Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Risks of putting food in vagina 2 Prevention. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Women's Health Community. What happens when you put normal food on the vagina and it gets inside? I am just wondering,because my fiance thinks putting food onto the vagina is okay,and if it gets inside that I can always wash myself out right after, and it'll be alright.

Now I think you can get maggots and such. Who is the more right me or him? I haven't done it yet,because basically I'm terrified of putting something in me food wise without someone telling me about it. I am to embarrassed to go to anyone else for reals,without them looking at me funny or telling me the wrong thing. Please respond back with real answers and describe to me why you choose that answer.

I would like real facts and if you know any links on here,can you show me them? Thank you very much,I can't wait to finally read what the answer is. Answer Question. Read 16 Responses. Follow - 1. The vagina is supposed to be a sealed environment other than during intercourse and birth. You won't get maggots from doing it since they need to be present as eggs on the food before it is inserted and THEN need access to oxygen in order to grow.

But you run the certain risk of various infections, most likely yeast, from doing it. Washing yourself out will disrupt the harmonious environment that your vagina self-maintains. You're also probably going to miss bits of Risks of putting food in vagina, on matter how hard you try to be thorough. These left over bits, such as sugar, can promote the sudden growth of Risks of putting food in vagina and yeast already always present in What exercise makes my penis longer healthy vagina and lead to an infection.

Now, if your boyfriend Risks of putting food in vagina to try edible massage oil or chocolate syrup ON your genitals as opposed to inside, that would be alright. But I would not recommend putting any food inside your vagina. It's you who will suffer the repercussions. I am sure you've heard it a million times but you should never be talked into trying something you are uncomfortable doing. Even if it wasn't a real Risks of putting food in vagina at least you were nice enough to Risks of putting food in vagina an answer.

Thanks mami Hopefully other people might consider how people in crisis are less likely to reach out for help on this forum if all they see is criticism and derision in response to other people's questions. For the record, Vixen, your boyfriend is not crazy - just curious and even enthusiastic Risks of putting food in vagina your sex life.

Don't mistake that for deviance. Umm nothing better then having to go to ER to get it out. I am sure the docs and nurses would get a good laugh. This happens alot of the time too. I noticed that you said you were embarressed to ask someone regarding this, and that is why I stated what I did.

For sure this question is not a joke. There are plenty of books out there that are to help couples to overcome any stagnation in the bedroom and one chapter is often about "food during foreplay". I am sure most of you have heard of those whipped cream jokes and the old song "pour some sugar on me" or the almost ancient book "the only way to eat olives". It is mostly about oral pleasures. Regardless, I would keep any foreign substance away from mucous membranes like the vagina, it will mess up the natural balance or worse, transmit e-coli or pesticides depending on the food.

Even some makers of non-food Mucous membranes in our bodies are fine-tuned to receive what they were designed to receive. Leave the food to the mouth. Thank you everyone,lol I didn't want to do it in the first place,and I heard before that putting food there can get you something,even bugs.

I told him to use edible lube or those edible whip cream they sell at local sex shops. I am not joking about the question,I do want to get real answers here,and thank you all for all your help. I now know what to do. I'm glad you found your answers.

I would never ever put anything down there that doesn't belong there. Can cause too many problems. Plus, I am sure you don't want to suffer the embarassing trip to the ER Risks of putting food in vagina get whatever you let your boyfriend put up there, out.

Haven't you heard of the hotdogs and that they break and the person has to go to ER to get it out. You don't want to mess up your good bacteria down there, and you don't want to put bad bacteria in there which could cause you a bad bacterial infection. Even those edible lubes and whip cream can cause you to get infections so I personally wouldn't even use those things in or near your vagina. There are certain lubes that are suppose to be used down there KY, and even that stuff has caused females problems.

Just because something is sold in a sex shop Risks of putting food in vagina mean it is safe to use. Its not going to be your boyfriend walking around with the pain and discomfort of a yeat infection or a bacterial infection, so I Risks of putting food in vagina would not even mess with any Dragonball z goten and chi chi hentai that stuff.

Thanks for your input,I gladly appreciate it. Yeah haha I would Risks of putting food in vagina stick a hot dog or ne type of meat down there. Does neone know how? You don't have to close it. Usually telling everyone thank you is good enough. Regarding the pretend Mr. I can't believe MedHelp even lets such nutballs on the site. My sister was an emergency medical tech and they got a call one night because a guy had a carrot stuck up his butt. I'm new to this forum, and I can understand what you might be going through,but not into it anymore.

I was younger in my twenties and just loved wild sexual spice-ups with my boyfriend, now my husband. I do regret using certain food, I would'nt recommend it. I had yeast and bladder infections all the time. Even experimenting with the sex shop toy gave me burning sensations. I guess we live and learn? Take good care. I put carrots, celery, zucchini and sometimes a garlic clove. I let them sit in there for a few hours while I am at work.

If I move my legs the right way it feels good! And by the time I get home, supper's ready! Nothing say lovin' like a veggie in the oven! There is nothing wrong with playing with food and inserting it in to the Vagina. Test have shown that doing his have caused no self harm and spices up your life.

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