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I just saw For Your Eyes Only tonight. Latest of many times but tonight I was driven to actually find out more about her. She actually skated off camera? I like when they get actors who can really do what they portray. I always loved the notion of a woman who threw herself at Bond but he rejects her, as he never normally rejects anything female!

Even though you might make a case that she was not truly a Bond Girl and just a character in a Bond movie Aramaic means jesus was born vagina happened to be female, I thought she was actually better looking than like half the women in Bond movies!

Plus she came off so well, enthusiastic and funny. Welcome to Film Inspector! Johnson was a "child star. She kept skating untilthen gave it all up to join the Ice Capades. Her skating training no doubt made rollerskating for Japanese magazines a breeze. Ice Capades was a big deal back in the '70s. It had three different touring companies under one corporate umbrella.

It owned railway cars and was packaged in deals with the Harlem Globetrotters. You didn't get much bigger in the '70s family entertainment field than the Harlem Globetrotters! However, Johnson had her sights set higher. While Johnson no doubt was a phenomenal skater, she didn't have to skate with the Ice Capades for long - which is a good thing, since the Ice Capades went out of business in Lynn holly johnson anal sex to competition from Disney which started mounting all of its hit animation productions on ice and Stars on Ice, which featured skating competitions.

However, girls and their mothers Lynn holly johnson anal sex rank it right around "Gone with the Wind" or "Grease. Films like "Ice Castles" pop up every few years. A typical example would be "Ice Lynn holly johnson anal sexstarring Michelle Trachtenberg.

They even re-made "Ice Castles" inwith the same director. Lynn-Holly has a cameo that was cut out of the theatrical version but can be seen in the DVD extras. The funniest thing is that Johnson still loves to tell how the producers wanted her to do a nude scene, which sure would have Lynn holly johnson anal sex things up for all those mothers and daughters who watch it for inspiration. Johnson was brought on board to play Bibi Dahl, a young skating prodigy financed by the the bad guy, Aristotle Kristatos.

Her character was Lynn holly johnson anal sex as kind of a joke - a very sexy joke - as she comically tried and failed to seduce the much older James Bond. The producers very cleverly make Moore's age part of the gag. The Moore years were known for a subtle undercurrent of self-parody and in-jokes, and this was one of the better examples.

Scott October 11, at AM. Add comment. Load more Newer Lynn holly johnson anal sex Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Privacy Policy. Search website. Lynn-Holly Johnson as a child star. Ice Castles. Signed, "Bibi Dahl. For Your Eyes Only. A promotional shot for "For Your Eyes Only. Lynn-Holly Johnson with her family.

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