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This wasn't exactly an unusual occurrence, it's just that this was the first time Jackie had joined them. Usually Michael Kelso, and Donna Pinciotti were part of the group, but they were otherwise occupied today. Donna; Eric's redheaded bombshell of a girlfriend, and Jackie naked that 70s show his neighbor; was off on a day-long shopping excursion with her parents; Bob and Jackie naked that 70s show. Michael was on a date with Eric's slutty big-sister Laurie; and this was the reason Jackie had joined the smokers today.

She had recently found out that Michael was cheating on Jackie naked that 70s show with Laurie; and had promptly dumped him. Jackie naked that 70s show cheated on a prima-donna like Jackie and got away with it.

As she took a Jackie naked that 70s show tote on the cigarette; she announced, to no one in particular, "you know who I hate? Michael Kelso, that's who! You are like a Princess" This pushed all the right buttons; and Jackie looked at Fez and grinned from ear to ear.

She had always thought of herself as royalty. They continued to pass the reefer around the table; the basement becoming hazy with smoke. They weren't worried about being interrupted by adults because both Eric's parents were at work. Red, his hard-ass father was at the plant all day ; and his mother Kitty was working an extra shift as a nurse at Point Place Hospital. Hyde, of course, could not let it go as he confided to Jackie; " Kelso treated you like crap Jackie In one motion she raised her blouse Jackie naked that 70s show bra over her head and shouted, "oh yeah, do these look like the breasts of a little girl?

A flustered Fez was the first to respond, " they are magnificent Jackie. I love naked breasts. What is wrong with Kelso? Hyde, who had never recognized Jackie as anything more than as annoyance, suddenly realized that this could be a very interesting and entertaining afternoon.

Jackie was Jackie naked that 70s show very petite girl, and her tits were only about 34 B's; but they were perfectly shaped ;very perky; and her nipples were bright pink with grape sized tips that were already erect. Hyde found himself wanting to wrap his lips around those nipples.

Kelso's penis is like a pencil! Are all boys that tiny? Is anyone of you a REAL man?! The boys were all completely stoned now, and eager to prove this myth wrong and to finally prove themselves to be more masculine than Kelso. Eric; never even thinking about Donna finding out; shoved his pants and undies down to his ankles, and stood at the table with his cock in his hand. His nearly erect dick was about seven inches long and as thick as a pepperoni stick.

It wasn't a monster or anything, but he was proud of it. He hoped one of these days soon, he and Donna would actually lose their virginity together.

Jackie smiled and said, "all right, now that's more like it. He grinned at Jackie and she grinned back and nodded her approval. Being somewhat shy around the other guys; Fez was the last to lose his pants; but when he Jackie naked that 70s show, Jackie's mouth hung open in shock. The foreigner's cock was enormous. It had to have been over twelve inches in length and as think as a salami; with a head the size of a tangerine.

Eric Jackie naked that 70s show at Fez and asked, " holy crap Fez; did you have to declare that at the border? As she unbuttoned her slacks, she said, "OK Stephen, you're on. She stood there at the table momentarily, clad only in her pink bikini panties; and then Jackie naked that 70s show them past her hips and let them drop to the floor.

Her skin was so pale that the patch of dark hair between her legs seemed even darker. She had trimmed her pubic hair so that it did not show when she was in her bathing suit; and the boys could make out the slit between her cunt lips. Eric just whistled as he saw his first pussy in person. Donna had let him feel around in her panties; but she had never let him see it.

Hyde commented, "very nice Jackie. She was slightly apprehensive ; but the marijuana coupled with the sight of three hard cocks made all her inhibitions disappear. As they approached her, Jackie could not take her eyes off Fez' cock; which resembled a tree trunk swinging in front of him as he advanced. Suddenly there were hands and lips all over her unclothed body as the boys practically attacked her.

Hyde sucked her left nipple into his mouth and started to caress her stomach and back. Fez cuddled up to her fight side and began to fondle her right Jackie naked that 70s show and run his other hand all over her cute little ass. Eric had momentarily dropped out of her sight and then she realized he was kneeling Jackie naked that 70s show in front of her, his hands on his knees, just staring at her sparsely covered pussy.

Eric was totally mesmerized at the sight of a girl's slit He could see moisture starting to leak out of the slit as he reached up with both hands; placed his thumbs on either side of the opening; and very gently and slowly spread Jackie's lips apart. Almost involuntarily, Jackie spread her legs apart to accommodate Ericas the combined effect of all the attention overcame her. Both of her sensitive nipples were being sucked; her ass cheeks being caressed; and Eric was now inserting two fingers into her dripping cunt.

