Thanks for all the support you guys, it's what makes me want to right this story. I got a PM that brought something to my attention. This story was kinda a spur of the moment thing. I got a few more ideas that should last a few more chapters, but after that I'm kinda drawing a blank for this story. I never intended this story to be insanely long, but I Sakura and ino sex pics want it to be a decent Sakura and ino sex pics. So if you have any ideas that would fit this story, please send them my way.

So with that out of the way let's get on with the fic. Neji awoke with a heavy intake of breath. He scanned his environment, and he recognized it as Sakura and ino sex pics battlefield he had died on. When he looked Sakura and ino sex pics at his clothes, they still had holes in the areas where he was impaled.

I know I was killed. Neji started to walk around. He spotted many other confused shinobi in the same position as him. They were positive they died, but then how are they back in the land of the living. One second I was talking with my father, then the next I'm back here. On the horizon three figures approached, as the rising sun framed their figures.

The heroes of the shinobi world had returned. But wait, where was the fourth? Naruto helped support Sakura as they walked back towards the battlefield. As they slowly made there way back Naruto and Sakura were discussing a few things. But that's one of the things I love about you. Then Sakura noticed Naruto was trying to avert his gaze, while he was trying to Sakura and ino sex pics off a massive blush.

When Sakura followed his gaze, she was mortified at what she saw. There was still a gaping hole from where Sasuke had stabbed her, and her left breast was clearly visible through the opening. But Sakura and ino sex pics punch didn't come from Sakura. As he clutched his stomach Kakashi looked up to see Naruto looking back at him with anger visible in his eyes. But if I ever see you looking at Sakura-chan like that again, I won't hold back next time.

After walking for what seemed like hours the sun was starting to rise. As Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi walked over the crest of a hill they were met with the sight of thousands of shinobi waiting for them. Instantly the three of them were surrounded, as the shinobi alliance cheered and congratulated the returning heroes. Naruto and Sakura were quickly separated from Kakashi as they made their way through the crowd. As they walked Naruto spotted someone he was looking for.

Hinata sighed happily as she felt Naruto's arms wrap around her. But something felt slightly off about him.

She released Naruto and looked him Imagefap granny gloryhole gif the eyes, but she was shocked to see a rinnegan in his left eye. Sasuke killed Sakura. I ended up killing him, but I was overcome with grief and didn't know what to do. Then when I looked at Sakura, I remembered that Sasuke had recieved the rinnegan," Naruto said as he felt Sakura's hand intertwine with his.

I knew I had to help them Sakura and ino sex pics. For a second nothing happened, but after a few moments his eye returned to its normal bright blue color. You're amazing Naruto-kun! No wonder you're my eternal rival! You did an exceptional job. As the remaining Rookie 9 praised and congratulated Naruto and Sakura, Tenten hesitantly made her way towards Neji.

This caused everyone to stop and turn to Naruto. He called me annoying, then he stabbed me in the heart with his Chidori. If there was any other Sakura and ino sex pics to stop him I would have taken it," Naruto said as he pulled Ino in Sakura and ino sex pics a hug. Ino was hesitant at first, but Naruto was being so sincere and kind. So with a loud sob she let Just looking for someone real in mogadishu all her grief.

The pain of losing her father, then the man she thought she loved came crashing down on her. You're in for a surprise when we get back to the village," Naruto said. After sifting through the crowds for what seemed like hours. Naruto and the rest of the Kohona 11 found Tsunade and the rest of the Kage directing the shinobi forces. As Tsunade was directing a group of Kohona shinobi towards the medical area, she heard someone call out to her.

A vein popped in her head when she heard the person call her granny. But when she saw who was standing there her eyes lit up. After a few hours of Sakura and ino sex pics troops Tsunade Noelle easton bigtits gallery the rest of Kohona's forces started making their way back home. As they neared the village gates, Naruto had just finished explaining what had happened while everyone was in the Infinite Tsukoyomi.

You did a damn fine job. There was already crowd gathered at the gates. As soon as the returning shinobi came into view, the crowd burst into loud cheers. All the returning shinobi dispersed amongst the crowd, to see their loved ones and celebrate. Ino slowly made her way through the crowd with her head down. She just wanted to get home, and see her mom. But as she walked she bumped into someone. Muttering a quick apology, Ino tried to Sakura and ino sex pics around the person.

But she was stopped Desi hot bhabhi and aunty sexy photo the person placed a hand on her shoulder.

When she looked at the person, she was met with the face of her father. But I will repay you somehow. She was starting to see Naruto in a new light.

While Ino reunited with her father, Shikamaru was nearing the Nara compound. As Shikamaru was about to walk in Big boobs brunette milf front door soft clicks stopped him. He walked around the corner and saw Sakura and ino sex pics father Sakura and ino sex pics setting up a game of shogi.

Let's see if you're as smart as everyone says. Quickly wiping his tears Shikamaru sat down across from his father, and the two sat silently and enjoyed each others company.

It was starting to get late, and Naruto decided to walk Sakura home after they had been celebrating. The two walked silently and enjoyed the comfortable silence. As soon as Naruto and Sakura stepped onto the front steps, the door to the house burst open. But just before he reached the street he heard someone clear their throat. After a home cooked meal and a long explanation Sakura was heading upstairs for some much needed sleep.

Naruto was walking up the steps to his apartment, but he stopped when he saw two figures leaning against the railing outside his door. He could hear that Sakura and ino sex pics two of them were talking quietly. Konan was no longer wearing her Akatsuki cloak. She now wore a form fitting blue kimono that showed off her curves generously. Ryuuzetsu was still wearing the same outfit Naruto last saw her in, minus her green bandanna.

But the hole where Muku had stabbed her was gone. That's why we were willing to give our lives for you to achieve peace in this world. You two can stay with me, until you find your own places," Naruto said opening his Sakura and ino sex pics. After a homemade meal, courtesy of Konan, and a few hours of small talk Naruto set his bed up for his guests.

Ryuuzetsu and Konan at first didn't accept the offer, but Naruto refused to make his guests sleep on his couch. As Naruto slept on the couch, nightmares started to crowed his dreams. I'll shut you up for good this time. Her blood splattering Naruto's face. Just before Sasuke's arm pierced Naruto's chest, he Sakura and ino sex pics up on Sakura and ino sex pics couch drenched in a cold sweat. Naruto sat on the couch panting as he relived the previous days events.

A nagging feeling him slip on his jacket and sandals. Naruto arrived at Sakura's home, and immediately jumped up to her balcony. Looking through the sliding glass doors, Naruto spotted Sakura sleeping soundly in her bed. Naruto just sat there watching her for a few minutes.

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