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The cover of this chapter shows Bulma and Goku riding on a vehicle which has the number "67" printed on the side. So the policeman calls in and asks about Bulma. Bulma asks him what he wants, and Goku says that the radar she gave him got all broken and he wants her to fix it. But then he sees the real Goku, Goku black having sex with bulma they greet each other.

The policeman wonders if this is really the Dr. Brief who invented capsules. A bear guy comes in and informs them that they received a picture of the enemy from General White. So, Red yells at the bear guy to send this picture to all units, and inform them to find and kill him. Bulma is finished fixing the Dragon Radar, and notices Big belle mature nude pic Goku has only found two balls so far.

So, she shrinks down to mouse size. And then a woman comes in and steps on her. Nice to meet you!! Bulma yells at her for offering sake to a kid. Bulma and Goku head downstairs, where Dr. While getting a capsule case, Bulma tells Goku black having sex with bulma that she and Goku are off to search for the Dragon Balls again. Brief tells her to get dad a lovely gal, and she yells at him about husband and wife being the same.

Outside the house, the policeman watches on his scooter as Goku calls Kinto-Un. Brief notes that Bulma mistakenly took his capsules…. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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