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It all started with a bet. Mature couple sex slave bet my wife and I knew we would lose and wanted to lose.

How we got to this point and beyond is our story. We were a mature monogamous couple with fantasies just like everybody else. Our imaginations started with visions of hot times together and evolved into using sex toys, thoughts of flashing and exhibitionism, and eventually sex including others. It took several years; decades in fact, till Mature couple sex slave agreed that we actually wanted others to partake in our sex games.

As with many couples that reach this level of desire, we began to struggle with who and how Mature couple sex slave do it. In my youth I had envisioned wild sex Mature couple sex slave and group orgies. Thoughts of screwing other guys wives while Mature couple sex slave wife Mary was used by others were my driving inspirations.

We had friends who we thought may be into swinging or had participated in a wild party or two. At get togethers with some of these friends we engaged in card and board games but nothing more sexual than Mature couple sex slave an occasional 8mm stag film.

We would joke and do some flirtatious banter but never any touching or fondling. When we got home we quickly throw off the clothes and go at each other like animals. Sometimes we would talk about the sex scenes we witnessed and speculated how our friends could allow their spouses to have sex with others.

Mary would never be too keen with me being involved with other women but seemed excited by thoughts of sex with other men. The friend we used the most was Dennis. He had a reputation with the ladies and had been married a couple of times. From the seventies on, he had quite the collection of "Swedish Erotica" films and was quite the smut monger. He had loaned us me films and Mature couple sex slave and I knew he was hot for Mary.

I'm sure he hoped the Drunk girl fucked on bar stool would come when he could have his way with her. When the seventies turned to the eighties, 8 mm films were replaced by VHS tapes. Erotic films were readily available on cable TV and by mail.

We purchased a few and liked the ones featuring group sex or threesomes. I began to imagine Dennis as the third man with us Mature couple sex slave as attendees at some wife swapping Mature couple sex slave hosted by him. Mary was turned on when I would suggest sex with Dennis while being observed by me or others in attendance.

Sometimes we would talk of my willing participation in her depravity or reluctantly being forced to watch her perform various sex acts. Dennis was not the only friend we envisioned using Mary, there were others she was hot for that would enter our current fantasy. I played along and made up some of my own that I would like to see happen. Gangbangs were prominent in my thoughts as I became obsessed with seeing Mary thoroughly used for the pleasure of others.

Naturally we had to have some sort of catalyst to direct Mature couple sex slave toward these bizarre acts so situations like betting sexual favors on Mature couple sex slave games, blackmail, or drunkenness were used as excuses to force them to happen. During a recent road trip, I asked Mary to take her pants off and masturbate for me while I drove.

She loved doing this when in the mood as the risk of being seen by passing vehicles would set her off. I'd rub her pussy while driving beside trucks and when we got Mature couple sex slave horney, we would pull into a rest stop so I could finish her off!!

She was always excited by the thought of getting caught or "Dogging" at the rest stop. It was at this time she suggested allowing something to take place that would contribute to us letting her get used.

We thought of strangers and placing internet Mature couple sex slave but settled on a friend that we thought would be discrete. We also had to be concerned about her personal safety and diseases so we immediately brought up Dennis. We both knew he would love the opportunity and would keep it to himself, so we had to come up with a plan to make it happen. The best way we figured to do it would be to make some absurd bet during a "games night". We always got together for card games or board games once a month and used everything from pennies and simple dares as wagers.

At the next meeting, before a game of "Sorry", I suggested that the winner could use the other two as sex slaves Mature couple sex slave following month!!

Dennis and Mary laughed at such a suggestion and half heartily went along. Mary and I were ruthless to each other when running our pieces around the board, constantly blocking the other or sending the others pieces back home. And wouldn't you know it Dennis won!! He gloated in his victory and directed many sexual innuendos toward Mary. Throughout the night he would bring it up and revel in his good fortune but when we were leaving he pulled me aside and told me he wouldn't hold us to it.

I just gave him a wink and told him I would call later. When driving home Mary immediately mentioned that this was a great opportunity to allow ourselves a wonderful sex adventure. She said she was so hot she would have let it begin there and then. I reached for her crotch and felt her wetness and said that I Mature couple sex slave play it up big with Dennis and promise him we would comply.

I was going to call him in a few days to see if I could get any ideas or suggestions as to what he may want to do to her. I reminded her that a "Sex Slave" had little choice in their fate and she could end up in some very compromising situations.

We would be opening ourselves up to God know what. She stated that was half the excitement of it, being asked to do what she wouldn't normally do. For my part, I was going to make subtle suggestions and give hints as to what would be allowed. I was hard as a rock, harder than I have been in a long time, at the prospect of seeing Mary fucked, spread wide open, accepting his cock and watching it penetrate her, her sucking his cock, and maybe being sprayed with his cum!!

At home I pulled her pants down after we closed the door. Pushing her to the floor I pressed my tongue into her pussy and licked with abandon. Mary grinded herself into my Mature couple sex slave and gloated that Dennis soon would be fucking Mature couple sex slave like a slut.

I pushed a Mature couple sex slave into her ass as I licked her and she crushed Mature couple sex slave head between her thighs. While she was orgasming, I climbed up and quickly entered her, Mature couple sex slave with ferocity till I exploded inside her. By the time I rolled off we were exhausted and lay there for several minutes. Mary asked me, "Bill, were you imagining Dennis fucking me, filling me with his cum??

I replied, "Yes, that and more" We went to bed but didn't get much sleep. It wasn't because we were engaged in sex, but because we were imagining a hundred different scenarios as to what may happen. The next day I called Dennis and told him we were serious about the wager. I told him Mary and I were hot as hell just thinking about it and we attacked each other sexually as soon as we got home.

Mary would be agreeable to a night of total submission and he would have to be discrete. He asked me, "Bill, are you sure you can stand watching Mature couple sex slave I may do to Mary and will you be willing to help me with what I expect of you??? Our remaining conversation went like this. Bring her to me in a pull over blouse and knee length skirt. No underwear please. Spiked heels if she has them. I would like you to bring your digital camera, as I would like some mementoes. To protect your anonymity, I Mature couple sex slave have masks available so that we will not be recognizable should anyone else see the pictures.

I intend to photograph every hole and what I put in it, so bring whatever sex toys you have and I will have some here.

Should you have things you would like to do or Mature couple sex slave done, send me an email. I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!! He told her that we spoke but not the substance of our conversation. He asked her if she had any special requests that she might want to him to demand of her slave husband. She simply asked that I be made to present her to him and be in a position to Mature couple sex slave observe her defilement.

Mature couple sex slave that we waited for the big day. When that day arrived, we traveled the two hours to Dennis' house in high anticipation of the upcoming events. We only made small talk while we drove. A middle aged husband and wife embarking on their first extramarital adventure. The car pulled into the driveway and I shut down the engine.

I switched off the lights and opened my door. Walking around the car, I opened Mary's door and Mature couple sex slave out a bag of goods I had packed from the back. She was dressed as requested so I reached under her skirt to grab a quick feel of her pussy. I found it shaved and very wet and had to remark, "Wow, that's really hot! Dennis is going to like that!! It was opened before we reached it by a grinning Dennis.

He commented that he was so excited to see that we actually made the trip. He said he would be discrete and announced that the servitude would begin. Once inside, Dennis gave us another chance to back out. We declined so he demanded that I take Mary by the hand and bring her to his bed room.

He commanded that I place her on her knees at the end of the bed. When in position he Mature couple sex slave that Mary's skirt be raised to expose her ass.

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