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Ellie had just woken up and was trying to recover from her recent watched as her friend removed her hand from her knickers and began to suck Ellie's juice of her hand. Riley looked at her friend popping the last finger out of her mouth, slowly making a loud sucking sound. Ellie's cheeks went red as she remembered her dream and saw the damp patch on her shorts. Ellie bit her lip as she slowly began to explain.

Tell me. After a while a at beside you and began to lick the tip every time it appeared from your boobs. Finally you began to finger me whilst using my ponytail to force me to deepthroat the guy until he came all over our faces then I came and woke up" Ellie explained. Ellie began to get turned on over the retelling whilst Riley had began to rub herself through her jeans with her eyes closed imagining the scene.

Riley began to remove her jeans and revealed The last of us ellie naked black thong that had started to stick to her from the wetness. Ellie knew Thin women of a porno Riley had planned so she laid back on her bed. Riley kneeled with her legs either side of Ellie's head The last of us ellie naked lowered herself.

Ellie lent her head forward and inhaled through her nose taking in the scent before The last of us ellie naked put her full weight on Ellie pinning her head to the pillow. Ellie's tongue was pressed against Riley's hot sex and slowly began to lick up and down her friend's lower lips.

Ellie looked straight up at Riley, her nose was nestled in the girls untamed bush. Riley was in ecstasy and began to bounce on Ellie's face forcing her tongue deep inside of herself. The thrusting from Riley caused Ellie's face to become smeared with her friends hot cum.

This continued until Riley's moan got more intense as she began to cum squirting all of her juice into Ellie's mouth, this went on for longer than Ellie expected as Riley experienced the longest orgasm of her life, before falling back onto the bed and her thong sliding back into place.

Ellie sat up and wiped her face of Riley juice. Riley recovered from her orgasm The last of us ellie naked went over to her bag and searched in it. Ellie couldn't see what Riley was doing but could see Riley step in to some kind of harness.

Ellie marveled at the phallus that hung between Riley legs and her mouth gaped open. Ellie slipped of the bed and crawled to Riley before looking up and taking the dildo in her hand stroking it before licking up the shaft. But first" Ellie said as she forced her mouth down the cock. She began The last of us ellie naked bob her head down it's length engulfing more with each go. Riley was looking down on her enjoying the view, she grabbed the base of Ellie's ponytail and began to yank it back and forth.

Ellie felt the dildo hitting the back of her throat and in response to Riley's action she reached around and began to squeeze Riley's cute butt. Ellie continued to knead Riley's cheeks before rubbing her fingers down her crack and against her asshole.

At that moment Riley stopped Ellie sucking her off and looked at her breathless face and in a seductive The last of us ellie naked said. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Last of Us. How things could have been with Ellie and Riley Smut. Ellie looked up at her confused and said " Riley?

What the fuck are you doing here" "Chill out Ellie, The last of us ellie naked just came to see you but when I got here you seem to be having fun without me" Riley replied.

Ellie bit her lip as she slowly began to explain "Well, you were umm" Ellie paused not wanting to tell Riley "Oooh so it was about me, don't embarrassed I just licked your cum off my hand. At that moment Riley stopped Ellie sucking her off and looked at her breathless face and in a seductive tone said "Ok that was so hot but now we get to the real MEAT of the situation". Chapter Hot blonde upskirt pussy 2.

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