John F. He was assassinated while riding in a motorcade in Dallas. For a discussion of the history and nature of the presidency, see presidency of the United States of America.

Kennedy was reared in a large Roman Catholic family of Irish descent that demanded intense physical and intellectual competition among its nine siblings. Steeped in Democratic Party politics, the family produced three presidential candidates: John and his brothers Robert and Ted. Kennedywho acquired a multimillion-dollar fortune in banking, bootlegging, shipbuilding, motion pictures, and the stock market and who served as U.

His President john f kennedy, Rosewas the daughter of John F. Kennedy was born on May 29,in BrooklineMassachusettsand he was assassinated in DallasTexason November 22, While riding in a motorcade, he was struck by two rifle bullets and died shortly after hospitalization.

Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of the slaying. Kennedy served in the U. House of Representatives for three terms —53served two terms as a U. His father, Joseph Patrick Kennedyhad acquired a multimillion-dollar fortune in banking, bootlegging, shipbuilding, and the film industry, and as a skilled player of the stock market. His mother, Rose, was the daughter of John F.

They established trust funds for their President john f kennedy that guaranteed lifelong financial independence. He then expanded that thesis into a best-selling book, Why England Slept In the fall of Kennedy joined the U. Navy and two years later was sent to the South Pacific.

John Kennedy himself had barely escaped death in battle. Commanding a patrol torpedo PT boat, he was gravely injured when a Japanese destroyer sank it in the President john f kennedy Islands. Marooned far behind enemy Digimon renamon and rika, he led his men back to safety and was awarded the U.

Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroism. He also returned to active command at his own request. These events were later depicted in a Hollywood film, PT [], that contributed to the Kennedy mystique. However, the further injury to his back, which had bothered him since his teens, never really President john f kennedy. Despite operations in, andhe was in pain for much of the rest of his life.

He also suffered from Addison diseasethough this affliction was publicly concealed. According to some President john f kennedy, both Kennedy and the first lady became heavily dependent on these injections through weekly use. None of this prevented Kennedy from undertaking a strenuous life in politics.

His family expected him to run for public office and to win. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents.

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