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This profile only covers the Adult era of Link from Ocarina of Time. If you want to see the younger Zelda ocarina of time link from Ocarina Fuck buddys in brussels Time and more, click here. He is the Link that belongs in the Adult Timeline. Link had to wait seven years until he was the appropriate age to wield the Blade of Evil's bane.

Now with Ganondorf owning the Triforce of Power thanks to Link pulling the Zelda ocarina of time link Sword, Link is tasked with retrieving six of the remaining sages to combat Ganondorf, each trapped within a specific dungeon.

Using his items now granted to him during his quest, Link must retrieve the Sages to take down Ganondorf once and for all. Hero's Shade is a deceased form of Link that could not pass on due to the fact that he could not pass on his teachings to another student. However, he was able to teach his unique techniques to Zelda ocarina of time link Link in Twilght Princess and was able to finally pass on.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Josuke Part 4 vs. Link Ocarina of Time - Debate 8 messages. Crazy Diamond may invisible and much faster but Link is way stronger along with more versatile and Lens of Truth would allow him to The Golden Gauntl Categories :.

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