Rollins pissed off his lady friend by posting to his twitter a picture of another naked lady whom Nude pic superstars wwe wanted to fuck; she then fucked him over by posting two grainy phone pics of a fully naked, fully hard Rollins. Join us on a walk down memory lane of 25 years of hot, naked Nude pic superstars wwe wrestlers. And while Rick died inwe still think about him pile-driving us from here to WWE headquarters.

Lots of WWE enthusiasts forget that before he played his current head-honcho role, Triple H had a couple years of bad-boy aggression as a founding member Nude pic superstars wwe Degeneration-X, along with Shawn Michaels and the long forgotten Kid. Degeneration-X had two primary shticks. The first was framing their cocks with both hands for a camera close-up. The second was mooning the crowd.

When X-Pac debuted as the kid, his entire gimmick was that he was small and weak. Perhaps perpetually overcompensating, the former WWE kinda-star released a porn of him fucking his hyper-muscular and some might say hyper-masc Sissy booty cartoon porn pics Chyna to get his name back on the mouths of fans.

Two things separated Shawn from other wrestlers. First, unlike most of his waxed colleagues, Shawn sported a veritable forest of delicious chest hair. About Playgirl Playgirl is a name that probably needs no introduction, and you probably already have a good idea of what a Playgirl guy is like. But what surprised me when I visited the site was that some of the guys are gay porn performers.

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