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Prepare for the reason this is a mature story. Wet Knickers Harry potter ginny naked comics ahead. It was nearly midnight when Ginny heard the quiet crack of apparition coming from down the hall.

She let out a sigh of relief, and snuggled further Harry potter ginny naked comics the blankets, making sure she was covered up Harry potter ginny naked comics her neck.

Ginny had spent the first hour after Harry left fuming and stalking through the apartment, only noticing after 15 minutes that she was doing so completely topless. Stomping into the kitchen, she retrieved her shirt and found Harry's in the hallway, then continued her mumbled threats against Kingsley and the rest of the Ministry as she grabbed her bag from the couch and returned to the bedroom. When Kingsley's patronus had arrived, it was only the stark devastation in Harry's eyes that kept her from completely blowing up.

Ginny knew that he'd been working this case for weeks, and Kingsley calling him in to interrogate the suspect after he had just been caught was perfectly understandable. Harry's obvious reluctance to leave her Harry potter ginny naked comics helped — a little — but once he was gone she gave her frustration free rein. After an hour of angry Harry potter ginny naked comics, Ginny had calmed down enough to start thinking clearly.

She had cleaned up the mess from their dinner in the kitchen, and afterwards had come to a conclusion. Camping out in his bedroom, she had dug through the bag she'd brought with her, pulling out the surprise she'd intended to show Harry later. Shaking it out and laying it on the bed, Ginny had smiled as she imagined Harry's face when he saw her waiting for him, wearing nothing but a few small scraps of blue lace and silk.

Not knowing how much time she had before he returned, Ginny had set about making his bedroom into something comfortable for them. She'd replaced the sheets and had conjured a bunch of fluffy pillows. Tucked under his pillow was a book, one that she recognized from Hermione's gleeful description of her 'sex talk' with Harry.

Pulling it out slowly, she'd found scraps of parchment in several spots, and when she'd sat down to take a look, the book had naturally fallen open to one section whose pages were worn from frequent use.

A predatory grin slid across Ginny's face as she remembered reading that section — and several others — and she couldn't Sexy hot lingerie bikini japan for Harry to come in.

Ginny heard his footsteps coming down the hall, and turned on her side, squinting her eyes to feign sleep. The door pushed open softly, and she could see him trying to be quiet as he walked in. His head swiveled around as he took in the changes she'd Harry potter ginny naked comics. There were candles in sconces on the wall, leaving flickering shadows dancing around the room. The bed was made up with a blood-red duvet with black sheets, and Ginny almost chuckled aloud as Harry's eyes grew wide at the sight of it.

She sincerely hoped that after tonight they'd be needing to do a lot of laundry to get those clean again. Harry tiptoed closer, and she could see him trying to peer at her through the low lighting. She peeked through her lashes and saw his shoulders fall a bit when he realized she was sleeping. Ginny watched him Snap chat amatur gf selfie nude around and start removing his clothes, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it into his closet.

The muscles of his back stood out in stark relief in the candlelight as he moved, and Ginny ached to run her hands and tongue all over that smooth skin. The bed creaked a bit as Harry sat down to pull his shoes and socks Harry potter ginny naked comics, and Ginny smirked as he tried to do it with as Harry potter ginny naked comics movement of the bed as possible.

He really is a sweet man, she thought. But he doesn't know what's about to hit him. She waited until he stood back up and had unbuttoned his pants to say anything. Harry potter ginny naked comics arranged herself under Harry potter ginny naked comics covers for maximum effect, then leaned up on her elbow and watched as his trousers slithered down his thighs. Harry whirled around towards Amateur leather sluts pics bed, falling to his bum as he stumbled and tripped over the pants that now tangled around his ankles.

Ginny laughed a little as she could just see the top of his messy hair and Harry potter ginny naked comics him cursing under his Big boobs pink tits girls pakistani. His pants finally came off and were flung into the closet, and Ginny watched as he rolled to his knees next Harry potter ginny naked comics the bed and looked over at her.

Her hair trailed down over one shoulder, hiding most of what the blanket didn't behind a sea of red. Now, are you going to come to bed, or are you going to just stay there gawking at me?

Harry grinned and Harry potter ginny naked comics up, but he shuffled his feet a bit as he looked at the bed. Ginny knew this was the moment. Grabbing hold of the top edge of the duvet, she flung it back to uncover not only his side of the bed, but most of her body. Harry's mouth dropped open and she heard a whimper fall from his lips as he took her in.

She knew the blue lace thong and silk camisole that came to midway down her stomach would make his head explode. Ginny watched, feeling very pleased with herself, as Harry's hands clenched and unclenched. She ran Harry potter ginny naked comics gaze from his head down to his boxers as they tented out with his obvious arousal. Harry still hadn't moved, so she reached out and patted the space next to her, and he slowly lowered himself to the bed, not removing his eyes from her body as he sat down.

