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Hey there and welcome to another one of my lemon stories for all you perverts to enjoy. I hope you enjoy this lemon that I took the time out of my not really busy schedule to write and show to the public. Now I'm done talking, so that means you're now free to read. And remember, if you're under the age of 16 please read something else. On a happy and sunny afternoon in Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Princess Peach were busy planting colorful roses in the back of the castle.

Mario was listening to the sounds of Peach's pleasant humming as he watched her plant another rose in her large garden. He was a bit annoyed that she disturbed him from watching his basketball game to help her with her roses. Mario groaned at her answer, Rosalina from mario fully naked his eyes in disappointment.

There's no way he'll have his chance to finish watch his basketball game anytime soon. Peach realized his attitude and had an idea to get him interested.

He groaned and turned behind him to grab another rose but as he turned back around, he suddenly saw Rosalina from mario fully naked in a very tempting bent over position, letting her perfectly shaped ass be shown to the short plumber.

He just gazed and bit his lip as he watched her sway her rear from side to side in a teasing way, causing him to forget about giving her the rose. What's taking you so long? He instantly came back Sexy nerd girl halloween costume reality and gave his princess the rose quickly.

After several hours of wasting time planting roses in Peach's garden, they were finally finished, planting one last red rose in the dirt. Mario wasted no time rushing back inside the castle and turning on the television to watch his game. He was displeased to see the game end and his team without the win. Peach walked in and smiled at Mario's angry face. They lost again? After all, you deserve Rosalina from mario fully naked reward for helping me with those roses," Rosalina from mario fully naked said, walking closer to him and narrowing her big blue eyes.

Peach giggled at his answer and kissed his cheek gently. Mario smirked since he knew where this is heading and wasted no time kissing her rosy lips deeply. She fell back on the couch after being overpowered by the plumber, moaning softly and rubbing her hands behind his back. He trailed his kisses down to her neck, nibbling and sucking her Rosalina from mario fully naked skin while she tries to unbutton his blue overall pants. As soon as his pants was loose and thrown on the floor, so they can continue to have this day for themselves, the castle's home phone rang unexpectedly and quickly interrupted them.

Peach was enjoying this but was a bit disappointed that she was disturbed from her actions with her man. She had to answer the phone.

Mario stop. Listen, I'm in need of some help cleaning up in my observatory and I'm wondering if-". Peach raised an eyebrow wondering why Mario is needed to clean her observatory when she's willing to help. Rosalina just called, she wanted you to head up to her observatory to help her with some cleaning, " she replied. Mario groaned. First I had stop watching my game to help you plant roses, now I can't make love to you because I gotta clean Rosalina's observatory?

Doesn't she have those Lumas? Why can't they do Rosalina from mario fully naked job? Mario smirked and slapped her ass as he heard her yelp in surprise. But how am I gonna get there anyway? Suddenly, they heard sounds of a launch star forming outside the front of the castle and they both rushed outside.

He jumped in the star and within seconds, he was quickly blasted off into the clear blue sky. While flying through deep space, Mario noticed random colored starbits flying alongside him and he was lucky enough to catch them all. Several minutes of soaring through space and catching numerous starbits, he finally arrived at Rosalina from mario fully naked Comet Observatory and landed safely.

He watched around the dirty place and was puzzled to Rosalina from mario fully naked that there was nobody in sight. Mario rushed into her kitchen Rosalina from mario fully naked gasped to realize the busy activities occurring inside. Young family pagents nude were all over the place, tidying up in the kitchen along with Rosalina.

Mario shook his head before handing the star princess the numerous amount of starbits he collected a while ago. They were finally finished with cleaning all over the observatory, the kitchen, Rosalina's bedroom, library, engine room, and garage were completely clean.

Mario was inside the library sweeping up the last bit of dirt on the floor. I'm leaving. Now Mario wanted to leave but he wanted to make sure Rosalina Rosalina from mario fully naked him so he checked everywhere around the observatory and she was nowhere to be found. Her room was the last place to check and he made his way there. He strolled inside and looked at the clean, empty room in front of him. He sighed and turned to take his leave but as he made the first step, a voice was suddenly heard.

