As Emily walked out of her bed room she found Tom standing there waiting for her in the hallway with a look of disappointment. Along with how she did her hair and makeup, she looked like the way she always did whenever she went to work as a paralegal secretary.

Tom on the other hand, although Erotic fantasy peep show was an actual lawyer and is usually seen wearing stylish suits to the office, is now dressed casual with dirty jeans, Erotic fantasy peep show and a basket ball t-shirt.

Wouldn't the whole thing go Erotic fantasy peep show lot smoother if I make myself more comfortable? He walked up to Emily and put his arms around her. He looked deeply into her big blue eyes, realizing how lucky he was to have her, and kissed her gently on her full red lips. Tom turned on the ignition and backed out of the driveway the drove away down the street.

Emily just sat their in silence looking straight out the window, reflecting back to six weeks earlier when all of this began. She was lying in bed reading a magazine while Tom was right next to her going over his notes of what to say for his final statements for his case the next day. Emily got to the part in her magazine about bringing the romance back into the relationships where it mentioned several tips on how to please her lover.

There were a few things that she was willing to try but a few others that she would refuse to do; not because Erotic fantasy peep show was a prude, she enjoyed sex very much and would try anything once or twice, more if she enjoys it, but even she had her limits. She got to the part about being spontaneous in bed; it talked surprising her lover and catching him off guard with sex. She looked over at Tom, he was still writing Erotic fantasy peep show his notepad.

She then looked down at what she was wearing; it was a blue nightdress that showed a fair amount of cleavage. She put her magazine on the nightstand next to her and then looked over at Tom. She grabbed the notepad from his hands and threw it across the room. Emily didn't say a word, she just looked at her husband and he saw the lust burning in her eyes and understood what she wanted.

He grabbed her close and began making love to her. The next morning they were in the kitchen eating breakfast, smiling and giving each other lurid looks. She looked through them as she was making dinner and circled things that she thought she would enjoy doing with Tom.

Over the next two weeks she brought up things that they could do for Erotic fantasy peep show other sexually; erotic massages, eating food off each others bodies, role-playing in bed, trying new sexual positions and so on. Then Emily found an article about fulfilling sexual fantasies. There was a game that they could play were they would be in agreement to Erotic fantasy peep show three of each others sexual fantasies.

They would do the first two Erotic fantasy peep show each others fantasies with the other having a say in whether or not he or she is comfortable with that fantasy Erotic fantasy peep show want to do it; but for the third of each others fantasy, the other person has to do it no matter how perverse it was.

It was supposed to Erotic fantasy peep show based more on trust then with sex. Emily talked about this with Tom later than night. He thought about it for a moment and then said yes. They talked about it and were both in agreement to do each other's third fantasy, no matter what it was or how uncomfortable Erotic fantasy peep show other person would be with it. And to make sure the other person would still go through with it, they decided to keep their third fantasies a secret until the others were done.

So over the next few weeks they fulfilled the first two Anconda night clab sexy sibiu fantasies with each other. Tom's fantasies were simple enough; the first one he wanted a blowjob in a movie theatre, which Emily did only on the condition that it would be in the far back of the theatre. For his second fantasy he wanted to watch Emily have sex with another woman which she outright refused. He did what any lawyer would do and got her to agree on a settlement.

She would make out with another woman in front of him and then gave him anal. She got a bisexual friend of hers to come over one night to do it in exchange for Emily to set her up on a date with another gay friend of hers. For Emily's fantasies she had no argument with Naked big black booty naked about. The first one she wanted Tom to fuck her over his motorcycle while Erotic fantasy peep show wore his helmet.

It was also one of Tom's Erotic fantasy peep show but he didn't tell her that. The second fantasy that she wanted to do was a rape fantasy in which Tom was to pretend to break into their house, chase her upstairs to the bathroom, and force himself on her. She was really into the game and was really good at the screaming and begging him to stop. They had a safety word to use in case it got too rough for her, which she only used once to see if he would stop.

It was time for them to do their third fantasies which they had to automatically do with no questions asked. Emily went first and her fantasy was a mindblower for Tom. She wanted to go the cemetery where Tom's mother was buried and have sex on top of her grave.

Tom's mother never liked Emily, she thought she was beneath him and always made sure she knew it. Emily always fantasized about having sex on her grave with her son as a final F. They waited a few days for Tom to be comfortable with and prepare himself to desecrate his mother's burial site.

So one evening they made a visit to his mother's grave, put some flowers next to the tombstone, said a few words, then took each others clothes and went straight to fucking each other on the grave. Near the end, Emily was on top of Tom riding him as hard as she can with her hands on the tombstone for balance. There, Tom told Emily his final fantasy, which even though wasn't as bad as desecrating someone's final resting place, she still felt uncomfortable with.

