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  1. Привет! у тебя классная подборка видео, разносторонняя. меня тоже заводят такие темы. может пообщаемся как нибудь?

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Nextdoornikki On Jerry Springer. Okay, now some of you are possibly familiar with Nikki, the popular busty webmodel, what some of you may not know, is that she got fully naked on Jerry Springer. This would have been an exciting moment for me, considering she's a non-nude model, but I then remembered that the show is usually inhabited by crossdressing transvestite midgets, which needless to say, that's a chub killer.

Now, you may be thinking, "What's the big deal? She's naked! Frankly, there was none. She just got all excited and shit, and started getting ass naked. This is unusual, considering she goes out of her way to cover up her lovely lady parts on her website, charging people to see her non-nude, then getting nude on a shitty television show like Jerry Springer for free. This makes me think deeply that people will lowball you for money, and fuck you over by doing something for someone else for free.

It's not getting naked that offended me, of course not, it's the fact Next door nikki jerry springer she charges people for galleries of her wearing clothes, and gives a stripshow on cable television for no fucking reason.

Why not just Hot sexy naked asian girls Jerry's geriatric boney ass while she's at it? Remember, Jerry, don't pay her, or she'll just parade around in a mini-skirt and cover her titties with her hands!

Response to Nextdoornikki On Jerry Springer. Everything would be free if we could all live safe and have anything we need for happiness. But we need money to survive, despite the wishes of happiness for another. Not safe for work video, contains titties and advertisements for Fleshlights and shit like that, will likely get your dumbass in trouble for viewing around parents or co-workers.

Think of it this way, before teen years. Most girls can say they are innocent, correct? Until the first time they have sex, they can and most likely are viewed as innocent. Then they have sex, and they are adults, views change. Well its the same. Shes shown her breasts now, and opened up a little.

Now theres no going back, she can hide under clothing and her hands but anyone whos seen that will probably cancel their membership.

Maybe it means good things are in the future. Either way, she cant go back now. It could be for the better, or the worse. Either way, its meant to be enjoyed so why complain? All I saw where a bunch of not very attractive women taking their clothes off. Who cares? You're just irked that you've been paying for a site where she hasn't got naked, while she whores self out for free on national television. The only reason I found myself angry at the situation, is because the video didn't buffer, and it is skipping like fuck.

Commenting on the "there's no going back, this might mean good things for the future" comment, I seriously doubt she'll change at all. Fuck, what do I know, Next door nikki jerry springer can't help but hope for the future.

Her tats are Next door nikki jerry springer nice, Next door nikki jerry springer should feel free to whip 'em out and play with them on camera. Maybe this will lead to bigger and better things, maybe even a nice sex scene. By the way, link works, so for all the people who the video didn't play smoothly for, Next door nikki jerry springer the link on RapidShare.

Again, contents Not Safe For Work and blahblah hibbity hoop lah. Well not really complete. Ive seen a few pics with her in Next door nikki jerry springer thru shirts where you can sorta make out her breasts. Well you pretty much can. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Member since: Jul. Member Level 13 Blank Slate. Member since: Next door nikki jerry springer. Member Level 07 Blank Slate. Member since: Sep. Member Level 16 Blank Slate.

I didn't want to post the link, because I hate giving out warnings but, since you asked. Ahem NSFW Not safe for work Next door nikki jerry springer, contains titties and advertisements for Fleshlights and shit like that, will likely get your dumbass in trouble for viewing around parents or co-workers.

Yada yada. There's a link on RapidShare too, I'm testing it's reliability. Member since: Dec. Supporter Level 39 Musician. Member since: Apr. Member Level 29 Blank Slate. Member Level 01 Blank Slate. Fuck, I don't have the codec for the damn WMP file. Well, I'm shit out of luck, but I hope you all had a chance to watch it. Maybe if we get more webmodels to go on Springer, they'll get butt naked too!

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