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Rim jobs are a little mystifying. You know people give them, you've maybe been on the receiving end, but for a lot of people, going down on a butthole begs the question, "Why? It's not as messy as you might think. Rimming can actually be really clean just by showering beforehand. Some people like to do colonics or anal irrigation systems, but it's really not necessary. Regular soap and water or even a baby wipe will do the Amateur girl rim job. You can even use getting clean as part of the foreplay by taking a sexy shower together.

Nothing says intimacy like washing your partner's butt. No, it doesn't taste bad. As long as it's Amateur girl rim job, at least. The anus has no different of a taste than other parts of the genital area. It can still pose an STD risk though, if you're not using protection see Naked chubby average girls nude. Always ask your partner before diving in.

You should obviously do this with any new sex act, but thanks to societysome straight guys are extra nervous about trying butt play. Aside: Butt play has nothing to do with sexual orientation, in case that needed to be said.

Your anus is an erogenous zone just like any other, simple as that. Ask your partner before you start, and go slow. It might take a few tries to feel really comfortable with the whole BUTT thing.

Most people are not conditioned to feel completely comfortable having someone's face all up in their butt, so if you were nervous the first time but think you might like it, try it again and try to relax the second time around.

You don't have to break your back trying to shave your butthole in the shower. Similar to oral sex, having hair there does not affect the rimming experience unless one of the people just doesn't like it.

But chances are, you're going to be dealing with at least a little bit of hair during a rim job. It's not exactly an easy spot to shave yourself, and not everyone waxes. What's more, blind-shaving an area you can't see can lead to cuts and in-grown hairs, Amateur girl rim job increases the chance of infection from a rim job. A little hairs not so bad after all. Dental dams are the best way to protect yourself, and they also come in a flavored variety, so win-win.

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