I fucked my cousin Last Sunday. I remember because I was particularly annoyed that I was losing the race to losing my virginity as opposed to my friend. We didn't really have any problem with girls, they just wouldn't put out when the time cropped up. I was desperate and frustrated and in my blurry Amateur i fuck my cousin I managed to have filthy sex with my cousin. Filthy sordid, animalistic sex. My cousin from Spain was staying over in the UK with us to study English further.

She was about my age, I remember the last time I saw her was when I was 13 or We picked her up from Heathrow and instantly had to fight back a boner, I could feel it coming along like a huge freight train, Amateur i fuck my cousin. She arrivals room glided into the room, my eyes fixed on everything about her, dark Spanish skin, the sun loved her, hair not dark enough to be black but getting there and greenish eyes accompanied by a slim tummy and small breasts.

We always used to giggle at each other as a kid, trying to speak to each other, she knew as much english as I knew Spanish and like little kids, still in the car on the way back, giggling at each other getting words wrong. I could hardly take my eyes from hers, I had a small hope, gut feeling that she wanted my cock. She was staying in the room next to mine, which was torture. I could practically smell her from my room.

Then one night I came back from taking Beautiful indian college girl cleavage splash in the toilet, it was just her and me in the house. My Dad was watching the footy at the Comet Pub closest to us. I met her on the stairs, it was 1am. Is cold". I was aroused. I could feel her looking at me as I crouched down to turn it on. I instantly knew what was going to happen, I was saying "Yesss" to myself inside, I wasn't about to turn down, but I wasn't going to sound on-her-case either.

I had shared a bed with a girl before, but It never went as far as what I knew was coming. I loved the feeling of holding her against me, her warm, Amateur i fuck my cousin body against mine. As sudden and unexpected as a bolt of lighting on pure azure sky she flipped around, grabbed my face and smooched me right there in the bed.

Shocked at first I soon got into the swing of things. I glided my hand down across from her lack of cleavage, across her silky smooth tummy and slipped my hand down into her pure white pants. Her kissing became more intense as I groped around her almost-bald quim. I estimated when I should put my fingers in by the sound of her groans and smooching. I slid my fingers in and frigged her cunt deeply but methodically. She yelped a bit, the arousal I got was intense and clouded my mind completely with what was happening.

My penis was so erect it felt like it was going to explode. I wasn't about to fucking argue. I grabbed my wallet on the side and tore open a condom packet and put it on, I looked at the packet. Shit its one of those ones that make your cock go a little numb!

Oh well, at least I'l hold out longer. This was a milestone moment in my grungy teenage life. I flipped her on her back and glanced at her dark, small quim before collapsing onto her perfect self. I pushed my bellend onto her entrance and pushed Amateur i fuck my cousin in gradually, I could tell she got little or no cock since now. She groaned as I progressed to fuck her deeply with moderate speed as I pounded her box firmly which smooching her passionately.

I knew she was my cousin but nothing could feel more good than what was happening. I turned her on her side and penetrated her from behind, grabbing her tanned ass-cheeks, round and only squishy enough to feel pleasant. I Amateur i fuck my cousin her neck and shoulders, trying to take in as much of her as possible. She was dripping so much I could feel the warm wet on my legs from the sheets. I was thought about this one, for about 2 seconds then realised I would be missing out.

I took the jimmy hat I was wearing off and 'd the room for something that would work like lube. I scanned across her makeup.

Body lotion! I layed it on all over my cock and rubbed some around and into her asshole, she moaned as my fingers pondered in and around it. This was so fucking dirty. I flipped her onto her front and pushed by helmet on her asshole, Cautiously pushing it onto and in slowly, she tensed up a couple times and groaned, which put me off and made me withdraw. She grabbed my back and pushed me into her as she pushed back, all of a sudden my penis just dissapeared into her, she moaned long and loud as this happened.

I grabbed her front Amateur i fuck my cousin picked her up as I impaled her, leaning back so she would in effect, sit on my cock which by now felt as if was about to fucking explode. She methodically and with rythm bounced on my dong, her weight pushing against me, making all of my cock dissapear deep inside her.

I pushed her all fours and slammed her ass for a time that could only be compared to the lord of the rings. By 3am, I finally blammed, like nothing in my fucking life, all my life force into her ass. I mean every-fucking-thing, all my juice in her perfect body, and at that moment felt the embodiment of 2 life Amateur i fuck my cousin in the most sordid fucking sex ever witnessed. I withdrawn, totally spent, and utterly satisfied. Response to I fucked my cousin That was one of the best sex stories I've ever read.

Excellent grammar AND story telling skills. Pure awesomeness. You must read it. I mean, DUH, Amateur i fuck my cousin made up, 'cause it's just too perfect I personally wouldn't, but that's because the only female cousin I've got is like 10 years older than me, ugly, and pretty chubby. Google search for "Actual Incest". They have a forum there you can register and put your account on there. That way you can Amateur i fuck my cousin your story with people who understand, and people here don't have to read the thread.

Well told story The dead give away is how long you claim you lasted. No virgin males takes that long to blow a load. Thats just wrong Whatever I've given up on this species True that, I had just started a video conversation in MSN with the person who that is a picture of when my computer froze and the internet cut off. Coming from an addict of a certain scat website that I won't meantion, I don't think you are anyone to judge.

Upside is that virgin chicks aren't too disappointed by this, because they simply don't know what to expect in the first place. Your a real sick bastard if you'd Amateur i fuck my cousin your cousin. Incest is the most hillbilliest, retarded and down right wrongest thing there is. I mean Now excuse me I have to go play with my train engine and fit inside my legos into my brand new tonka truck Seriously, that lame ass joke is getting stupid, cuz i don't look up that kind of stuff.

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