Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. Any Girls Do Anal Only? Speaking on behalf of Anal sex only girls the men who are crazy about anal sex, we wonder if there ever is a girl who does anal first, anal last, and anal only. The majority of girls I've come across in my lifetime either like it in all their holes, and a minority of them will never do anal. What about the opposite? What about a girl who hates vaginal sex and prefers anal sex? Has anyone here ever met or known of such a girl?

If so, hook me up with her! The Backdoor ManNov 16, There is likely no such girl. For any Old women granny nudes, vaginal sex is Anal sex only girls than anal sex, and if not, I have yet to come across said female. ChrisGriffinNov 16, Craig69 likes this. I guess is you have a some medical condition or injury that makes vaginal sex painful or uncomfortable, than that sort of person would definetly enjoy anal sex only.

But that would be rare. VireNov 18, OldTrollNov 19, JalopiNov 19, My ex really preferred anal. Girls Anal sex only girls this are out there. GloomyGus89Nov 20, I knew a girl in high school who did anal but refused to have vaginal sex because of her christian upbringing Lanstar ZeroNov 20, I doubt any girl will only do anal, they may not do vaginal sex often, but most women wouldn't want to limit themselves to just anal.

ChrisGriffinNov 20, Yeah I've come across a chick on another forum who says shes prefers it but I've never met any in real life. I'm sure its just like some guys like doing anal more and vag and some don't. I like both and I think most girls do Anal sex only girls, well most girls who have tried both with someone who knows what they are doing In my many years on the net I've never used the Ignore feature before, but I'm liking it now!

This is what I get:. This message is hidden because ChrisGriffin is on your ignore list. I surely Hot mature sex party a huge belly laugh every time I see Anal sex only girls message!

Some children are persistently stupid. OldTrollNov 22, Anal sex only girls Instead of insulting me, shouldn't you be worried about finding a burial place for your ancient ass? ChrisGriffinNov 22, RobertosOct 27, Triple AceOct 27, Dude, a girl who loves anal a. Anal whores rule! The Backdoor ManOct 27, I'm dating a woman right now that had only anal sex when she first became sexually active. She done this to save her virginity for Now, she likes both, but I think that she prefers vaginal sex.

She won't let me put my cock in her ass. Not yet, anyway. She says that she only likes anal with guys with small penises, and mines isn't small it isn't huge either. Actually, she prefers the feeling of a woman doing oral on her more than anything else. Personally, I Adult group msn play urethral the way a woman's vagina feels around my cock.

I do like the naughtyness of Anal sex only girls sex. It has been rare for me, so that is why I hope to get ass more in the future. On another note, I've taken it up the butt too, and it feels quite nice. Yes, Anal sex only girls women that are very rare, are the women that like to give anal. RawAndNaturalOct 28, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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