But she realized that if Tom was willing to insult his mother's memory, then she owed him this. So that's where they are Erotic fantasy peep show, at am, downtown on Taylor Street, where all the major strip joints, porno theaters, and adult video stores Erotic fantasy peep show located in town.

Inside there were several isles of shelves with adult videos and DVD's. There were a few strange looking men lurking about looking at the pictures of the video boxes. Erotic fantasy peep show they saw Emily they gave her lurid looks that made her grab Tom's arm for protection.

Emily felt relieved when she saw that he was reading Moby Dick, but then saw that the title of the book was actually Moby's Dick. Tom Erotic fantasy peep show Emily walked all the Fresh videos xxx teens the back walking past the perverts who were still giving Emily uncomfortable stares.

They entered the doorway and walked down a hallway with several rooms blocked by curtains, each one showing a peep show. There were lights on top of each door to signal that the room was occupied.

They went down to the farthest room Erotic fantasy peep show entered it. It was a small room, no more than 6 by 6 feet, with a chair sitting in the middle of the room. There was a window that was covered Erotic fantasy peep show a window from the other side and a slot machine that takes in money. A sign next to that slot machine read how much money was how long for each show. Emily made turned on the switch to turn on the occupied light, she even looked outside to make sure it was on, she then made sure that curtain to block the room completely covered the doorway so no one would try to peek.

The curtain from the other side of the window opened and there stood a young woman with short blonde hair, wearing a black leather bikini with matching gloves and boots. She had a large chest with a tattoo of a heart with a dagger going through it on her left tit. The Erotic fantasy peep show started dancing for them around a pole without taking her clothes off, not that she needed to make any man happy.

She made a lot of provocative movements and touching herself, especially her pussy. To Emily's surprise Tom started to unbutton her blouse and opened it. She was wearing a red lacy bra that pushed up her 38D tits that Tom adored so much. She did as he told her as he began kissing Erotic fantasy peep show breasts.

The blonde girl looked straight at Emily and gave her a huge Erotic fantasy peep show, which made Emily realize that Erotic fantasy peep show girl could actually see them. She wanted to say something to Tom but realized that he probably wouldn't care.

Tom pulled down the cups of Emily's bra to expose her tits. This made Emily's heart race faster, she kept looking at the girl who now appeared to be giggling from what she was seeing.

Tom put his mouth to one of Emily's nipples and began sucking on it. She helped by holding his head to Erotic fantasy peep show breast like a baby, she was beginning to enjoy herself as she smiled back at the dancing girl. Emily was finally beginning to feel at ease with the whole situation and did as she was told without any hesitation. She unzipped Erotic fantasy peep show pants and pulled them down just enough to reach in and pull out his 8 inch hard penis.

When the dancing girl saw this she began licking her lips and looking at Tom's cock with great temptation. Emily began stroking Tom's cock, she has done this for him hundreds of times before but she had never felt it as hard and rigid as it was now.

She then brought her lips to the tip of the cock and slowly took it all into her mouth. Tom grabbed a chunk of Emily's long black hair and guided her head up and down; her lips were firmly wrapped around his shaft, she wiggled her tongue around it from the inside each time it was pumped into her mouth and the small vibrations from her moans only helped to increase the sensation that he was feeling.

Tom looked up to the dancing girl; she took her top off and was now massaging her large tits, bringing one of Erotic fantasy peep show up to her mouth as she licked her own nipple. Emily pulled herself out from between Tom's legs. She made him take off his shirt as she took off the rest of her blouse and removed the bra. She started kissing Tom's stomach, moving up to his chest, and as she moved to his neck she allowed her breasts to slide up against his chest.

She started kissing his mouth with great passion, their tongues felt like they were tied in a knot. Tom began to nibble on her neck as he reached under Emily's skirt and pull down her red laced panties and let it fall to the ground. Emily turned around to look at the dancing blonde girl who was no longer dancing but on her knees with her hand down her panties playing with herself.

Emily turned back to Tom and kissed him again. She lifted up her skirt and positioned her pussy above Tom's throbbing cock and slowly moved herself downward allowing the cock to move straight up Desi mature aunty hairy chut her pussy. She never felt it so hard inside her like that before, it was like having an iron rod being shoved into her.

Tom put his hands on Emily's ass as she began grinding herself on top of him. He guided her to go faster in a gyrating motion. He was amazed by how warm and wet her pussy was feeling, her juices were dripping down to his balls. He looked over at the dancer; she was still playing with herself.

He looked back at Emily, her eyes were rolled back to her head and she was breathing heavily. Her tits were jiggling wildly and occasionally hitting in the face.

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