A deep grunt was his answer, and she smiled when his hand gripped the sheets below them. Ginny pulled his shoulder down and his body followed until she had him facing her on his side. Every Harry potter ginny naked comics in his body was tense.

She tilted his chin towards her, and shivered when she saw his green eyes turning dark. Slowly sliding her hand down, she brushed her fingers across his chest, watching his nostrils flare as she raked her nails over his nipple. Leaning closer, Ginny licked her lips, and Harry's eyes flashed to them. His head tilted towards hers, and she met him halfway. The kiss started out gentle, Harry potter ginny naked comics Ginny teased his lips open, sliding her tongue inside to taste him.

He groaned as she deepened the kiss, and finally laid one hand on her hip. Ginny scooted a little closer to him and felt the heat from his body searing into hers. Harry's hands caressed her thigh and hip, moving around to her bum and pulling her into him. She could feel his hard penis pressing into her and her stomach muscles contracted involuntarily as she thought about him Harry potter ginny naked comics inside of her.

Ginny broke the kiss and drew back panting. She rolled to her back to reach for her wand, and Harry followed her, kissing her neck, his hands roaming over her stomach. He was about to toss the wand back onto the nightstand when she stole it back from him. Pointing it at Harry potter ginny naked comics abdomen, she mumbled a short spell and then pointed it at Harry. His eyes grew wide when he saw Free pictures of nude kate winslet where it was pointed.

It should last for 24 hours. Harry smiled and leaned back down to kiss her, and Ginny tossed her wand behind her, hoping it landed somewhere in the vicinity of the nightstand, but not caring too much at this point. Wrapping her arms around his back, Ginny drew him over her, his chest covering her torso and his pelvis pushing into her thigh. Harry's hand slid up her stomach and under her camisole, his fingers teasing the skin of her breast around her nipple.

She arched her back, clutching his shoulder in one hand and his hair in the other. Ginny felt hot and her blood thundered Harry potter ginny naked comics her ears as his hand finally closed over her breast, his fingers rolling her nipple and making her breath catch in her throat. She needed to get her top off, and she needed it off now. Pulling away from his lips, Ginny reached down and pulled the bottom of her camisole up as far as she could.

He dropped it over the side of the bed without even looking, his head already descending to her chest, a deep hum of pleasure coming from his chest. Threading her fingers back into his hair, she closed her eyes and moaned at the feel of his teeth and tongue laving against her nipple, her hips bucking up in search of something, anything to rub against.

She was just about to grab his hand and move it down, when he finally did so himself. Ginny felt his hand cover her completely, her soaked knickers pressing into her folds. But she wanted to feel the heat of his skin on her flesh.

She reached down and grabbed the scrap of fabric, yanking it down as far as she could, and Harry caught on and pulled the other side down. His mouth left her breast and trailed kisses down to her stomach as his hands continued sliding down her legs, finally pulling her knickers off. She had no idea where they went after that, as she realized exactly where his head ended up. She knew Harry probably wasn't thinking with his brain at this point, as he didn't even hesitate, his hands stroking back up her thighs, his mouth hot, wet, and just centimeters above her curls.

Ginny raised her head a little, looking down at him. His lean body with its whipcord muscles made her mouth water, but it was the dark hair contrasting with the pale skin of her stomach that had her panting.

He was so close…. Harry's hands spanned each thigh, his thumbs drawing closer to where she needed him when his head lifted and his eyes met her lidded gaze. His mouth and eyes closed suddenly and she felt him take a deep breath. Ginny bit her lip. Maybe he's not ready to —. His eyes snapped back open, and Ginny felt her whole body flush at the hunger evident in that look.

She couldn't break away from his gaze as he pushed gently against her thighs with his hands, making room for her to cradle his body. Ginny cried out and Harry potter ginny naked comics the sheets in her fists. She could feel her clit actually throb and she was only barely aware that she was panting out "please" with every breath she took. Black cock white cum hands moved up and she finally felt his thumbs lightly brush against her, sliding easily into her slick folds.

His mouth drew closer and Ginny's head pressed hard into the mattress and her eyes slammed shut on a groan as Harry's tongue slid into her. She couldn't think, she could barely breathe, all she could do was feel. His fingers spread her open and his mouth closed over her folds, sucking her in. Ginny's hands buried in his hair when he finally laved his tongue against her clit, and when he sucked it hard into his mouth she let out a scream.

She could feel her orgasm thundering closer, and Harry's arms curled under her Harry potter ginny naked comics, her thighs gripping the sides of his head.

His mouth was buried against her, and she clutched his hair, her hips rolling upwards with every lick. Harry's lips closed around her clit, his tongue flicking fast and hard, and it was too much and just enough.

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