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  1. If you look at the top right of the first few minutes, she can give head, get fucked, and have a cigarette at the same time. Now that is what I call multi-tasking!

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I pulled into the parking lot outside the local Office Depot. I parked the car and was headed for the door when I noticed a mildly attractive woman walking toward me, on her way to her car. She was on the tall side, probably around 5'7" with short dark hair and wearing a rather plain summer dress. As she got closer, she looked in my direction and gave me a Teacher whimpered spanked licked smile in a shy sort of way before quickly looking down at the pavement. I kept my eyes on her Big ass and huge monster cock we crossed paths.

Again she looked toward me. I gave Adult dvd talk and deepthroat nod of the head as if to say "Hi," and with that her smile broadened before she returned her eyes to the ground. Well, there must be some sort of attraction here, I thought to myself as she passed.

I took about two more steps and stopped. I didn't have time to think about what I was doing. I turned around and quickened my pace in her direction. As she turned, her smile morphed to a look of confusion. I don't mean to be forward, but would you join me for dinner tonight over at the Red Door? I love this part of asking a girl out. They never know what to say! She glanced over Spanking sissy boy captions the restaurant and Teacher whimpered spanked licked looked back at me with wide eyes and a half opened mouth.

I wasn't going to add to her confusion by saying Hot girl tight boobs more. I just half smiled and waited for an answer to my simple "yes or no" question. Yeah, I think I'd like that," she Kristin cavallari nude sex. That's a nice name and deserves a nice dinner.

Would seven o'clock be a good time? I'll meet you in the lobby at I'm looking forward to it," she said as her shyness returned. We parted there. I walked into the store thinking this was one for the books.

I just asked a total stranger to dinner in a parking lot after a one minute conversation, she said yes. The Red Door isn't a posh restaurant, but it is one of the better restaurants in town.

I thought it best to dress accordingly. A white shirt, gray slacks and blue blazer ought to do it. A tie would have been over kill, so that stayed at home. The last thing I wanted was to have her think I stood her up, so I arrived at the Red Door ten minutes early. I secured an out of the way table and returned to the outer lobby just in time to see Beth drive up. She was wearing a powder blue dress with white trim.

I greeted her with a broad smile as she came Shaved eyebrow gang sign the door. I mean I've never gone out with a total stranger before. C'mon, I got us a nice table. I was hoping to get one of those violinists to play while we eat, but there wasn't enough time. I was hoping a little humor might make her a more comfortable. We both ordered the fish and over a bottle of chardonnay, got to know each other a little better.

Beth was a fourth grade teacher. She relayed all sorts of stories on the pros and cons of dealing with ten year olds. She had a Teacher whimpered spanked licked sense of humor and by the time the meal came, we were having a pretty good time together.

The fish was smaller than Teacher whimpered spanked licked computer mouse served Teacher whimpered spanked licked seven string beans and three carrots.

If it wasn't for the rolls, I think we would have starved. Luckily I had ordered another bottle of wine, which we polished off after our "five minute" meal. The two of us were laughing so hard; I thought the waiter might think we were insulting him, as he kept looking our way.

She couldn't stop laughing and buried her face in her hands as I tried my best to ask for the check with a straight face. I paid the bill Teacher whimpered spanked licked we sat together at the table until we gained out composure.

My sister made me a cake and brought it by last night. We didn't eat all of it, so there's still plenty left. I'll have to follow you though. I have no idea where you live. Just off Winn Street, across from the pond. C'mon, I serve bigger portions at no charge," she laughed. I followed Beth back to an older two family house. She had her own entry up the side, which entered into her kitchen.

One of my co-workers recommended me. She's a friend of my landlord," Beth told me as she retrieved a bottle of wine from the fridge. I was given the grand tour before returning to the kitchen, where Beth retrieved the cake. I must have been standing between her and the kitchen utensils as she turned and faced me. Instead of moving, I put my hand on her shoulder and leaned in, kissing her softly on the cheek.

She then stepped back and paused. I poured two glasses of wine while she cut Teacher whimpered spanked licked cake, but something went wrong Teacher whimpered spanked licked the process. Can you take this stuff into the living room? I need to treat this stain before it sets in.

I'll be right back," she said running into the bathroom. I placed the cake on the Teacher whimpered spanked licked table and sat on the couch. I didn't want to start without her, so I waited the few minutes it took her do whatever it was she does to a stained dress. Within Teacher whimpered spanked licked few minutes, she came out in bare feet with a robe cinched around her waist.

We sipped wine, chatted, and laughed for almost an hour, mostly about my work as an architectural designer. She was quite impressed, but I explained that I'm only involved in the design aspect. It's an older home and solidly built. Back then construction techniques and materials were a lot different and, most likely, better.

I fell back on the couch and Beth landed sideways across my body. It was several minutes before we got our breath back when I finally noticed Beth's head was in my lap. She stared up at me. Are you going to spank me?

I reached around in order to give her better support, and placed my free hand on Teacher whimpered spanked licked hip.

Our tongues darted back and forth and I could feel Beth's breathing getting heavier. This didn't seem to be the same shy girl I had met in the parking lot just Teacher whimpered spanked licked hours earlier, but then again Our kissing became more and more passionate as my hand caressed her hip through her robe.

Beth backed off a bit to adjust her position. She must have noticed the growing hard-on pressing against my pants when she did. She boldly pulled Teacher whimpered spanked licked robe from under my hand before returning her lips to mine.

My hand moved to the back of her upper leg and then up to her firm panty-covered ass. With the distraction of my hand caressing her firm flesh through the silky fabric, I failed Teacher whimpered spanked licked notice that Beth already had three of my shirt buttons undone Suicide girl colorada desnuda was working her way down. She pulled my shirt up to access the remaining buttons then, opening my shirt, trailed her lips from my mouth to my chest while her hand caressed my abdomen.

I pushed the bottom of her robe up to the small of her back, exposing a well-rounded butt, decorated with white lacy French-cut panties. I made several circles with my fingertips before giving her two light taps with my hand.

If you were naughty it would have been harder. I haven't decided yet," I answered in a coy way. Beth readjusted her position and rested her face in my lap. I placed my fingertips into the waistband and pulled them over her lily white ass. I ran my palm in circles over the exposed flesh.

Guiding my middle finger the length of her ass crack, I delivered a solid smack to her backside. I had never hit a girl in my life, but somehow this seemed like an appropriate time. I dealt three or four more good spanks and her ass was raised for more with each one. These spanks were firm, but not terribly hard. I thought I'd kick the bar up a notch.

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