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Moderators: SerpentsoundsEvilPenguinKurushelLuana gym leader nude from pokemon. Last edited by koipen on Thu Jun 05, pm, edited 1 time in total. Joined: Mon Sep 24, am Posts: The Fake Gym leaders. So if there are fake Pokemon and moves, why not Gyms? The idea is that you tell about your gym. Lesbian lift and carry just like "It's water type and I have Kingdra and Krabby".

I have a Dark-type gym. Leaders name is Leader Spectre. Spectre is a man with a Black cape. He also has Dark mask. You met him twice in a game. First in Shadow mountain in start of game, he is a rocket admin that decided to became good after you battle him: Seedot lv.

All pokemon obey you. His gym is top of Dascusion city. The gym itself is a high tower with 6 floors. First you must locate in the dark as caves in GSC five trainers. You get then five keys and more light. Then you must get to the floors 3 and 4. Here again you locate five trainers.

When you get all the keys again, climb to fifth floor, and fight there one surely Luana gym leader nude from pokemon trainer.

Then you can climb to the up where gymleader awaits. And one more planned: Leader Quildor Quildor is a male leader who is fifth leader of all. Quildor is a former member of Luana gym leader nude from pokemon Voltage The bad guys of Erdall. He wants to became champion but he was'nt good enough so he went to the leader of Dualtreecity.

His gym is at bottom of the town, and it has been protected with electric walls. Inside the gym you must rotate panels to get to tram.

The trams have obstacles in their way that have to be removed. At the second room, there are teleports and moving walls. You have to make a clear path so that you can push the switch, so that the water will rise and remove the electric cage so you get to the leader.

His team is like this: Magneton lv. It lets you use Strenght outside of battle. Also pokedollars and Tm 24, Thunderbolt. Feel free to ask other things related to competive battling. Re: The Fake Gym Luana gym leader nude from pokemon. Joined: Mon Jan 21, pm Posts: Location: oh This looks fun.

After realising the bad deeds he had done, Draco Malfoy became best friends with Harry Potter and became a user of Dragon Pokemon Draco, Dragon, geddit? Sorry, that was bad. However, he doesn't just have dragon types, he has Pokemon that resemble Dragons in some way, or can learn DD. I know gym leader's Pokemon normally don't involve held items, but mine does. Pokemon: Lv. The puzzle is quite a mixture of several puzzles.

The first one involves pressing switches to rotate the platforms somewhat like Volknersome which trainers. However, if you accidentally fall into the lava you go back to the beginning. The next puzzle makes you climb different vines to different trainers that give you clues as to which vine to go through next like Luck place in Battle Frontier. The third room involves you having to push blocks of ice until they melt into water, which you will have to manipulate by beating trainers.

However, the blocks are generally quite big, so it won't be as easy as pushing a block and beating a trainer. The final room involves you having to fight a trainer with a level 60 Wobuffet hard! Then its Malfoy's room. Try to use my e-mail if you can. My gym leader's name is Simon and he decided to try to join Team Rocket at an early age because his parents were constantly fighting and Simon felt powerless Luana gym leader nude from pokemon help so as a result he desired power to influence every other person on the planet.

Team Rocket rejected Luana gym leader nude from pokemon because he was so young so Simon made a pact with himself to defeat it's current leader, Luther, and take over this criminal orginization. He worked his way up the gym leader ladder using primarily dark types because it reflected his sinical nature. He then challanged Luther but got beaten down. Simon realized his flaw and expanded his range of pokemon to fire and water.

When the police started cracking down on the Rockets Simon abanded his persute for power and settled down as a gym leader in the town of Pavok for fear of being persicuted with being involved with the Rockets.

He is now recruiting many Luana gym leader nude from pokemon trainers to his gym in hopes of one day waging all out war against the Rockets. Trainer 1: Max Lv. Reserved and quiet, but charismatic. Inherited the gym from "distant family", although this story is a Luana gym leader nude from pokemon shady.

Old connections with Team Rocket may have played their part. Didn't like the concept of sticking to one type, so chose to use a mix of types to eliminate a common weakness. Team: F Lv. Attracts against fire-type males who might pose a threat. Probably used defensively against most types, perhaps offensively against dragons. Overall, not a great team, but at this Luana gym leader nude from pokemon in the game will challenge the player and force them to alter their strategy.

I'll get round to doing something about that. I'll make another gym. This time its the first one instead of the eighth. Norbert was a great fan of Akart, the greatest trainer ever. He sought to become like him, Luana gym leader nude from pokemon he started by becoming the first gym leader.

All it is is two paths, separated by a wall, each having a trainer. Choose the one you want and go through. In fact, the only difference between the two of them is the gender.

Leader: Steffa Specialty: Status advantage Bio: She's a 16 or so year old Luana gym leader nude from pokemon who once was champion. Her best friend was the leader of the gym she leads at, but he entrusted it to her so he could go travelling abroad. Then one day he found out that she was doing a good job so he let her keep it. Team: [M] lvl. There is no puzzle, but it's quite challenging to get to the leader.

You have to go through five contests and six trainers before you can get to the leader. My my this looks interesting Not surprising, he had a natural talent for battling and the ability to befriend Pokemon easily. Living isolated from society in a small village on the slopes of Azure Peak. Azuros and his family had little contact with the outside world, and most of his friends were Pokemon.

Even before he became a trainer, Azuros had already befriended dozens of Pokemon and the day he became one, his first Pokemon wasn't any of the starters.

It was a Dragonair whom he befriended near a lake along the mountain. His talent and passion in battling very soon earned the attention of the Pokemon council, who requested him to take up the post of a Gym leader.

Azuros, like his name, has blue hair and Azure eyes, as well as a dashing appearance. Blue being his favourite colour, it is reflected much by his Pokemon. As such, most of the Pokemon he uses in battle are blue, and his Gym is called Azure Revelations. A Gym based on colour rather than type, it is unique in its own way. Azuros makes use of the connections between him and his Pokemon to the full, and as such he does need to voice out his commands for his Pokemon to know Luana gym leader nude from pokemon to do.

A brilliant tactician and strategist, he makes full use of circumstances and makes sure he has the upper hand whenever he can. Very unpredictable and powerful, Azuros only uses 3 random Pokemon out of his whole team for any Gym battle, so as to make it more challenging for himself. Don't tell anyone! The gym leader is Dusty. That's not a nickname, it is his real name. However, it fits him as his Pokemon' type is ground.

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