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My other interests are playing squashskiingwalking, sailinggardening, opera watching and singing and playing with computers. It is possible to combine my love for nudity with walking, sailing and gardening without too many problems, as you will see as you explore my main homepage.

As for squash and skiing, there are nude possibilities. However, I am struggling with nude links to opera! I occasionally run in the nude, but when you stop, perspiration drips off of everything! I would have thought that the lack of anything to absorb the perspiration would be a problem. There comes a time when even the most ardent nudist has to wear clothes. My thoughts and ideas on how to get away with wearing the absolute minimum are discussed in my 'Skimpy Nudist lifestyles and images. I have an amusing story about how an examination of my ear left me sat naked in front of two women doctors!

Although it may sound a little strange, but our style of skiing holiday does give lots of opportunities for being nude in Nudist lifestyles and images social surroundings. However, saying that, I have never managed to actually ski nude. Typically we hire an apartment in the French Alps for a week or so more often than not at Belle Plagne, which is one of the prettier parts of La Plagne.

The dates are arranged so that we also meet up with lots of friends, who also attempt to also hire apartments in nearby blocks. The arrangement is fairly informal, we have being doing the same sort of thing for quite a few Julia naughty teacher stockings upskirt. We Nudist lifestyles and images developed a core of skiing friends who are used to my nude lifestyle.

More often than not we share an apartment and consequently we are quite used to seeing each other in various states of undress, and in my case with no clothes on at all for much of the time. Being self catering apartments, it is quite easy and convenient to cook in, and we normally take it in turns to cook, so that any one couple probably only has to cook once or twice a week.

These soirees have always been clothes optional as far as I'm concerned, although nobody else has ever joined me for a gourmet meal 'au natural'. One minor problem was that I had never met 4 of the 9, so had no idea how they would take to my nudity. The first evening meal was in one of the other apartments. The apartments are not very large, and the idea of just walking in to the apartment which contained 4 strangers and just taking all my clothes off and standing there naked in front of them, did tax my brain, but the problem had to be overcome!

Before the meal, I phoned the hostess, who knew that I was a nudist and asked if it would be a 'clothes optional meal'. She replied quite positively, so that was just the opening that I was looking for. We were the last to arrive at the apartment.

The drink was flowing, so in no time at all I stated that I was 'just going to make myself comfortable'. I disappeared into one of the bedrooms, took off my clothes and re-appeared in the glory of my birthday suit. There was little comment, life just continued as before. The aperitifs were finished and we sat down to a delightful meal. The seating plan had been arranged so that everybody was mixed up.

I finished up sitting naked between two women who were complete strangers. They could not have been too upset by the experience as no one Nudist lifestyles and images any food! The following day I was sitting on a chair lift next to Nudist lifestyles and images of the 'strangers', the subject of my nudity came up. She was totally un-phased by it, and thought it silly that people wore clothes in saunas.

The complimented me on my muscular thighs and bum, but made no reference to the bits in between but then she is married. A day or so later, I also managed to have a chat with the other 'stranger'. She admitted to liking topless beaches, and was quite happy to just wear a croched bikini bottom, but felt that leaving the bottom on maintained an air of mystery, so it never came off.

Obviously she was not at all bothered by my nudity. One of the games Nudist lifestyles and images we amused ourselves with was the 'touchy feely' game, where you Nudist lifestyles and images blindfolded and had to guess who it was by only feeling the face and bum. It was good fun, especially after a few glasses of wine. We all joined in, but when it was my turn to be 'felt', it was considered that I had to put on some trousers, otherwise it would be too easy for the contestant to guess who was being felt.

So the week progressed, living nude when in our apartment and also living nude at mealtimes when eating in or out. The weather was absolutely great and even in mid-March it was possible to sit outside on the balcony in the late afternoon sun and get the first semblance of an all over tan.

At the end of the week the 9 of us had a prize giving ceremony. For much of the week I had acted as the group guide as Nudist lifestyles and images knew most of the pistes Bottomless japanese girls nude mountain bars and restaurants. I was awarded my prize and then made my acceptance speech. I thanked them all for letting me show them the sights of La Plagne, at which point the whole group collapsed Nudist lifestyles and images hysterics!

