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We also here from Steve Brent everett steve pena his military service, how he just wants his "family" back together, and how the U. Before the passage of DOMA, Brent and Steve's legal California marriage did not get him a green card, and he's still, a year and a half later, in a legal battle over this and barred from entering the U.

They don't, however, get asked about rumors that Steve has a dude on the side keeping him company in D. That dude is said to be the guy pictured above left who appeared in this Steve Grand video last year, whose name is apparently Jayson.

Jayson, a D. Is it a throuple? Will they ever talk publicly about it? Who is servicing Brent's huge cock up in snowy Canada all winter long?

Well, it sounds like Brent and Steve are currently together in Turks and Caicos right now, where they've been known to travel beforeand Brandon Wilde was just there too. Naked in the pool. Then Brent and Steve are headed on tour to Mexico. Beer time by the beach with brenteverett pic. Update: Here's a tweet from mid-December that depicts the happy throuple. Actually, Brent's expression is more of quiet resignation if you ask me My boys!!!! Notify me of followup Brent everett steve pena via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. What a pathetic thing to even write about. Does anyone really want to hear about this sad state of affairs pun intended.

FYI this Brent Everett loser, and his garage mini me porn studio, should be glad he was only deported and not sent to prison. Making porn in residential neighborhoods where kids live is not the kind of thing citizens should be doing, much less illegal aliens!

Son blackmails mom porn riddance to this free loader. Brandon Brent everett steve pena and Brent Everett together on vacation? Hope the local CVS stocked up on foundation! I doubt Steve would post pix of him fucking someone.

Naijanote galerie picture nud problem is, Brent is trying to get back into the country under the fact he is legally married to a US Citizen. The chola eyebrows, the tattoos, the throuple Brent everett steve pena a bartender… These people are straight up trash.

One of the many joys of being gay is that heteronormative relationship paradigms need not apply. Calling it cheating, whoring, unfaithful, and so on is just the same kind of puritanical bullshit the haters throw at us all the time. You have no evidence that was the case with Brent Brent everett steve pena Steve. Many of his fans love the fact that he does his porn but he has something legit to go home to at the end of the day. They argue gays are too promiscuous.

Four, your Brent is trying to get back in the country on the idea he is married to a US Citizen, now how does it look to I. S, the fact the your US citizen husband is actively and publicly, fucking another man, even if it is okay with you. I love Brent Everett, I just newly discovered him last month when a follower retwitted his post. I didnt understand if that Steve has been unfaithful with that Jayson guy, why Brent everett steve pena couldnt wait for Brent, a year without sex wasnt too long.

I never had sex and Im 33 already so Steve can do it too. LMAO no. You need it, especially from 2 guys who have an extremely high libido. A relationship goes deeper than just sex, and not every relationship is the same. Jordi- How do we get rid of you? At least SXG has relevant shit Brent everett steve pena say. You, wellllll, not soo much…. It perfectly described that interview. Steve talks about it all the time. Oh Brandon…those tatts didnt even look right on Eve so would you think getting them bigger and goofier on yourself is a cool idea?

Oh about Brent and Steve. Boyfriend Posted by J. Waxner-Herman Feb 4, Sword Says Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Name Email Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Anonymous on June 21, at am. Rpatz on February 7, at pm. T-Bird on February 5, at pm. Johnny on February 6, at pm. So Steve is also Top, I thought Brent was the man.

Tom on March 15, Brent everett steve pena pm. Guess who! Rpatz on February 5, at pm. EdWoody on February 5, at pm.

Jordi Araw Lim on February 5, at pm. Cheating was ok for you? EdWoody on February 6, at pm. You are free to have whatever kind of relationship you want to have. Allow others the same. Dave on June 28, at pm. So yeah, people care. Jordi Araw Lim on February 5, at am. Raf on February 5, at pm. Matt on February 5, at pm. You, wellllll, not soo much… Reply. Jordi Araw Lim on February 6, at am. No Matt you are shitter than sxg. Johnny on February 4, at pm.

I guess no one ever sat down and Brent everett steve pena the definition of a third wheel to Brent and Steve. SolsticeSolitary on February 4, at pm. Joe on February Brent everett steve pena, at pm. Eww tatts. Watch these movies now on NakedSword.

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