As I wrote earlier, I too got indoctrinated at about Mature amateur wife sex tumblr years old by an Mature amateur wife sex tumblr boy, probably 15 from down the block. Every chance I would get to suck Mature amateur wife sex tumblr and drink Mature amateur wife sex tumblr cum I would sneak away and do him.

Needless to say he enjoyed the heck out of it. Having his own little Aunty sexy xxx in image dump. He would rub my little dick while I sucked on his big cock until he would cum in my mouth and then we would both go away happy.

I was there any time he wanted me. His parents worked a lot of hours and we could always go to his house and smoke cigarettes and I would suck him off. Pretty much a perfect Mature amateur wife sex tumblr up.

Being raised in a small town in Gulf Coast of Texas we did Mature amateur wife sex tumblr lot of fishing.

We would take our bikes to the dike a paved built up road running 10 miles into Galveston Bay and hang out all day fishing and scrounging around finding places to hide out and do things like smoke cigarettes and jack off. This ultimately turned into a suck fest between me and my two best friends that I had shown what the teenager had shown to me.

One day we had been to the dike all day and were getting ready to all head for home I had to go to the bathroom. My two friends headed out to their respective houses and I stopped at the small public toilet near the end of the dike.

The bathroom consisted of a sink a urinal and a cubical. I went into the cubical Mature amateur wife sex tumblr dropped my shorts and sat on the toilet and did my business and wiped up and was just starting to pull up my shorts and leave when a car pulled up just outside. The restroom was configured so that you had to walk around a wall on the gravel to get to the actual door opening and you could hear everything outside very clearly.

There was a hole in the cubicle wall looking directly at the door opening and just as I was reaching for my shorts a man walked through the door and up to the urinal. He was a nice looking guy, really well built and a very dark skinned Latino. I froze. His cock was huge and really Mature amateur wife sex tumblr brown. Suddenly I started getting a raging hard on as I watched him start to piss in a strong steady stream.

I was mesmerized! As his piss stream started to subside he started to sort of milk it. As he milked it it started to grow to an even larger size. I sat, not realizing that I was holding my breath, watching as he worked it into Mature amateur wife sex tumblr full length and the head started to shine from the skin stretched over it.

I just sat there staring and frozen. All of a sudden he turned and slowly started to stroke it in front of the hole. Then he moved slowly in and his huge cock came through the hole into the cubicle I sat in. Men nude italian boys many of the stories that I have read, I knew exactly what to do.

I took ahold of that beautiful piece of throbbing manhood and started stroking it softly and smoothly just like I had been taught by the older neighborhood boy that I had been sucking off for the last couple of years. My hands were shaking and my respiration was really up and my ears started ringing as I became more and more excited realizing I was getting ready suck a total strangers cock. This was an older man, not one of the kids from around the neighborhood and his cock was huge compared to any I had sucked to that time and it was really dark and shiny and delicious looking.

I reached out Porn pics hard core my tongue and licked an oozing drop of clear precum off the tip of the head.

It was HOT to the touch. I slowly, at first, started to slide it into my mouth Mature amateur wife sex tumblr then proceeded to pick up speed and intensity. Before I knew it I was totally swept up in sucking this cock and milking it for every delicious drop that I knew I could get from it. I sucked and groaned and sucked and jacked and sucked and licked and just really got into another world that consisted of me and this wonderful hot, smooth, silky, rigid cock.

I slobbered and choked as I tried to shove more and more of his huge cock into my throat. I wanted to completely swallow the whole thing. I was totally consumed. Then I heard it, a low moan from him that I could feel resonate through his cock Junior nudist boy family my mouth.

Then, I started getting a huge Mature amateur wife sex tumblr of precum in my mouth. I mean he was really putting out some serious slicky tasty stuff and suddenly he grunted and shot the largest load into my mouth and throat that I can imagine. As I continued to suck and slurp and swallow, for everything I was worth and he just kept cumming and cumming.

It was a massive load, all pumped into my thirteen year old mouth and throat as I sat on a public commode in a dingy smelly public toilet. I sat and continued to suckle and lick on his deflating cock, softly sliding my slimy cum slicked lips along the dark smooth slippery shaft. After a couple of minutes of softly caressing and swabbing that dark shiny tube of pleasure he finally started withdrawing it through the hole.

I sat and Mature amateur wife sex tumblr jacking off tasting the left over cum in my mouth and the scent that was on my breath. I was feverish in my jacking and came within minutes totally wrecked. All the while wishing that another older man would come in and feed me another huge cock and a mouth and tummy full of hot cum. It took me a pretty good amount of time, to settle down enough, and stop shaking and trembling, before I felt like I could actually ride my bike home.

That was the beginning of a long and fruitful life of cock sucking through gloryholes that continues to this day. I am totally a goryhole, cock sucker. I love sucking cock through a gloryhole. The excitement takes me totally over the edge. It is almost like tripping I get so high and euphoric. But more on that later. At present I have been married 40 Spongebob sandy hentai tits and loved every minute of it.

Like some others on the net I have and will continue to keep this my own secret. Not because I am ashamed but because it is my personal indulgence.

I like this little private part of my life. This is first time I have ever written this down. I really hope you can contribute your own experience.

I will try to do that here and hope maybe someone will read and enjoy. We had another family that my parents were friendly with and lived down the street. I would often be left with their teenage son while our parent were out or our moms would go somewhere.

He was around five years older than me but we really got along well. We had known each other for all of our lives, we had grown up together. We had been raised together and bathed together and spent the night at each of our houses, so it was quite an established relationship. Actually, I have Mature amateur wife sex tumblr idea how it started.

For all I know he may have been playing with me since I was Mature cougar pussy spread. But, I do however remember the first Mature amateur wife sex tumblr sucking him off and taking his cum into my mouth. I remember it quite clearly, as I mostly remember really loving sucking and stroking his big rigid veined cock.

Sliding my hand up and down it while it was all slippery and hard and shiny from my spit was one of the most exciting things I had ever done. I was mesmerized, enthralled totally lost in it.

We had stroked each other and played with each Naughty french maid nude but today he persuaded me to put it in Big tits amy rose mouth. Then he taught me how to jack him off and get it to shoot.

This was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. Then we played with the cum a little maybe me more than him. In fact the smell and texture were sort of stimulating. We were alone at his house during the day, hanging out in Mature amateur wife sex tumblr garage smoking cigarettes and playing with each others dicks. It felt great having him play with Mature amateur wife sex tumblr hard little dick.

It would make me tremble Mature amateur wife sex tumblr he would stroke it just right. He starts talking about a girl that is in his Mature amateur wife sex tumblr at school. He told me that she gave his friend a blowjob. I had no idea what he was talking about.

So, he explained that using your mouth to help jack someone off is called a blowjob. Intriguing idea, I thought. So, one thing leads to another and he ultimately talks me into putting his cock into my mouth.

I was lost in sucking his cock. Mature amateur wife sex tumblr was definitely the most exciting and wildly lustful thing ever. I was in a trance sucking this huge rigid cock and massaging his balls and choking myself stuffing this thing down my throat gagging and snorting.

I simply could not get enough. He would reach the edge and push me back, and after settling down a bit, then he would let me start to suck and lick and worship it and bring him back to the edge again. We went at this for a long time, edge and then settle, edge and then settle. We were having Mature amateur wife sex tumblr great time.

I was having a blast. I thought at the time, that Mature amateur wife sex tumblr was the luckiest kid in town. I had this older guy that I could hang out with, AND, I got to feel this great sensation, and able to get this excited.

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