

By Tiny Tony.

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