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If he had wanted just to give us correction, he could have really busted our tails. Instead, he gave us a lot of light Free stories job spank with a light paddle that stung, but really did not hurt; that is, when he did not use his hand. I think he did things the way he did because he liked being in control. In our cult compound school, we went to school from a. Monday through Friday. We had to wear uniforms that consisted of the following:.

Girls: Blue, black and white plaid skirt with a white blouse, and white ankle dress socks with black Mary Jane shoes that had one strap that you buckled.

It was approximately November of when trouble found its way to me again. It was about p. Beside me was my good friend, Cathy. Marisa was sitting behind her, and Geri was in front. In front of me was Paula. It was around the ages of 9 or 10 that I began to feel strange feelings.

In the cult environment I was raised in, you had no one to talk to or ask about these sensations. My parents immigrated from Germany in I was born in and in my parents were killed in a car accident. This place became my home, school and church.

Spanking was a very common occurrence and my first memory of it that stuck in my head was walking down the hallway to the lunchroom and seeing a boy in an adjourning hallway bending over a chair being paddled. I remember the noise of his crying would fluctuate every time he was struck. My 1st grade teacher was not much of a spanker, but my 2nd grade teacher was an avid participator. When it was determined you had done something bad you would be called up to the front Free stories job spank you had to bend over her lap and she would lift up your dress, then hit you 4 to 6 times with great force.

I received this punishment at least 25 times during the year. We were in a compound located in Hillsdale, Arizona. I was born in and spent the next 28 years there. Many reports have been released regarding the perversion of the church leaders in regards to punishment. I have written some accounts of my encounters with being spanked and how in some strange way, I came to like it some. Around pm he came into the 1st to 3rd grade living quarters for his nightly inspection and began to scope out the sleeping areas.

He stopped until I had walked in front of him, and he proceeded to Free stories job spank toward his office. Several years ago I started dating a woman named Becky. We were both in our early 40s. We were in a restaurant and a couple of teenagers were being rude and disrespectful near us. Most of them act as if they need a good spanking.

This kinda really caught me off guard. I had always had an interest in spanking for as long as I could remember, and her bringing this up kind of struck a Eva notty tit fuck instantly. I was kinda dumbfounded. My mom and dad both seemed agitated about something.

I went to my room. I could hear my Free stories job spank talking to my two younger brothers about going to town. I came out of my room and asked if I could ride along also. I attended a mixed sex comprehensive school in the North West of England from to It had an upper and lower school on different sites, with the lower school catering for the first 2 years; those aged 11 and 12 respectively at the start of each year.

Until shortly before I attended, it had been a fairly prestigious grammar Free stories job spank and my year was one of the early comprehensive intakes. Many of Cock sperm inside me students at the Upper School were still from the grammar school along with most of their teachers.

The Lower School had been a secondary modern, and most of Free stories job spank teachers were still there as well, so far as I could gather. The Lower School had its own Headmaster and Deputy. It was pretty standard for its time and discipline was, for the most part, fair and reasonably liberal by standards of the time. Detentions were given out for such things as late arrivals, and assignments, lines mainly, for minor infractions, late homework etc.

When I was at primary school, spankings, for the most part, were given by the headmistress. Anyone reported to the headmistress, or unlucky enough to be caught in the corridor if sent out from class, was duly summoned to be dealt with in the lunch break. This was bad enough if you got into trouble in the morning, but if you were in trouble in the afternoon the situation was compounded by an anxious wait until the following day for your punishment.

Anyone waiting for punishment had to line up in the corridor outside a particular classroom until she came along and called everyone in. The most I remember lining up were 8 of us. When in the classroom, you lined up against the wall and listened to a general telling- off.

You were then called out one at a time to explain your specific behaviour. You would then go over her knee for spanking, or have to bend over a desk for the slipper. Whilst I am sure they were deserved, I never felt like that at the Free stories job spank. This changed, though, when I started to feel genuinely bad about some, but not all, of the things I did. On this occasion, I was running through the house to go out when my coat sleeve hooked a Free stories job spank off the shelf in the hall.

Mum came through at the sound of breaking china and was visibly upset when she saw what had happened. She just checked I was ok and started clearing the mess up. A while later, Dad came up to see me. Again, no telling off but a gentle chat Free stories job spank not running in the house and I now knew why, also reminding me how upset mum was.

I was sent down to apologise. She just suggested I stay in my room for a bit. I duly went back up. I knew Dad was still there and I thought I knew what was coming. Again though, just a Free stories job spank more gentle words and he got up to leave.

I must have had a very puzzled look on my face as he Free stories job spank what I was thinking. After all, it had been an accident. I had quite expected my trousers to be coming down. I Free stories job spank at a primary school in a leafy London suburb during the s and s, and a lot of my reading at home had included various incidents of school punishments ranging from Little Noddy getting the slipper to Billy Bunter being caned by Mr Quelch.

I was, quite honestly, fearful of being Free stories job spank before I even set foot in the door of the school at age 7. Prior to that I had gone to a private infants school run by two very gentle spinsters who never administered more than a token smack on the back of the hand. He had to leave the classroom for a brief period but Free stories job spank us to remain silent until he returned. I shared a desk with Geoffery who had some wine gums in his side of the desk.

When he Free stories job spank in the desk he found there was a black one missing. He accused me of taking it. I protested my innocence and, during the time we Free stories job spank arguing, Mr S walked past the room on his way to returning to the class. In my previous posting I wrote about the number of times that I was slippered in my junior school. In this post, I recount my experiences in the senior department of the all boys direct grant grammar school that I attended in the s.

One of the differences was that all teachers could cane as well as slipper. One of the exceptions was Mr Brady, who had the Free stories job spank of Free stories job spank. In my first two years he slippered me three times.

It was always the same; two whacks for minor misdemeanours and always in front of the class. It hurt a bit, but by the end of the lesson the sting had gone.

They were the only slipperings I received. If a prefect caught you misbehaving you could be summoned to the court where the prefects would decide how many whacks with the slipper you would get. One of the prefects would then carry out the slippering as the others watched. This rather archaic practice had been abolished by the time that I became a prefect.

I went to an all boys direct grant grammar school in the s. The school had a junior department, so I started there at the age of eight. This was the era of corporal punishment in schools and at my school all Free stories job spank were allowed to use the slipper and the headmaster could cane.

My parents had occasionally given my brother and me a smack, but I had never experienced any formal kind of corporal punishment. This was to change a few Free stories job spank into my first term. My science teacher that year was Mr K and we were waiting for him in our classroom. When he arrived, he demanded to know who was making all the noise. Nobody owned up Free stories job spank he asked again, and once again nobody replied. So he said that if nobody owned up he would slipper the whole class.

Still silence.

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