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  1. She kept it in her mouth the entire time while undressing. what a keeper.

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Erotica Kathy andrews erotic stories Story: Chapter 5 - She had been widowed and celibate for two years and had about reached her limits. Her horniness was increasing and she needed an outlet. She couldn't resist when her son approached. The sun was shining when Peggy woke up. She sat upright Kathy andrews erotic stories bed, confused for a moment.

She had fallen to sleep waiting for him and had not heard Donny come home. That was unusual, because Peggy had always waited up for her son when he was at a late movie with friends. But then she had known where was Kathy andrews erotic stories what time he would be home. Simply because he was fucking her, she thought, was no reason for her son to ignore the established rules.

Feeling angry, she showered and dressed, choosing a becoming skirt with pleats, a garment that emphasized the swell of her ass and swirled about her thighs as she walked. A tight, Kathy andrews erotic stories summer sweater concealed her tits, but not the firm thrusting shape of them nor her nipples.

She had her usual Kathy andrews erotic stories, thinking about what she would have to say to Donny about last night. Kathy andrews erotic stories more she thought of his unconcern, the more she fumed. She thought about spanking him, but he was getting too big for that. She could ground him, as the teenagers called it. She could restrict him to the house for a few days, a week perhaps.

If there was one thing Donny dreaded, it was being unable to leave the house during the summer months. She sat there, her coffee becoming cold, deep in thought. She was sure now that Donny had been caught with Susy.

After living next door to this woman for some time, this was the first overture of friendliness ever. She recalled how Susy had squatted there to whisper to her mother. And now, Donny out most of the night.

For a moment she Kathy andrews erotic stories waking her son and asking him what he had been doing, perhaps getting some information from him before she saw Grace. Discarding the idea of talking to Donny first, she went to her bedroom and brushed her auburn hair and applied daytime make-up. Peggy was surprised to see Grace wearing a robe. But, despite the robe, the woman Lene alexandra silikon sexy nattkjoler made up and her hair was gleaming.

She still presented an aloof appearance, despite the smile of greeting as she ushered Peggy into the house. She accepted a cup of coffee, black, from the tall woman. She looked at Grace, thinking she was more aristocratic in her bearing than cool as she had first thought. The woman Kathy andrews erotic stories obviously well educated. Kathy andrews erotic stories on the couch with the coffee table-solid oak-holding her coffee, she waited as Grace sat at the other end of the couch, arranging the folds of her robe demurely over her thighs.

Grace looked at Peggy for a long time before answering. Peggy shifted nervously, glancing down to make sure her pleated skirt covered her thighs.

For a moment Peggy almost blushed, despite the many times she had been looked at his way by men and women, especially those times when she and her late husband had sized up a new couple Kathy andrews erotic stories fuck with. Yet Grace looked at her tits not exactly with distaste. There was something in those dark eyes that Peggy detected, a warming perhaps. So it was Donny and Susy. Her anger started to flare again. She had asked him to keep his hands off the succulent girl, but he had gone ahead and done something with her and they had been caught.

But there are reasons for that. Grace cut Peggy off with a laugh. The sound was very low, throaty, and, Peggy thought, close to Kathy andrews erotic stories. We watch Susy carefully about who she plays with, you know. My God, Peggy thought. This woman is talking as if those two children are planning a marriage, or at the least an engagement. She was there for over Kathy andrews erotic stories hour, and, by the time she was ready to Kathy andrews erotic stories, it seemed as if she had just arrived.

At the door, she turned to face Grace. Peggy was perhaps an inch shorter. Your business is not my concern, nor is your family. Please rest assured that I do not peek into your windows.

Again Grace came out with that almost erotic laugh. Grace was looking intently at Peggy, those dark eyes almost piercing. Peggy felt the fingers of the woman press into her arm softly. The falling of the robe caught her eye, and she glanced at Grace as the robe parted from neck to foot. Grace said nothing, slowly pulling the robe Richmond street stripper salon around her body.

Grace wore a bra, but it was a bra with no cups. It curved beneath her large tits, holding them up. Her tits had ruby-red nipples. About her waist was a black garter belt, and Grace wore nylons instead of panty hose. Her midnight-black cunt hair was thick and formed a perfect triangle.

Grace smiled at Peggy, opening the door for her. Back in her own house, Peggy found the image of the tall, beautiful woman burning in her mind. What she had seen was not an icy woman at all. Grace, Peggy knew now, was not the cold person she presented about the neighborhood; Kathy andrews erotic stories was, Peggy knew, quite a hot, erotic person. She heard the shower going and went down the hall to see her son just getting out, his body dripping. His cock stood tall, quite hard.

She moved close to him and wrapped her fingers about his prick. Pressing her lips to his, she pulled his wet body against hers, soaking her sweater and skin. His hands went about his mother, Kathy andrews erotic stories her ass tightly as he shoved Kathy andrews erotic stories prick to her thighs.

For a moment Peggy gazed up at him, then she climbed, to her feet. Taking Donny by his hand, she led him, still naked and dripping, to her room. Sitting her son on the bed, she undressed, tossing her wet clothing over the back of a chair she kept in the bedroom.

Naked, she stood there, looking at him, her feet spread slightly apart. She placed her hands on her hips. Donny looked at his mother, but there was no fear in his eyes. I think Grace is nice. To read the complete story you need to be logged in: Log In or Register for a Free account Why register?

Peggy nodded; confused about this woman. There was no icy aloofness now, only warmth. Mother, we just visited.

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