He wondered 'What is up with her? He sprinted out the door, rushing through the road to Professor Oak's house, leading to many passersby to stare at him incredulously.

The boy, however ignored the stares, rushing to the doors of the Professor's Lab, not even bothering to notice the splotches of mud now all over his clothes as he rushed in, nearly colliding with the surprised Professor. Where have you been? He refrained from this at the moment, instead leading Ash towards a tall machine, devoid of anything inside, which worried Ash. The Pikachu did not take to this well, shocking Ash and sending him back a few feet.

It won't listen to us. Are you sure you want it? Pikachu hopped out of the way avoiding the beam. The Pikachu, still avoiding eye contact, nodded.

Ash rushed out the door, with Pikachu, still rather reluctantly following him. When they got outside, Ash immediately noticed Gary along with his cheerleaders rushing towards him. Gary glared angrily at Pikachu, while Pikachu and Ash both snickered. What did I tell you about changing into proper clothing! Gary Pokemon ash fuck his mom pics his cheerleaders all began to laugh at Pokemon ash fuck his mom pics, who blushed in embarrasment.

I'll stop, but I've made an important decision. I am coming with you on this journey" She stated firmly looking over at Ash, who was wide mouthed. How else Pokemon ash fuck his mom pics I to make sure you are changing your underwear daily!

Gary was now on the floor laughing so hard it felt like his stomach would blow up. We have to buy you some proper clothing for your journey" Delia said grabbing Ash's arm and leading him towards the town mall.

When they got in, they went to the Kid's Clothes store and began to look around, something quickly catching Delia's eye. It's perfect! She grabbed nearly 10 of them handing them off to Ash who looked on in terror. Gary revealing himself, laughed once more at Ash's situation.

Go try it on" She said gesturing him towards Pokemon ash fuck his mom pics dressing room. When he came out, the green shirt was practically strangling him, now making it hard for him to breath. Gary Pokemon ash fuck his mom pics so hard he collapsed on the floor of the store.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. What if Ash was forced to go on his first Kanto journey with his mom Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon. Title: Ash's Journey! Summary: What if Ash's mom came along with him on his first journey? Pairings: Potentially, but not until late in the story Note: I'm keeping this chapter short, but not to worry future chapters will be longer. Gary laughed so hard he collapsed on the floor of the store "It looks great honey!

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