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Are the Brazilian women in Rio de Janeiro really all that hot? First of all, Rio is somewhat overrated. Having travelled through much of the U. Your average woman has a bit of pot belly, bad posture, and is out of shape with rough hands and skin.

Now, if you want to meet girls on the beach, just being a Gringo will not get you laid. It can actually hurt you. So speaking decent Portuguese is essential! And yes, there are actually a fair amount of upper class guys who are built like this in the pic. You can also Womens looking for sex in rio verde women in night clubs.

You can also go to the poorer neighborhoods where you may pay only Pictures of naturally saggy breasts few dollars, but you run into some problems here. First, the quality of the women drops off. In additional, Rio is a somewhat petty crime-ridden city and safety is a factor. And while women are certainly more sexually open and liberal than in say, Colombia or Peru, much of the reputation Womens looking for sex in rio verde debauchery actually comes from the prostitutes and brothels catering to wealthy Brazilian business men and Western tourists.

But the actual REAL girls are no more likely to jump into bed right away than your typical European girl. Now the Rio de Janeiro P. Try Florianopolis in Brazil instead. I was in Rio last week. Quality nightlife was only thinly spread throughout the city. If you got the bucks hire a real high class prostitute to show you around. They know everything and are very good to you.

Just to add my two cents…. I met my Brazilian Queen in Florida. She returned to Rio several days after I met her. We have been together for two years and just became engaged in March.

Been to Rio three times in the last year and returning in about two weeks. I love Rio. I have never had a problem while I have been there. I speak a little Portuguese.

I have had women walk up to me, sitting by myself having a Caprihana. I tell them I am engaged…and most of the women I have met are just extremely gorgeous. Incredibly accurate. This guy really was in Brazil. And his comment on Florianopolis is also spot on. Gorgeous girls in Brazil come from the South states… well, where I moved. The foreigners want to come to Rio and spend few money, then they just know low income people and do go out to nice places, and want to tell about Rio.

Sorry, but you get what you pay for. Brazil is expensive, beautiful people are in expensive nightlife. I am Brazilian, living in Europe and I know here you can meet high educated people spending few money, but Brazil is different.

I agree with you man, lived in Rio for 1 year and 6 months, Caricoa women are overrated. Seen many fat ones on Copacabana beach and inside the metro. It must be the American fast food. However, The chicks from Floripa and south Brazil are stunning. If you see 10 women there 8 are hot and 2 are ugly. They are way friendlier thank caricoa woman too.

I am just about to go to Brazil for work. Without having been there, my research would put Rio in the picture described. I do believe Rio is over rated, and as it seems to be a dangerous place like Manila it will be hard to get of the tourist trail in safety and see the cultural side. Imhotep is right. Jesse is talking total shite. Every man should go to Rio at least once… There is no better sex in the world. Sure you might get more beautiful faces in Eastern Europe blah blah, but there is no better sex than in Brazil.

The bodies are sensational. Do I mean every single girl has a sensational body? No, but I lived in Brazil for 8 years. I am Gringo and been living in Rio for the past year and half and generally disagree with this article. Articles like this mislead many tourists looking to visit this city.

Honestly, its a wonderful city to visit as a tourist but living in Brazil and dealing with everyday stuff is a different story. I will give tell you simple points to enjoy yourself in Rio and the Carioca way of life 1 Be open and friendly to Cariocas.

They are very friendly people and easy to make friends with when you go out drinking. I posted a long letter about Rio on here. It is such a wonderful place. Love the people and Country. My fiancee is Brazilian. The people are not all in poverty. From my travels Womens looking for sex in rio verde, I have seen so many people working…yes there is some homeless people sleeping on the side streets, but you can see worse in America….

What were you smoking when you came down here? If you make this mistake before visiting a country like Brazil, you will leave very disappointed. European girls are WAY more beutifull tahn brazillians in averagebut brazillian girls, specially girls from rio, usually have the hottest bodies in the world again, in averageonce the fitness culture is pretty deep strong in Rio de Janeiro.

Hi Jesse, I am from Germany and I completely Womens looking for sex in rio verde with you in everything you wrote… I am searching now for 3 days to find a good party spot, but without any success… Thanks for sharing your knowlege… Best Regards Womens looking for sex in rio verde. I disagree with the writer. I spent a month in Rio and it was the best 30 days of my life. Not in perfect shape but spent six month preparing my body to look decent for a, well dressed wore plenty of linen 45 year old man.

Forgot everything when those beautiful women smiled at me. You sound racist and delusional. Interesting the most intimate connection you made was with a dude. Wsup guys, i come to brazil normaly once a month or so. I am a man of color also, and meu portugues nao e bom em tudo. They laugh at my accent and always want to teach me. I use it to my advantage. Rio has all flavors of women!! And beaches where they congregate. They are in markets or on the onibus stops.

Been there for Carnevale years ago. Mostly what he says is true. Rio itself is just another big sprawling City. Easy to get lost in dumb tourist traps who else rushes to Copacobana beach? Best plays are meet on beach and ask for places to go at night assuming they are middle class. Best class give away — straight white teeth and spoken English. Otherwise, you are talking favelas, which is a whole new ball Womens looking for sex in rio verde. Quite an honest article about Rio de Janerio.

Where you have really hit the nail on the head is the hyping of Rio in to the Womens looking for sex in rio verde as a sexual paradise for Western men. There are two drivers behind this; firstly those looking to make money out of gringos looking for sex paid or unpaid. Well me being from Brazil and being a super pimp i will tell you fellows that you are looking in the wrong place. Trust me there are smoking hot bombshells in Brazil with nice delicious asses and amazing curves.

You just have to get away from the crappy areas in Rio. When the big parties come around like Carnaval you get laid like crazy and the girls will ride on you all night long. Most of the girls love to bang so you would have a blast with these Brazilian hotties. I have been to Sao Paulo and there was a place called as Cafe Photo. Can you please recommend any place as quality as Cafe Photo in Rio — Ipanema region?

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