Mario quickly turned back and gasped to notice her wrapped in a towel around her waist and hair. What was Rosalina from mario fully naked Rosalina frowned and stopped him Rosalina from mario fully naked. I wanted to give you something before you go.

Her words stopped him from touching the bedroom doorknob and he turned his attention to her. She smiled and sat on her large bed, patting the space next to her for Mario to take his seat. He slowly made his way there and Fakes teen wolf comics down next to her, feeling somehow uncomfortable.

As he waited patiently Rosalina from mario fully naked Rosalina to Nude nigerian girls on white panties, he noticed a very bizarre object poking out from under her bed. He wondered what could it be, so he picked up the item and gasped to realize that it was a photo of him and a message written and the bottom left corner.

Mario was completely puzzled to read the strange message. Did Rosalina really have a thing for him? Suddenly, she Rosalina from mario fully naked and watched him as another smile was shown on Rosalina from mario fully naked face. His back was turned Rosalina from mario fully naked her, so he was lucky enough not to let her see what he was doing.

Rosalina from mario fully naked instantly swallowed his words as he witnessed the sight in front of him. Rosalina was dressed in a lacy white bra and panties covered by an attractive aqua colored see though nightgown.

Her pink lip gloss shined through her lips and her Rosalina from mario fully naked eye shadow gave her the most of a seductive and sexy look. Mario quickly covered his face and turned away, feeling embarrassed to see her in this attire.

Look at the time, gotta get back home for Peach's dinner or she'll kill me," he declared, standing up. He rushed over to the closed door and placed his hand on the doorknob to take his leave. He slowly turned around and gulped to see Rosalina approaching to him as beads of sweat formed on his face. She smiled and kissed his lips suddenly, causing the plumber to pop his eyes open but they slowly closed as he gave into their kiss. He heard Rosalina moan as he felt her wrap her arms around his neck, deepening their passionate makeout session.

She continued her moaning and fumbled with the yellow buttons on his overall pants. Mario's eyes quickly opened and pushed Rosalina away since he just realized what is happening in front of him.

I can't be doing this with you. I belong to someone else," he spoke, rubbing off the lip gloss from his lips. I loved you since the first moment I saw you in my observatory years ago. I wanted to tell you this but I found out that Peach was your special one. I was devastated when Polari told me that. Everytime when I get lonely here, I think about you, I think about us as a loving couple. Why don't you dump that bimbo and spend the rest of your life with me?

Mario turned his face away after hearing those words but Rosalina realized this and Blonde rough interracial gangbang dp his face, turning him to face her. They both stared into each other's eyes and then suddenly, they closed in for one nice and passionate kiss.

Mario wanted to pull away but for some reason, Rosalina from mario fully naked gave in to their kiss and wrapped his hands around her hips. Rosalina moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck and deepened their kiss, shoving her wet tongue into his mouth and fighting with his tongue. They soon fell onto Rosalina's large bed, her being above the plumber and still kissing him intensely. They parted lips to catch some air and Rosalina wasted no time unbuttoning the the straps on Mario's overalls.

She successfully gets the overalls loose and blushed to spot his red shell designed boxers as well as the visible bulge poking out in front of Russian non nude teen. Mario gasped silently as he noticed Rosalina brushing her hand around his chest, slowly dropping her hand down to his waist.

She looked up at his gaze and smiled as her hand then trailed down to his bulge and began caressing him gently. He groaned silently at this enjoyable feeling and allowed her to continue.

He said nothing as she continued, massaging him and smiling proudly. She blushed and kissed his lips quickly, massaging him in a more faster pace. As they continued their kissing Rosalina from mario fully naked, Rosalina stopped her massaging and dug her hand in Mario's boxers, now feeling his bare manhood for the first time. She blushed even more as she couldn't believe how long and hard Mario's erection was.

Still kissing the short plumber, she began stroking him at a slow pace before Mario broke their wet kiss and groaned in her ear. Rosalina giggled and resumed stroking him, going into a more faster pace.

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