Obviously I was referring to the mountain scenery, but they some how misinterpreted it! Ramsau Naturally! If the idea of combining skiing and naturism has ever crossed your mind, then this might be worth considering. Chalfont Holidays have located a hotel in a ski resort in Austria where is is possible to be naturist for much of the time. I have to say that I have not tried it, but the idea sounds facinating.

It was the brain child of Bill Haynes, who used to run Chalfont Holidays. In addition to organising naturist holidays to the Canary Islands and the South of France, this naturist Nudist lifestyles and images hotel is also now available. The hotel is naturist throughout the year - summer and winter, but its location makes it an ideal centre for both cross-country and downhill skiing.

It is described as 'a luxury naturist hotel on the Ramsau Nudist lifestyles and images under the Dachstein mountains in Styria in Austria'.

The brochure also goes on to say 'The hotel has a sauna suite and swimming pool. In the winter, it is the custom, Nudist lifestyles and images not obligatory, for guests to go straight from the sauna outside, to douse themselves in the snow! Have a look at Nudist lifestyles and images Holidays web site for more details. The above photos Nudist lifestyles and images stories show me nude but mixing with clothed people.

Do you have any similar photos that you might like to share? Also how about nude photos taken in places where nudity might not be expected. I've got a few photos, but I'm quite happy to add your photos, plus a brief story.

What do Nudists do in the Winter? It is a question that people often ask. Well the above two items give some idea of how you can be nude in the winter. However, here in UK, winters tend not to be freezing, just grey and wet, so it is just a case of turning up the central heating.

But occasionally it does snow, in which case it is difficult to resist the temptation to get out in it and feel the snow between your toes and other bits! Yes, it really is as cold as it looks! But it Nudist lifestyles and images feels warmer. Early Spring, and in the greenhouse things start growing. In the Nudist lifestyles and images. It is a delightful place, and well worth a visit if you are in that part of the world.

My initial impression was that it was like the Tardis in Dr Nudist lifestyles and images. A smallish exterior and entrance leads into a building that appears bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.

The first thing that impressed me was that clothes and swimming costumes were not allowed. Other than in the gym, clothes are not required! At the reception you are given a towel, which you can change as often as you like and allocated a locker for your clothes. Once you have paid to get in, you do not need any money. You leave your key at reception, and then you and your towel are ready to explore in naked freedom.

The reception is located on the ground floor, along with the gym and a TV room. There are countless showers, a small swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, four hot baths, two steam rooms, and two saunas. Everything is well maintained and Nudist lifestyles and images clean. On the first floor there is a solarium, massage Nudist lifestyles and images and some rest rooms.

On the second floor there is a small roof garden. It opens at midday, and once in, you can stay naked all day long in varying degrees of heat and relaxation. At weekends, during the Nudist lifestyles and images, it is reserved for couples only. If the weather to too cold to be nude outdoors, then other than being at home, then Bristol Gardens must be the one of Sex at home depot cock best place to be nude indoors.

Another indoor naturist centre is Silverleigh. I have only recently discovered it even though Nudist lifestyles and images is only a mile or so from Eureka. Again its appearance from the outside is deceiving. Athough it looks just like a large residential house, it has been extended and now contains a swimming pool, two jacuzzis, sauna, steam room, massage facilities, TV, etc.

It is very pleasent Therapy products for adults well worth Nudist lifestyles and images visit if you are in North West Kent with a few hours to spare. Woman's Perspective on Nudity in Public. There are many more male nudists than female nudists. I am not about to attempt to explain the reasons for this as trying to understand a woman's brain is far beyond the ability on most men.

However the Naturistplace website is an excellent site that attempts the explain the reasons, highlighting many Woman's Issues. Appropriately, it was broadcast on 31st December - its lasts 56 mins and is well worth listening to. More views from women on my webpage are given here. Non-Nudist Reaction To Nudity.

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