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Hello everyone Nikki here again. Well after my first NIP experience I knew that it was my first but would not be my last time.

However a bit more thought would go into my next adventure. I am slowly but surely working up my nerve to have a real public adventure. I do need to get myself into a situation so I have not choice but to follow through. I hope you like the story of my second NIP experience. I thought of how excited I was when I first Naked asses in laundry room into that store.

I wanted to give it another try and so I did. I have a friend that lives nearby in an apartment complex and I called her and said I needed a place to stay overnight while I had some painting done in my house because the smell of paint bothers me. She said that was fine and that she would not be home most of the day so I could have Naked asses in laundry room place to myself. It was a rainy day and a bit cool but nothing like my first time at the store.

The complex has a laundry room but it is a bit of a walk straight across a courtyard. I arrived at her apartment and after a little while she left for Naked asses in laundry room day.

As soon as she was out the door I took off the skirt and blouse and since I never wear a bra or panties I was naked. I had brought some wash in a bag stuffed in my overnight bag.

So now my plan begins. It was raining rather hard and had been for sometime. There was mud puddles in areas between the bldg. I was in and the laundry room. I put on a long t-shirt I brought with me, one that is long enough Naked asses in laundry room reach a few inches below my ass. I grabbed the bag of laundry and headed out the door. I reached the outside and saw the laundry room way across the courtyard.

In no time I was soaked and the t-shirt was almost transparent. As I hurried through the rain I decided to take a short cut across the muddy grass. This was all a part of my plan. Suddenly my smooth bottomed canvas shoes slipped in the wet grass and down I went into the mud. I got up and I was a mess, covered in mud. This was also all in my plan.

The rain did manage to wash the most Naked asses in laundry room the mud off of all my exposed skin but the t-shirt was filthy. I finally got into the laundry room wet and muddy. I got a washer ready to go and put all of the clothes from the bag into the washer.

I was alone there at the time so off came the t-shirt and into the washer it went. So now I was naked and I could only take my wet t-shirt out of the washer or go back to the apartment as I was. So it was time to make my way back to the apartment. I suppose I could have just stayed there and waited for the wash to finish and go into the dryer but I wanted to be outside naked. As I was getting ready to go the door to the laundry room opened and a very surprised gentleman just stood there staring at me.

I made a half hearted attempt to cover myself. I feigned embarrassment and said I had fell in the mud and thought I could get my stuff washed before anyone would come in. The gentleman was blushing and kept trying to look elsewhere but he kept stealing glances at me. I said I was sorry to have been found in this situation and I headed for the door.

He again seemed surprised that I was walking outside naked as I was. I got outside the rain was still falling but not as hard and I may my way naked across the courtyard.

There I was in the daylight hours, naked in the rain More gallery nude old moms across the courtyard.

I could hardly contain my excitement. The rain falling on my naked body felt so wonderful and the air was cool but I felt so warm. As I got closer to the building where the apartment was I saw a couple coming toward me. There was no where to go, no trees or Naked asses in laundry room to run behind, I took a deep breath and just continued on as though everything was Naked asses in laundry room. They just sort of looked at me and I said good morning and smiled and just kept going.

I got back into the apartment with no further encounters much to my disappointment. I felt so exhilarated after that experience. I sat there and played it all over in my head, as I brought myself to orgasm. I began thinking Naked asses in laundry room what my next adventure could be as I waited for my laundry. When I thought it was time I headed back out to the laundry room naked and got there without incident.

I tossed the clothes in the dryer and sat there naked waiting for the dryer cycle to finish. No one cam in and when the dryer went off I grabbed the t-shirt put it on and back to the apartment I went. I have had more experiences and will continue to post them.

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