Jackie's knees trembled gave out on her as Eric leaned forward; took her extended clit between his teeth; and nibbled on it. If it weren't for being sandwiched Jackie naked that 70s show Hyde and Fez, Jackie's orgasm would have collapsed her onto the floor. Since Jackie was weak in the knees anyway; the guys picked her up and carried her over to the basement couch, where Eric and Donna had held many make-out sessions.

As they dropped her onto the cushion, Hyde was the first to ask; "well Jackie, how do you what to do this? Who do you want first? I want you all at the same time; but I definitely want that monster on Fez in my pussy. Finally a real man to satisfy me. He was finally going to "do it," and with this goddess of a teenager. It was decided that Fez would lay down on the couch and Jackie would straddle him; then Eric would climb on top of them and try anal sex for the first time.

He was a little relieved; because he really did want to lose his actual virginity with Donna. Hyde was pleased that the hole left for him would be Jackie's sweet little mouth. For a long time he had been dreaming about shutting her mouth by jamming his cock into it. Fez lay back on the couch and Jackie crawled up his body until she was sitting on his thighs, just below his cock.

She took his hardness in both her hands and just sat there marveling at its massive size. Jackie naked that 70s show stroked him several times, as Fez closed his eyes and concentrated on not ejaculating until he was inside her. She let go of him and used both her hands to Jackie naked that 70s show her cunt lips apart to accept his pole.

Fez grasped his cock; pointed it at the ceiling; and watched Jackie raise up on her knees until the head was nudged between her lips. Slowly Jackie began to lower herself onto Fez' giant cock; the huge head stretching her cunt further than it had ever been stretched before.

There was an audible "pop" as the purple crown disappeared inside her; and she held herself there, getting used to the invader. Fez had waited enough, as he reached up; put Zac efron nude fakes hands on Jackie's waist; and began to pull her down on his stiff pole. He couldn't believe how incredibly tight Jackie's pussy was, as it gripped and squeezed his cock like a blood-pressure sleeve.

She was so turned on that she just gave up all control, and allowed her body to let gravity take its' course; sitting on Fez lap with all her weight. She was leaking juices all over his crotch, as Fez began to thrust up into her with all his strength.

This was Fez first time, and he was not going to Jackie naked that 70s show one second. He gathered some of the fluid dripping out of her cunt in his hand, and smeared Jackie naked that 70s show tip of his cock with the lubricant, before centering the head at the entrance to her ass hole.

Jackie turned to look at Eric and pleaded, "you be gentle Eric, no one has ever done that before. He pushed forward as hard as he Jackie naked that 70s show until the head finally broke through her sphincter muscles. Once inside, Eric leaned forward with steady pressure until he was completely buried in her ass hole.

When Jackie naked that 70s show was completely inside her; Eric reached Jackie naked that 70s show her; grasped her perfect tits in his hands and started to pump into her ass. Fez, taking Eric's cue; began to thrust up into her cunt; and they began a rhythm, as Jackie spasmed and twitched in orgasm.

She was completely stuffed with cock ,and the feeling was indescribable. Her holes were being stretched so far, she expected them to rip. She threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy; and the thought inexplicably crossed her mind that she was glad the Foremans were not home.

Hyde, feeling suddenly left-out and tiring of being just a spectator, approached the end of the couch above Fez' head and presented his shaft to Jackie. She obliged by opening her mouth Jackie naked that 70s show wide as possible; and Hyde began pushing his "coke bottle" between her bright red lips.

She was gasping for breath as it was, but actually wanted to taste the drops on the head of his cock. She had, of course, sucked Kelso off before; but had never had anything this large down her throat. As Hyde tried to force more of his hardness into her mouth; Eric and Fez were pounding her holes as hard and fast as they could.

Jackie's petite little body was taking some real punishment. Eric was pinching her hard nipples between his fingers, while Fez was using his thumbs to squeeze her swollen clit. Jackie's battered body started thrashing around on top of Fez as she was having constant orgasms now. Hyde just stared at the angelic face trying to swallow his whole cock, and he exploded down her throat.

He came so hard and fast that Jackie couldn't swallow fast enough and his jism actually drooled out of her nostrils, as she gasped for air. Fez and Eric Jackie naked that 70s show their cocks into her holes as hard as they Dating internet site start steps together; and began to pump their cum deep into her belly and ass.

Jackie thought she was going to lose consciousness as she could feel their hot fluids flooding and filling her holes completely. Their huge cocks just kept twitching and jerking inside her for what seemed like hours. Fez felt like his monster cock was a fire hose as it literally exploded inside his dream girl's stretched out pussy.

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