There is a two-minute reel of production photos and a series of trailers for other Seymore Butts DVDs, but that's about it. The image was a little soft, and there were some digital defects, a little aliasing, but that was about it. The audio wasn't as good though. Several of the scenes had a hum in the background, which was a little distracting.

Other than that, it was a solid disc. Body of Alisha klass interview anal : Seymore Butts has made a career out of producing low budget porno. With one camera and no crew, Seymore's films feel less staged and more real. Of course they are staged, but the sex seem more authentic, that the actors are really having a good time. Best of Bunghole Fever is a compilation of some of Seymore's previous anal movies. While it takes a bit to long to get to the action in some of the scenes, once they start with the sex, the action is pretty hot.

Scene 1: Devin and Tom Devin This first scene starts off extreamly slow. Seymore, who stays Alisha klass interview anal the camera, and his friend Tom are shooting pool and yaking away. They pull out a Hustler and start lusting over a spread of Devin, when guess who shows up at the door? They talk to Devin for a while, and at about the eight minute mark, they finally get down to the sex. I found this introduction to be terribly dull, and a rally Alisha klass interview anal way to start off the DVD.

Once the sex finally starts, things get better. Devin is a busty though enhanced tall, thin, exotic lookoing woman who puts on a good show, fucking and sucking Tom's rod. She takes it up her ass and moans realistically. The hottest Alisha klass interview anal of the scene is when she's fingering herself while Tom does her ass.

To get the guy off, she moves two fingers from her pussy into her cock filled ass. What a girl! Seymore is looking for Alisha, when he comes across the three actors in a room screwing.

When he walks in, Samantha is working on Sean's long hard rod while Alisha gives her a rim job and fingers both holes. Samantha really likes Sean, mentioning that he was in the first porno film she ever saw and was the subject of many fantasies. When she fucks him Alisha klass interview anal takes him in the ass, she really seems to enjoy it cumming several times.

Alisha is a nasty woman, licking ass holes and sucking on Samantha's tits, and ends up taking Sean's load on her face. The girl-girl action was slight, but Alisha klass interview anal was still a hot scene, due in a large part to Samamntha's energetic performance. Jordan McKnigh This scene starts off with another conversation that lasts too long. Seymore starts of talking to a nude Jordan, and they discuss woman squirting.

She mentions that she's never done that, and he offers to show her how. Seymore puts the camera down, and starts to work on her. He licks and fingers her but never gets his dick out.

After working on her with his hands for a while, he does indeed get her to squirt. With only one camera angle and limited action, Alisha klass interview anal didn't find this scene very exciting.

Jordan, a black woman with large tits that are starting to sag, did a good job acting, but looking at her snatch through the whole scene got a little old after a while. Mary Jane Another 'opps we walked in on some people having sex' scene. Mary Jane is a large busted black woman with a nice ass who lays back while the other two work on her.

Alisha, as nasty as ever, does a good job sucking on Mary's tits before she get Mary to lick her cunt. There is some good girl-girl action, with both girls really getting into it. It takes a while before Tyce gets into Mary's ass, but when he finally does, he Alisha klass interview anal her a good pounding.

A pretty good scene, with some fun sex. Alisha comes out wearing a Xxx anti photo collection, and suggests giving the guy a try.

The two retire to the bedroom where Davd does a great job servicing Alisha. Bondage sluts tied up a very energetic and peppy girl who does a good job taking it up the ass.

He's in her but for a Alisha klass interview anal amount of time, and though some of her moans at the end sound mechanical, most of the time she seems to really be enjoying herself. David ends the scene by cumming buckets all over the girl.

Concluding Words : A solid disc. I wish there was a little more variety in women, Alisha Klass appears in three of the five scenes, but since she has so much energy I didn't mind too much. The sex overall was fairly hot, especailly the parts with Alisha and Mary Jane going at it.

If you can get throught the wordy introductions, it is worth viewing. Support Our Sponsor:. Privacy Policy - Terms of Use - 18 U. Popular Searches:. XCritic's Advice: Recommended.

Scene 1: Devin and Tom. Samantha Stylle. Jordan McKnigh. Mary Jane. Alisha Klass. Featured Reviews.

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