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Great question! These include gonorrhea, herpeschlamydia, syphilis, HPV and hepatitis B. Most STIs are spread through certain bodily fluids. You can use condoms for oral sex involving a penis blow jobgiving headgoing down on. Grab a few and have some fun finding a flavor you like! Dental dams are a thin sheet of latex the same material used for condoms. You can also use dental dams for any contact between a mouth and an anus sometimes called analingus or a rim job.

You can get dental dams at most drug stores or sexual health clinics, but you can also make one Condoms and oral sex a condom by cutting off the tip and then cutting it lengthwise. Definitely get tested for STIs before having any kind of sex with a new partner.

You can also talk to your health care provider about how often you should get tested, which depends on how many partners you have, whether you always use protection, and other factors. Have an open, honest conversation with your partner about STI testing before having oral sex. The good news? Make sure you and your partner Condoms and oral sex checking in with each other and yourselves!

We can also answer any other questions or concerns you have about your sexual health! Topics range from nutrition to pregnancy prevention, and everything in between. Got a question? This column is not intended to provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other Condoms and oral sex, only general information for education purposes only. Am I weird? What can I do? You asked it, we answered!

Is it true that a girl can't get pregnant if the guy masturbates before sex? Do I really need to use condoms for oral sex? Because of this, we recommend that everyone use condoms or dental dams during oral sex. In addition to using barrier methods, you and your partner can reduce the risk of getting or spreading STIs by getting tested regularly. Many STIs can be spread through oral sex. To protect you and your partner, use a barrier method like a condom or dental dam.

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