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I am concerned about swelling I am having after masturbating. Sometimes I will masturbate, and afterwards I will feel a tingly feeling in Penis swelling after masterbating penis. After I Penis swelling after masterbating the erection, it is greatly swollen.

The swelling usually takes about one day to go away. This is so weird to me! I have no clue why it does this I was worried that it was STD's, but I got myself checked this past week and also six months ago and Penis swelling after masterbating was clear both times.

If it makes any difference I am also circumcised, so I know that it probably isn't Penis swelling after masterbating foreskin problem. Can anyone help me? This is really bothering me Also I forgot to mention Discussions By Condition: Sexual conditions. My penis swells after masturbating Posted In: Sexual conditions 23 Replies. Have you talked to a doctor about the very problem when you went to check for infections?

What other settings does this occur in? Does this occur after any erection or simply after ejaculation? Also, do you also notice this after intercourse or only after masturbation?

More specifically, what about after an AM erection without orgasm? In addition, is this swelling you speak of painful, hot to the touch, or reddened?

Would you describe your penis to still be semi-erect during this time, or do you feel this to be more of an edematous, fluid-like swelling? I think you can ease your worries that this may be a manifestation of an STD, as these symptoms do not fall in line with any typical presentations of Penis swelling after masterbating. If you're seriously Penis swelling after masterbating about this and it is causing you difficulty, I would recommend you see a urologist.

Mine has done this all my life. I'm older than dirt. If I have normal intercourse, I don't have the problem. I believe it to be simply fluid which is produced under the skin either to provide cushioning or lubrication to avoid friction or as a result of the friction.

It has never lingered over a few hours maybe up to a day. It is soft without any lumps or discoloration though it is very uneven and has thicker and thiner areas. It normally is not even at all but varies considerably over the area.

Its almost like Penis swelling after masterbating injected a thickish fluid under the skin in spots using a needle or something no punctures of Penis swelling after masterbating though Its never caused me a problem, so Penis swelling after masterbating assume it isn't an issue as you describe it.

It Penis swelling after masterbating to be unrelated to frequency ie it can be after many months of no masturbation or it can be a few hours later and is not accompanied by any other symptoms. My penis does this sometimes when I don't use lube. It's just the skin irritated from the friction. I can feel an itching feeling as I'm rubbing and that's when I know it's going to swell after. I actually try to get this to happen cause it makes my penis look about twice it's thickness.

I love it. It's not a disease or infection. Mine has done this as well. It swells up in almost a watery Penis swelling after masterbating of way, usually after masturbating when I may have gripped it harder than usual. I assumed it to be my body's reaction to not having any lubrication, and filling with fluids somehow to provide lube of some sort.

I've started having some frequent ED problems i'm in my mid 30's - I was wondering if this happening may have been an indicator early on of something wrong, but now I'm thinking that that's probably not the case. This has just happened to me recently for maybe the second or third time after masturbating.

This was the first time it happened to me in a rather large manner. I also do not have any problems going to the bathroom or any discoloration of my urine. I do not think i will have to ask a doctor about Penis swelling after masterbating. Any advice or remedies to help get the swelling down would be appreciated for Penis swelling after masterbating reference if this happens again. This happened to me before due to excessive masturbation in the penis the blood will clot and semen and blood and usually urine will get clogged and it tries to drain the fluids but can't.

Dont worry it is natual and is because you are masturbating to fast or to hard happens to me on regular basis. Youl b fine. This recently happened to mee to and as you said, I am circumsized too and I was wondering how long it should take for the swelling to go down. Also, its from masturbateing too hard without lube. I'm My penis is swollen when it is down or erected. My girlfriend is worried about it. It's red and poffy and where I'm sercomsised there is a swollen ring just under the head.

The condoms I use it just fits and it hurts putting it on I went to the doctors and he gave me a prescription to a expensive cream I don't want to spend the money if it won't work so I'm in a conundrum. Plz help I have had it for the last 2 or Bbw big fat black cock mouths now so I need some Penis swelling after masterbating back to what the to do. A moderator will review your post and it will be live within the next 24 hours.

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