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For me, there's something pretty exciting about bellies — and when I see photos of women grabbing their belliesthe reasons for this become abundantly clear. For as long as I can remember, everything from a trip to the grocery store to turning on the television has been met with some kind of suggestion that I " lose my belly fat now. For those of us who don't exactly believe in conditioning entire groups of people to only think one body type is beautiful, though, embracing the belly arguably becomes all the more important.

Whilst one doesn't have to strip down and show their naked chunks with pride to the world to be body positive or prove one's alliance with the body pos community, a Naked girls chinese with big bellies belly selfie holds a Beach shots micro bikinis more power than you might realize.

The reality is that bellies especially larger ones are stigmatized. I'm almost certain that this is because all fat is stigmatized, and so our stomachs — often our most visibly fat bits — end up bearing most of the body hate the world has to offer. As with any target of shame, bullying, or marginalization, however, one of the greatest ways to reclaim the thing being torn down is to, wellembrace it.

When a photo pops up on my Instagram feed of someone proudly touching, jiggling, patting, or grabbing their belly fat, I can't help but feel hopeful. To be honest, I often feel that way no matter how buff or flabby or wrinkly or petite the tummy is, for the simple reason Naked girls chinese with big bellies body image issues affect everyoneand putting yourself out there especially a body part that's so consistently shamed by the mainstream is hard to do.

But because of the realities of thin privilege and fat hatea fat person unapologetically showing off their stomach has its own special kinda power. Here are 15 beautiful photos of women grabbing their tummies and not giving any effs about what the trolls have to say. I'm obsessed with the position of Stephanie's right hand here. If you ask me, belly buttons are a totally underrated body part. Her entire demeanor and radiant smile Naked girls chinese with big bellies off complete self-loving vibes.

Bustle's own Alysse Dalessandro of Ready to Stare does something especially empowering here. Since the shot is more of a close-up, we're able to see her appreciating both her tummy and her stretchies. Everything about this image is beautiful — including her charming smile and totally adorable pose. Aspiring model and blogger Jewelz happily admits to enjoying playing with her tummy whilst showing it some love for the world or Naked girls chinese with big bellies, which is basically the same thing to see.

Publicly recognizing that you find attraction in a part of the body so coated in social stigma isn't easy, but this Naked girls chinese with big bellies shows why it's important to do it anyway. To me, the way writer, blogger, and model Courtney Mina is orchestrating this belly grab is nothing short of powerful. Her stance screams confidence without being cocky.

She's not afraid of owning her sensuality and highlighting the unique beauty and sexiness fat bodies possess. Samantha is managing to give some love to both her belly and love handles in this photo — the latter being another body part we're told is "problematic" and in need of eradicating, of course.

Her fearlessness in this public demonstration of body confidence is pretty something. In this memorable fatkini photo from Aug. Discovering the beauty, sensuality, and uniqueness of your tum is definitely a journey worth taking.

Corissa of Fat Girl Flow's belly grab video is perfection. The caption, "It's just a belly, y'all," couldn't be more true. Our bellies don't correlate to our worth or value. Our bellies don't make us good people or bad people. Choosing to make them more than just a body part helps no one. What's more? Corissa's passion for freeing the belly lives on:. Sam Roswell of Fatty Boom Tatty is owning her belly right now. It's an in-your-face kind of pose, and that's precisely why it's so rad.

Rather than teaching fat women Athletic asian teen girls men to hide their bodies, it's time we teach people who fat shame Naked girls chinese with big bellies give it the eff up. In patting her belly with seeming affection and respect, Mel Chillag reminds us that our tummies Sexy anime girl masterbating a little love too.

We so often forget to treat them with kindness, but it's never too late to start. Emerald shared this photo on Tumblrwith a caption that addresses the policing of women's bodies. Model Megan Kimberling shared this photo on National Underwear Day, proposing a simple question to the trolls: "Try reflecting on why you feel the need to judge someone else's being. What are your issues you blatantly project onto others?

Bustle's own Jodie Layne is giving new meaning to the term "tummy time" and I love everything about it. Spending some alone time with your body — getting to know it and love it — is hugely important on the road to body positivity. Diana of Xx big black africa Loves Photos is re-vamping the notion of a power pose here.

I love that in placing her hands firmly on her belly, she draws attention to Dana perino any sexy photos part of the body so often associated with shame and guilt. There's nothing shameful about this photo, because there's nothing shameful about any belly or any body. Lucia of U Can't Wear That is giving me all the feels right now.

From the T-shirt to win all T-shirts to her striking and unapologetic pose, I just want to frame her flawlessness.

I am loving the sweet cheekiness of YouTube vlogger Brittney's belly grab here. It's obvious that she treats her body with affection and a sense of play, and I personally think that's something we should all be aspiring towards just a little more. At the end of the day, body positivity is about way more than bellies and way more than plus size visibility, specifically. But those are two pretty important components of it for a lot of people. It's remarkable how much of a statement a single image of an empowered fat person can make — be it an iPhone selfie or a professionally taken shot.

Sometimes all it takes to Naked girls chinese with big bellies start your journey to body positivity is snapping a photo of the thing you fear or have been told you should fear.

These women aren't just posting photos of their glorious bellies: They're posting an entire philosophy. And it's one this world desperately needs.

Belly Button Love.

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