I believe in God. The concept of faith Faith hope love hebrew Hebrew, which is "emunah," is FAR more than a mental exercise. Emunah is a working, living, and active trust in God - emunah demonstrates one's trust and belief in God by everything one DOES, not says or thinks. To act contrary to God's Word is to lack "emunah. After the Ruach HaKodesh ministered the true meaning of faith, of emunah, He asked me to read Hebrews Oh, yes, Abraham acted on, worked out, adhered to, and relied upon God's Word and promises.

What I've always understood as, "Without 'the mental acknowledgement of God' it is impossible to please God What I've always read and understood as, "If we 'lack the ability to mentally believe God,' He remains faithful 'to those of us who struggle to believe or who are doubleminded'; He cannot deny Himself" came to life and now read as, "If we 'are not faithful, do not trust, do not adhere, do not rely upon God and do not exercise and portray His attributes,' He remains faithful - 'He faithfully Faith hope love hebrew His attributes'; He cannot deny 'demonstrating His own attributes'.

Therefore, 2 Timothy should have never been construed as "If we act as if we don't believe in Him, He will Faith hope love hebrew to believe for us or be faithful to us. It goes on to explain that if we endure, if we run the race and finish the race well, we will also reign with Yeshua.

Both concepts crucifying our flesh and enduring Faith hope love hebrew the end require acting out, portraying, and exercising our trust, adherence, and reliance upon God, His Son, and His Word - His commandments, precepts, and promises - during our earthly lifetime!

The faithful, trustworthy saying above demonstrates the meaning of EMUNAH, and Faith hope love hebrew immediate passage below speaks of the lack of emunah If we deny Him, He also will deny us. Can faith save him? Yeshua described teshuvah when He said if we want to follow Him, we must deny ourself, and take up our cross daily, and follow Him Luke Emunah demonstrates that we have entered into the new covenant the Brit Chadasha - Jeremiah with YHVH and are heirs according the terms of the Faith hope love hebrew covenant HebrewsGhetto black porn stars, JohnGalatiansRomans In one sentence, Yochanan the Baptist summed up teshuvah and emunah.

Over the past few months, in my own practice of teshuva, I have been asking YHVH to compel me, to strengthen me, in portraying Him, His attributes, to others in my everyday world - to those whom I work with and my family and friends - rather than acting sinfully, thereby, dishonoring Him.

Little did I know, I was already exercising emunah before I came to any knowledge of the Faith hope love hebrew word and concept.

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