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The term tidal wave is frequently used for such a wave, but it is a misnomer, for Information on asian tsunami wave has no connection with the tides. After an earthquake or other generating impulse occurs, a train of simple, progressive oscillatory waves is propagated great distances over the ocean surface Information on asian tsunami ever-widening circles, much like the waves produced by a Information on asian tsunami falling into a shallow pool.

In deep water a tsunami can travel as fast as km miles per hour. The wavelengths are enormous, about to km 60 to milesbut the wave amplitudes heights are very small, only about 30 to 60 cm 1 to 2 feet. These long periods, coupled with the extremely low steepness and height of the waves, enables them to be completely obscured in deep water by normal wind waves and swell.

A ship on the high seas experiences the passage of a tsunami as an insignificant rise and fall of only half a metre 1. As the waves approach the coast of a continenthowever, friction with the rising sea bottom reduces the velocity of the waves. As the velocity lessens, the wavelengths become shortened and the wave amplitudes heights increase. Coastal waters may rise as high as 30 metres about feet above normal sea level in 10 to 15 minutes.

The continental shelf waters begin to oscillate after the rise in sea level. Frequently the succeeding outflow of water is just as destructive as the run-up or even more so. In any case, oscillations may continue for several Information on asian tsunami until the ocean surface reaches equilibrium. Much like any other water wavesInformation on asian tsunami are reflected and refracted by the topography of the seafloor near shore and by the configuration of a coastline.

As a result, their effects vary widely from place to place. Occasionally, the first arrival of a tsunami at a coast may be the trough of the wave, in which Information on asian tsunami the water recedes and exposes the shallow seafloor. Nudist girls pussy with hair an occurrence took place in the bay of LisbonPortugal, on November 1,after a large earthquake ; many curious people were attracted to the bay floor, and a large number of them were drowned by the wave crest that followed the trough only minutes later.

One of the most destructive tsunamis in antiquity took place in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on July 21, ce. A fault slip Free online adult dating games the subduction zone beneath Information on asian tsunami island of Crete produced an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 8.

The earthquake spawned a tsunami that claimed tens of thousands of lives and caused widespread damage throughout the Mediterranean, from islands in the Aegean Sea westward to the coast of present-day Spain. Tsunami waves pushed ships over harbour walls and onto the roofs of houses in AlexandriaEgyptwhile also ruining nearby croplands by inundating them with salt water.

Perhaps the most destructive tsunami in recorded history took place on December 26,after an earthquake of magnitude 9. Two hours later, waves as high as 9 metres 30 feet struck the eastern coasts of India and Sri Lankasome 1, km miles away.

Within seven hours of the quake, waves washed ashore on the Horn of Africamore than 3, km 1, miles away on the other side of the Indian Ocean. More thanpeople were killed, most of them on Sumatra but thousands of others in ThailandIndia, and Sri Lanka and smaller numbers in MalaysiaMyanmarBangladeshMaldivesSomaliaand other locations. On March 11,seafloor displacement resulting from a magnitude Waves measuring as much as 10 metres 33 feet high struck the city of Sendai and other low-lying coastal regions of Miyagi prefecture as well as coastal areas in the prefectures of Iwate Information on asian tsunami, FukushimaIbaraki Information on asian tsunami, and Chiba.

The tsunami also instigated a major nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power station along the coast. Other tsunamis of note include those that followed the spectacular explosive eruption of the Krakatoa Krakatau volcano on August 26 and 27,and the Chile earthquake of A series of blasts from Krakatoa submerged the island of Rakata between Sumatra and Javacreating waves as high as 35 metres feet in many East Indies localities, and killed more than 36, people.

The largest earthquake ever recorded magnitude 9. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Introduction Origin and development Notable tsunamis Tsunami warning systems Extraterrestrial tsunamis. Tsunami water wave. See Article History. Alternative Titles: seismic sea wave, tidal wave.

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