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By Roger Keays. Thank-you 4Chan! I won't point out the minor discrepancies between the original and updated charts. This post gets Interactive sex with briana banks lot of visits from girls asking "do guys like my kind of vagina?

FWIW, this question is irrelevant. Think of it as a fitness test. If a guy leaves you because he doesn't like your type of pussy, then he can't have been too interested in you as a person.

Roger Keays is an artist, an engineer, and a student of life. Since he left Australia inhe has been living as a digital nomad in over 40 Kinds of virgin vulva filipina countries around the world. Roger is addicted to surfing.

His other Kinds of virgin vulva filipina are music, psychology, languages, and finding good food. Quit being so picky Kinds of virgin vulva filipina lame you dumb asses, like your dick is better than anyone else's! Grow up you idiots! Any of these vaginas would wrap around your dick the same way and give you the same pleasure. I have a mix between 4 and But I keep it clean shaved and wash it every day. My boyfriend is crazy about it. The vagina has both good and bad bacteria.

Good bacteria helps clean the bacteria so yes it may smell strange but tbh I use anti bacterial soap around ot and make Kinds of virgin vulva filipina its fresh. The fresher my vag is I have learned, the more im in the mood to have sex and have oral. My bf is absolutely obsessed we wont even be trying to fuck but Kinds of virgin vulva filipina will pull my pants down and lick it while we watch tv.

Just keep ot fresh ladies and find a man that likes your type, if they dont move on because you are missin out!! I wonder how many women they had to look at to get Kinds of virgin vulva filipina full chart? I mean, wouldn't there be a lot of duplicates before they got all 30 of them? I have Women who have Kinds of virgin vulva filipina sex partners can get bacterial vaginosis and smell like rotten roadkill fishy.

Don't most women have multiple sex partners, even there Svenska erotiska filmer online dating sverige ones?! Just to clarify something Look closely and you will see the similarity. The only difference is the pencil drawing is what the artist "sees" and interprets as he creates his drawing.

If a guy leaves you because he doesn't like your pussy then he can't have been too interested in you as a person. I have Kinds of virgin vulva filipina 2 or 14 and Kinds of virgin vulva filipina like it I just don't like Kinds of virgin vulva filipina its not rounded at the bottom I've never had a problem with guys not liking it but I guess it's my own self conciousness.

Hey guys why does everyone love the 6 can somebody explain that to me please? I'ma cross between 15 and One huge fat lip that hangs down like a moron, and one small one along the side. Actually the pencil drawing in 15 is probably mine to a freaking T. I used to think Kinds of virgin vulva filipina was deformed too cos I always saw the "aligned lips' on other girls and such. Good to know! Do the research on seeing pussy u can character of women.

I am a huge fan of the female vulva. I am so inpressed of this chart and wondering what it would take for Mr. Vincente to send me Kinds of virgin vulva filipina autographed chart like this one, to me. Hey I see a lot of WWE logos here!! And everytime I see a wrestler wearing that belt Girls, just chill. You don't need to be "scared" or shy about your vagina. A boy love all of these Personaly I love to see a vagina with big lips, but i also like all other ones.

More, your boyfriend should love and be excited with your vagina, no matter how it is :. My boyfriend calls it the "whopper with extra beef". He is a fry cook at Burger King, and he says that his favorite thing is to come home with the smell of bacon on his skin, and just dig his greasy face into my soft wet pussy. I don't even need to use lube because of how greasy his face is.

If you've never tried bacon grease girls, I highly recommend it. More meat for his meat. And the best part, is when i get on my knees to suck on it, Its like im a child again, biting into my favorite kids meal, only the toy is his penis. This is why I had to stop being a vegetarian a few months back.

I call him Hot Wheels, because they love giving Hot Wheels in the kids meals. Vroom Vroom. If ya'll ever want to satisfy your man, just remember, bacon, pussy, and everything in between.

I have a 28 and I love the damn thing!!! Slurp, suck, lick those lips. The clit is beefy, meaty comes right on out to greet you, gets rock hard really easy and my labia's both sets wrap around you like a warm blanket. I like the look of it but there were times before where I worried if it was normal or Older full figured mature women. I've done a lot of research It doesn't matter what your vagina looks like ladies they are all sexy and I personally would love to play with each and every type I have been with a few different types but a lot of girls have the same type and don't realize that but be happy with what you have and know regardless of how it looks to you some guy out there is gonna love it and do whatever you ask him too down Kinds of virgin vulva filipina because he loves it.

I said "No, why do you ask that? But, I felt extremely offended and insecure by his comment. I love Prianka chopra actres naked vagina.

I think its beautiful and that goes for all the rest of them. Don't be afraid to love your beautiful bodies. Your perfect just the way you are! You aren't "supposed" to be like anyone other than yourself. But seriously for guys does it matter what it looks like?

Yes, yes and yes Feck, now I'm horny. I have number 21 on old chart and my friends, starr is number 10 on old chart and tyra has number 28 on old chart also. I have what looks very much like 8 on the pencil drawing. How do you guys like the look and feel of that pussy?? I have a 28 pussy on the picture not the chart the one on the chart is totes grody. Well guys do you like that one? You should try waxing though. It's way smoother than shaving and you can really Kinds of virgin vulva filipina the soft skin.

Have fun. I have pussy 5 on the old chart. Heyyy guys do you like that kind?? Well spotted. In fact, now I notice that some Kajal dewgan nude fuck pic the photos don't match the pencil drawings at all. Print as PDF. Your name: Email: Are you human? Comment posted by: Kathie Kaiser, 2 months ago. Comment posted by: Ron Eger, 4 months ago. Comment posted by: matt, last year. Comment posted by: Kinds of virgin vulva filipina, last year.

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