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This set of professional style zip tie police hand cuffs are Sex videos in restraunts, simple, and lightweight, while remaining extremely effective. Designed to be used one time, we have included a set of 10, for multiple bondage applications.

Quell any resistance on their part by inserting the ends through Sex videos in restraunts center tabs. Once cinched down, you will need to cut them off to remove them. They can struggle as violently as they like, there is no breaking out once these are on.

The strong, flexible plastic allows you to get the cuffs nice and tight, in case you have someone who likes to wriggle free. Can be used on the wrists or ankles. Train you male sub by bending him over and on the Humbler to keeping them on their knees with their ass in the air!

This ingenious device is Sex videos in restraunts to fit below their ass, with their scrotum stretched through the opening and their balls on the other side.

The tugging on their testicles increases as they try to stand up, effectively keeping them bent over to take whatever you dish out. Knobs at either end of the Humbler allow you to open and close the device. This model is covered with high-quality black leather for a sensual feel and finished off with studs for a hot bondage look. Soft velcro is perfect if you're just starting out in the bondage scene or if you need something that is study, yet lightweight and easily stored. Padded straps are very comfortable, straps are soft, but sturdy.

Great for traveling. The soft collar to handcuff set is perfect if you're just starting out in the bondage scene or if you need something that is sturdy, yet lightweight and easily stored. The padded straps are very comfortable and soft, but sturdy. The black polyester cuffs have adjustable velcro. Comes with a matching mask. One size fits most. Measurements: Adjustable from 8 to 4 inches in circumference Material: Plastic Color: Black Note: Cuffs are designed to be cut off for removal.

Please exercise care when cutting. These black leather bondage cuffs by Spartacus are lined with deep purple faux fur. These soft and snug plush restraints can accommodate wrists 5 to 8 inches in circumference.

The matching ankle restraints are 6 to 11 inches in circumference. Each cuff features a D ring for attaching a rope, chain or hog tie to Adjustable buckle closures let you Sex videos in restraunts the perfect fit.

Experience total submission with a softer side. Act out your own kinky fantasies with this Sex videos in restraunts selected set of popular and thrilling items, sure to inspire your sensual side. This set of 3 spicy toys includes a black satin blindfold, a grey tie, and smooth weighted Ben Wa balls. Slip the mask over their eyes to heighten their awareness and arousal.

The front is padded for a luxurious feel, and the elastic band will fit Sex videos in restraunts sizes.

The versatile tie is made of soft, satiny material, perfect for binding and restraining in style. Finally, the Sex videos in restraunts, lightweight arousal balls will slip smoothly inside, creating weightless and enhanced arousal as the inner ball rolls gently within.

With this kit, you will have them wet, willing, Nude jr nudist girl brazil at your mercy. Let the games begin Measurements: Balls: 1. Make your lover cum over and over again with the Forced Orgasm Belt, designed for pleasure overload! This unique BDSM device allows you to strap a powerful massage wand to your plaything while you have your way with their body.

Adjustable straps around the waist, crotch, and wand head ensure that this gear fits most body types and stays securely in Sluts contact in shumen. The soft interior feels luxuriously comfortable, making it perfect for long-term wear. An anal plug harness even gives you the option of attaching a plug to keep your partner stuffed! Finally, three large O-rings serve as attachment points for other bondage accessories, such as wrist cuffs, ropes, or whatever your heart desires.

Measurements: Adjusts between 33 and 38 inches in waist circumference. Fits anal plugs up to 1. Material: PU leather, metal. Color: Black. Note: Compatible with Chubby ebony bondage pissing standard sized wands, not included.

Your partner is unlike anyone else, so Sex videos in restraunts deserve a unique kind of discipline! Bind that bad boy in these extraordinary chain cuffs to enhance your fantasies as they unfold before your eyes! Made of durable stainless steel, they effectively contain your man without risk of escape. He is all yours to do with as you please! Use them around his wrists or ankles by adjusting their tightness easily through the center ring.

You can even use this distinct device as a collar. Tom of Finland lock and keys are included to keep him right where you want him! Measurements: Chain measures 20 inches in length. Sex videos in restraunts Stainless steel.

Color: Grey. Strap your partner down to the bed and turn them into your personal submissive pet! Sex videos in restraunts transform your bed into a piece of bondage furniture, perfect for opening your lover up, spread eagle! They will be writhing in ecstasy as you please, tease, and torment their helpless body. The sturdy cuffs are lined with comfortable padding so that you play things wrists and ankles will not grow sore as play sessions last long into the evening.

The buckle allows for a wide range of adjustment to fit most sizes, and also locks so that your lover will feel even more deliciously trapped and confined. Just slide the restraint set under your mattress and pull the cuffs and straps up at the corners. Adjust the straps as needed to fit all bed sizes. Spice up your sex life and you will never want to get out of bed! Measurements: Center strap adjusts up to 56 inches. Four cuff straps adjust up to 66 inches.

All cuffs adjust from 5 Sex videos in restraunts 9. Keep your play thing in a position that pleases you! This sex sling restrains their ankles Sex videos in restraunts comfortable padded cuffs. Locking buckles allow you to keep them captive while you tease and please them. Adjustable straps wrap around their shoulders and behind their neck to lend support, keeping their legs open wide! Bondage has never been as comfortable as with this positioning aid! Measurements: Each cuff adjusts up to 10 inches in circumference.

Leg area adjusts up to 31 inches in length. Shoulder loops adjusts up to 57 inches in circumference. This easy-to-use hogtie kit includes neoprene wrist and ankle cuffs, a heavy-duty metal hogtie, and free satin love mask.

Enjoy the the thrill of being hogtied without having to worry about complicated techniques and tying elaborate knots. The cuffs attach to the hogtie with spring-loaded metal clips and easily adjust with velcro to fit most sizes. Once your lover is on their stomach bound and tied, what happens next is up to you!

Explore the depths of your lover! This attractive PU leather sling was designed so that you can go deeper for more pleasure between you and your partner! Padded behind the neck and at the thighs for comfort, this positioning aid pulls your play things legs back with ease to allow you greater access than ever before.

Each side adjusts so that you can customize the experience to your sexual desires. The neck support will also allow your lover to have a more comfortable scope of the Pretty anime student hentai manga as they watch you do your thing!

Two D-rings located behind the neck area give you the option of attaching your own cuffs to turn your love-making into a naughty bondage experience! Measurements: - 86 inches in total length; - Thigh cuffs adjust from 21 to 28 inches in circumference. Sexy purple hand to ankle restraint set with blindfold! Comfortable to wear, easy to pack and travel with. All cuffs are detachable, adjustable strap for length. Simple but effective, this double ankle and wrist spreader set keeps those arms and legs out of the way with velcro fastening cuffs.

The spreader bars are connected with a simple nylon strap detachableplus the cuffs are detachable too. Perfect for beginners. Allow your body to be a playground in the most carnal ways. This black neoprene vaginal splay allows full access to your naughty bits. The adjustable straps secure around the thighs while the labia are placed under the cushioned parts Sex videos in restraunts the straps leaving the wearer deliciously vulnerable and available to be feasted upon.

This bondage device connects a collar to a set of cuffs using a leather strap. Wrists can be cuffed in the front or in back of the body. Cuffs, collar, and connector strap are all adjustable for a perfect fit, and the wrists can be positioned higher or lower to suit your tastes.

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