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There were four of us. Tied up while playing video games the pizza was consumed and the movie was watched, we were all in front of the TV playing. There was laughing coming from Tied up while playing video games, but there was something strange about the sounds his mom was making.

We headed up and in the kitchen, there on the floor, was his mom hogtied and gagged! She was smiling behind her bandanna gag and rolling about. Her big boobs, round butt, and her cute feet have always driven me a little crazy, but now here she was all tied up and gagged!

They said they wanted to show her a rope trick and he went along with putting her hands behind her to be tied. I sat on the countertop to watch her roll Tied up while playing video games and gagtalk.

I never wanted this to end! My cute cousin Antoinette was going to be there, too, on break from university. It was for a whole weekend! In the past, I got one or the other tied up in my games. Now I was going to go for gold: Getting them both tied up together. I often wondered if they talked about me and the way I like to play tie-up games. Tonight, I Tied up while playing video games going to find out. When I got there, only Aunt Sophia was there.

She said Antoinette had some dinner affair to go to. I was bummed. But I perked up when I was told she should be back by They always let me stay up until midnight, so this was perfectly fine. I waited untiland then Topless anime teens masturbating sprang Plan A. I asked Aunt Sophia if she was up for a game of robbers.

She laughed at me and said sure. I got my gun and ropes out of my backpack and she went along as I tied her wrists behind her. I marched her upstairs. She asked me where we were going. I told her I had to hide her from her daughter when she gets home. In the big upstairs bathroom I sat her on the floor and tied up her ankles. I begged and pleaded until she allowed me to place two strips over her lips. This was heaven, but it was going to get better, I hoped.

I heard the car pull into the garage and I raced downstairs with my gun. Here she would either play along or decline. I carefully bound her wrists, then walked her upstairs. Her mom started mmphing as soon as we hit the top of the stairs.

Antoinette giggled. Tied up while playing video games she saw her mom all tied up on the bathroom floor, the laughed loudly. I tied them together by binding them above the elbows, connecting them by the arms. This was total heaven! My cute cousin and my hot aunt all tied up and tape gagged! They acted like damsels for me. This is forever burned into my memory. I know she was supposed to be in by I had a feeling that she would be out later.

I set my alarm for I got my ropes and planted myself downstairs to wait. I almost fell asleep again, but it was five after one when she quietly unlocked the door and creeped in.

I flicked on the light. She jumped, thinking it was Mom, but was relieved that it Tied up while playing video games just me. But then I told her I was going to tell mom right now. Right now. What is it? What for? My plan worked! I pulled out Tied up while playing video games dining room chair and told her to sit down. I got out my ropes that I had stashed under a cushion of the sofa and I quickly got her hands tied behind the chair back. She rolled her eyes and opened her mouth and I tied that gag in.

Now I could get her really tied up to the chair with out any of her insults. In that tight dress, her wearing dark stockings…she looked so much better now. And I had her all tied up! Oh, crap, I heard Mom coming down the stairs…. Buy a Pass DVDs downloads and hard copy contact. Bondage Video Clips. Centaur Celluloid. Kidnapped for Bondage Sex. Natasha Flade. Buy a Pass. DVDs downloads and hard copy.

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