Supposedly ice swimming is possible because the water beneath the ice releases heat, so the water does not instantly refreeze. Within this sport some swimmers use swimwear, others wear weird costumes like you see on Halloween, and over a third love jumping in the ice-cold water in their birthday suit.

I guess, come to think of it, in sub-zero weather swimming trunks would probably not offer much protection from the cold anyway. Because this outdoor bathing or swimming occurs in the middle of winter and is unusual and sometimes ceremonial, it often times attracts media coverage.

While few have pushed their bodies to the extreme level of Wim Hof, many have endured the sport of ice swimming for 20 years and more. However, sorry, ladies and gentlemen, Naked girls in winter butt Naked girls in winter ice swimming will not be a part of this Winter Olympics.

I was surprised to see that China participates in ice swimming workouts until I recalled that some regions of China do have cold harsh winters. In northern China, the Chinese brave the ice for good health while swimming takes place in the Songhua River in Harbin. Members from America and Canada swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Not only do they have fun plunging into the ice-cold waters, but this freestyle swimming team travels as a group, and contributes to charitable fund-raisers as well.

Members feel that it improves circulation and helps to build up the immune system to protect against colds and flu-like symptoms. In addition, many report receiving a strong sense of well-being and natural high. A senior medical researcher who is studying the clinical benefits, Juhani Smolander, states, "In studies on rheumatic diseases, cold treatment reduces aches and pains, and in some cases, depending on the Gavle porr thaimassage i uppsala, patients can do without painkillers.

Naked girls in winter researchers have found positive psychological impact: people that immerse themselves in the icy waters regularly say they feel better than those that stay indoors all winter long. Naturally anyone with heart conditions, or any other serious ailment, needs to be careful when attempting ice sports. Another risk is ensuring safety when going through the transitions of warming up after one takes the icy plunge.

Steps that must be taken to Naked girls in winter causing the body distress from the drastic temperature changes. Heat causes the Naked girls in winter to rise to the surface of the body while the cold forces the blood back inside towards the heart. It is not to be confused with the Russian dousing because it is not a religious ritual; it is done as Naked girls in winter stress reliever and a means of cooling off rapidly after staying in the sauna for a length of time.

Finland is well known for its Avantouinti ice-hole swimming Society; their ice swimming season begins in October and goes through February. Not only are they done for health benefits, but for sports, for the Baptism of Our Lord feast, and as a ritual for the Orthodox Church.

I must admit that seeing butt naked swimmers taking the ice plunge on television was what spurred my research into ice swimming sports. However, I did not find any articles that directly addresses why some ice swimmers prefer to take the plunge butt naked. At this point, if I had to provide the reason why an individual would go ice swimming in the buff during cold winter months, I would simply say it's because an individual wanted to do so.

I would imagine that their way of thinking might be similar to individuals that choose to moon you or those that just love Naked girls in winter around in the nude.

As with any Naked girls in winter exercise program, if you are under a physician's care, please check with your doctor prior to participating in this outdoor game of swimming workouts. One serious video really caught my attention and hopefully it will raise some thoughts of your own.

The video below reflects how global warming has begun to impact the North Pole. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. This claims, Thanks also to Ms. There are several reasons to swim naked. For instance, you need less time to change your clothes, also wet swimsuit after swimming froze more as you have nothing on you. Beside practical thinks it's also about feeling nature and be in full body contact with that. Let's assume some winter swimmers enjoy naturism.

I would like to be one of those old men I see walking past my house to go for a swim every day of the year, but I just don't like the cold. I go winter swimming at least twice a week. I swim about 50 meters every time. It is refreshing and good for your health. It is very popular here in Finland.

A lot of fun, I can tell you :. I don't think I'd b game to try it, but I know there's such a thing as the polar bears club where oldies participate in ice water swimming. I'm sure it must be good for the circulation! We learn a lot from this post. The success of this iconic Goose Parka jackets is evidenced Biggest ever ass and tits tgp the canada goose chilliwack parka women fact that canada goose chilliwack parka women are still worn by northern pilots today and can be seen canada goose chilliwack parka women on TV shows like Ice Pilots.

I cant believe my Naked girls in winter that people are doing this for fun. I wonder how your Butt would be like after doing ice swimming. I really had a lot of fun researching and writing about ice swimming and I hope to take the plunge one day soon. Very interesting hub! I really enjoyed reading this. Butt Naked Ice Swimming seems to be really fun activity. Thanks for sharing. I agree it is fun to watch others shiver for Naked girls in winter initial splash of the cold plunge.

Glad you enjoyed the hub; thanks for stopping by. What an amazing Hub. Thanks for info. I am from Sunny So Cal. I agree Nifty, but it is fun to watch and wonder just how crazy and cold it must Naked girls in winter. I might try it for like 2 seconds This is definitely in the spectator category, and Butt Naked Fishing forget about it!

Too bad the first video was really funny, but hopefully the one I replaced it with will create interest as well. Thanks Naked girls in winter stopping Naked girls in winter for a read and for Naked girls in winter me know about the video. Great hub! Naked girls in winter might want to replace the first video from youtube. It appears it has been removed Hi Azik, I've never experience this personally and not sure that I will ever try it.

I am part of the HubMob here on HP that writes on different topics and this hub was for the subject of unique winter sports. However, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. As you can see from the comments many have done tbis sport. You are unbelievable, fantastic. I don't think my body can do that. I live in Bali, Indonesia with mostly hot and sunny day, sometimes raining but never that freezing. But somehow, after reading your hub, I have strong intention to try.

Do you think everybody can do what you did? Just heard that freezing cold dips made the body burn more body fat as well.

I guess this would be the time to take a plunge, Naked girls in winter blurrrrr I'm just trying to stay warm. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. CrOrians - LOL, the weather definitely has been cold enough for it this year. Hehehe, I say go for Naked girls in winter. Love it!

I've Naked girls in winter wanted to give it a go! Although, a jump in Mirror Lake at the Ohio State University could be close to ice swimming : This makes me want to try it even more now! Love this one!! I have seen some people doing this sort of thing when I lived in Alaska, and here near the Great Wallowa Mountains an ever growing group of folks are doing it as well, thanks for bringing up this subject, it's always nice to know that you are not the only person surrounded by insain people, these days LOL!!!

I've done a "polar plunge" before in Minnesota. I wish I had the view as shown by some of these images. It might have warmed me up! It is always interesting to hear about first hand experiences of this sport. I imagine once one overcomes the fear of what they are about to do it would be very exciting.

Thanks for sharing your insight on ice swimming. Good luck on your quest, depending on where you live, I'm sure you will probably find a Walrus or Polar Bear Club near by. Thanks for the read. Louis, MO. Interesting hub with cool pictures! I often take ice baths to soothe sore muscles, but maybe I'll find a frozen Naked girls in winter this winter and try that instead! Money Glitch There are tens of thousand of males that are into this. I Naked girls in winter a lot of males would love it, they just need our and societies permission to do it.

I think more women would be into it also if they felt they would not be seen as perverts. We have parties where the men are naked but women are not and the males have often told a few women they are showing too much skin all the time they are totally naked in front of her.

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